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Lessons from our Annual Family Trip to Mauritius that Made me a Quick-Witted, Economical Traveller!

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1 month ago

How would you feel if your most awaited family travel overseas was cancelled, re-accommodated or re-schedule multiple times? How would you react if the taxi booked has to be cancelled as well apart from the guest house where you're supposed to stay? Imagine you plan your day however due to so many "commercial if not technical issues" involved with the airline, then all you could do was simply wait although you have other accommodations being at stake.

Since there's no direct flight travelling to Mauritius via Air Seychelles added to the fact that if you're flying with your toddler, the shortest the flight, the better. Well then, always see the silver lining of everything!

  • So when booking your preferred Hotels or Guest-House, better consider the "No Pre-Payment Needed and Free Cancellation Options.

Why? because it would save you from further expenses incurred.

Patience is one of the greatest virtues I have to practice whenever I deal with adversities overseas. Maintained my cool and my composure even if I wanted to burst out my sentiment concerning our flights that have been re-scheduled FOUR TIMES to be exact.

So it all started when......

16 February 2022, I received an SMS stating that we have been "re-accommodated" to fly to Mauritius from my original booking for 18 April at 10:00 A.M local time. This was so weird knowing that right after I paid for our trip, this message was sent to me via SMS. I maintained my cool knowing that it was the timing per se. I mean the "time" of flying and not the date! My initial plan of 18 days in Mauritius remained to be untold to my surprise.

For the whole month of March, no further emails were sent and from then I already started booking the hotels/ guesthouses.

The taxi booking was the most infuriating part by the way. After thorough consideration of which hotel/ guest house to stay in and upon recommendations of my Mauritian colleague who has been so generous as to give me an extra 300 Mauritian Rupee, I "FINALIZED" my booking and opted for " No Pre-Payment Needed" meaning

pay when you arrive at the property just in case there would be changes again from the Airline's side. It was more practical and safe rather than paid accommodation if we won't arrive on the day stated yet it's already been paid.

The host of the guest house in Trou D'Eau Douce himself has to cancel it for me to avoid added fees. This was the first time that our annual family trip dealt with annoying circumstances added to being stuck at the airport for another six hours rather than two. My initial reaction was exasperation but in the end, I chose to stay calm and prepared for this most awaited trip to Mauritius first time.

  • Coastal Side and a Peaceful Time at Trou D'eau Douce! Tracking our Expenses was a Resourceful way to stay for 10 nights!

The serene environment, the food and the people themselves were more than enough to consider going for a trip to Trou D'eau Douce!

Upon research, this area has been visited due to Ile aux Cerf which is described by TripAdvisor here as a "chic and wild" setting for a breathtaking experience of natural beauty, however, since coming from Seychelles, we decided to stay around the nearby beach with a park where Tropical Attitude Hotel is located and we were so lucky to have a good and relaxing day at the beachside for FREE.

To my surprise, upon tracking our expenses, it's more costly staying there because even a 5 gallon of water costs around 75Rs while in Grand Baie it was only 65Rs. 10Rs difference can still buy you something. Although you can make a lower cost with the guest house perhaps but if you wanted to go to Center de Flacq, public taxi cost 35rs multiplied to two and coming back would mean spending more on the transport. You can rent a car for hire for a price of 1300-1600 per day depending on the owner!

  • Tourist Destination in Grand Baie as it was a walking distance to nearby shops, restaurants, public beach and more economical around.

Though Mauritius is highly comprehensive in terms of luxurious hotels, if you want a different vibe in terms of accommodation, well then Guesthouses are good options and it's more economical too even without compromising the comfort of your stay while in Grand Baie. Unlike our stay at Radisson Blu hotel at Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, for a change, my baby and my hubby experienced a bit of "discomfort" hence being flexible was very useful. There was a point when Sage spontaneously asked

mommy where's the table? Where will I eat?" Lmao!

Though in Troud D'eau Douce, guest houses were more affordable however due to the distance at the Center de Flacq, still it would boil down to the expenses of transport which you can add to the cost should you book a guesthouse in Grand Baie.

We stayed at the centre of Grand Baie whereby all shops were within walking distance and the Sunset Boulevard was just right around the corner. Food stalls and many other resto, bars and restaurants were nearby so the cost of a taxi or even hiring a car was not a necessity although if you wanted to visit Caudan Waterfront in Port Louis from Grand Baie,

it was a closer distance compared if you're coming from Trou D'eau Douce and the Express Bus was more convenient rather than the regular one as the trip would take more or less 45 minutes.

La Croisette, the newly opened mall situated in Grand Baie was also an added consideration should you wish to hang around the playground area whereby kids adored the different Themes during the weekend. Took a snap with Thor and Bumble Bee, the kid in me!

From where stayed, it would take more or less 20 minutes by foot although a taxi was available for a cost of 200RS! We opted to take our feet for another adventurous walk and stopped from time to time to capture views on the side of the road.

Most of the Mauritians we asked for directions going to La Croisette and even when we went to Bagatelle Mall in Moka, would take two bus rides going there via Express Bus for a faster trip, were so helpful even to the point of walking us through to our destinations. They were the kindest, most polite human being I encountered whenever I travelled. Rarely you would talk to the locals if you travel to the Middle East.

  • What's the rationale?

I must say, despite the multiple cancellations AirSeychelles did,

I would always go back to Mauritius via AirSeychelles because it's economical and has the shortest distance which would take only 2 and half hours.

To our relief, we were given a FREE COMPLIMENTARY RETURN TICKET should we decide to travel with them again and also a food voucher for three. Well, then not bad as I would always say,

"life is so uncertain so face your fears, just travel and

expand your horizon by embracing one's culture through seeing things on a greater adventure."


#ShoutOuts to my sponsors for their quality posts and generosity always

Images used are mine edited on Canva

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Written by   361
1 month ago
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i love the fact that you did not give up. Thumbs up. I really want to have travel experiences too.

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1 month ago

go for it @BeautyBim. There's so much beauty in the other side of the world.

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1 month ago

That's good. If the journey was eventually cancelled again, it wouldn't have cost you anything.

$ 0.02
1 month ago

love the quote at the end... regardless of what happened, the memories live on.. congrats for pushing the vacation

$ 0.03
1 month ago

i think the more I am faced with difficulties travelling, the more I see the beauty in pushing it forward. I was upset i won't deny but it didn't let steal the happines that was brought forward.

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1 month ago