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Give Yourself Grace! What are the 10 Things You Have Accomplished?

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3 months ago

Lisa Bilyeu, an entrepreneur and a wife inspired me so much with her statement on her successful Women of Impact Youtube Channel whenever she would sign off saying, “Be the Hero of Your Own Life!.” It never occurred to me that being a hero could mean being AUTHENTIC of who you truly are. Do something that makes your FUTURE self be grateful and never regret that you haven’t done something for yourself. We may have different versions of this reality but the point is that we have to remember to give ourselves GRACE, we have to remember that the first person with whom we would be in constant communion of what we wanted to achieve in life is "us!"

Now in my 39 years of existence, I learned how to identify my so-called accomplishments in life. Let me start from my least to my greatest achievements. Highlighting also the MOST CHALLENGING things and how I dealt with them.

10.) I survived for three years teaching in the Middle East and adopted an island living for seven years. (you can also check on my post about "Ghost Town Effect in Seychelles

  • My first-hand experience of the desert was so challenging that I had to stay focused not being able to lost grip on my goals. I was so determined to accomplish the “dream property” and the “dream minicab” for my family.

However, things were not at all easy.

The Most Challenging Moment?

I was being dragged into a personal issue whereby a colleague who later on became a friend was terminated due to an act of which prohibited by all teachers apart from the financial issues she committed.

TRUST is earned and not just given. I decided to distance myself. She confessed that she has to do what she needed to do. I only asked a favour should she be out late the next time around, she must not involve me especially “using my name” saying that we’re out together yet she would go somewhere else.

9.) I travelled twice to the Middle East during the pandemic.

  • The global crisis has created so much emotional if not financial crisis for so many people. There was always “fear” whenever we travelled. I decided to book for our family trip bound for UAE with my hubby and my baby where we stayed at Radisson Blu Hotel in Yas Island for 14 days from September to October.

    I took the time out for myself thus returned around December right after the Christmas break and spent my New Year alone in the desert. To keep my sanity after the death of my father, I had to recollect the moments when I almost lost my identity. Marriage crisis crept in and I just needed a “ME-TIME”

The Most Challenging Moment?

Booking the flight back to Abu Dhabi when it was my very first time to be away from my baby. Sage thought that I would only buy his toys. Gradually he accepted the fact that I have to talk to him over video calls and his favourite line, “mommy you will buy me toys?” was somehow compensated when he saw that transformer robocar.

I have to be mentally firm when it comes to my decision knowing that “ME-TIME” is crucial for first-time moms and for those who are overseas and couldn’t have a confidant abroad.

8.) I bought a small property for my family in the Philippines and purchased a minicab for our small business.

  • For one and a half years with thorough discipline to buy a small property as one of my goals for my family in my country, I gifted myself a plot of land in Panabo where I bought it a day before my birthday.

The Most Challenging Moment?

Sending money whereby I decided to do a “bank transfer” which was the biggest mistake. Although the assurance to send was RELIABLE enough, the conversion rate was lower compared to an exchange. At that time cryptocurrency was not much utilized.

Left with no other options, as my goal to send money for the property was more important than the conversion rate plus the transaction fees, I gave a "go signal" to one of the managers at the Commercial Bank who was handling my account.

7.) I invested my hard-earned money into a vehicle that can give me at least 13-18% APY! (you can also check on my blog about Savings Takes a Lot of Self-Discipline)

  • Ever since I was in the Philippines, I always have a penchant for letting my money grow and won’t let it sleep in the bank whereby less than 1% is given annually. I had invested quite a good amount of money in a friend with whom we had a good personal relationship as we were together in a religious organization so “TRUST’ was never an issue at all. I have given him my 101% confidence that in a year the amount of money will be returned with interest. We even had an MOA signed.

The Most Challenging Moment?

My investment journey was being scammed when a friend was nowhere to be found and he did not even return a penny from it. Despite our effort to trace him, the fact that he can’t repay me and the others with whom he borrowed money, DUE DILIGENCE was what I learned and never TRUST even a friend.

I was so determined to learn how to grow my finances and paid subscriptions how investments are properly done. I forced my brain to understand those words that I haven’t learned from school. Lo and behold, I received my cash dividends, gained profit from my crypto trading as well.

6.) I purchased Medical/ Health insurance for my Father, Mother and Sister. (you can also check on my post about Why I'm a sucker of Insurance Policies)

I couldn’t emphasize enough how Health Care is a safety net when it comes to medical bills or hospitalization in my country. The fact that hospital bills could kill in the Philippines because it’s too expensive, can attest to it when my father was hospitalized. Had it not for the health care that I purchased for both of my parents, debt is the next best thing.

The Most Challenging Moment?

Acquiring Health Care was educating not only my family but my relatives on how important to have it while we are still earning a good amount of money.

*My heart broke when my uncle who has been a public servant for 40 years could not even afford to pay for his medication because the money he earned while employed was not properly invested into health care.

Despite my father’s unfavourable reaction when I told him to sign for the policy I bought, I made it clear to him that when it’s time to use the policy, he would thank me for it.

We had a fatherly conversation before his demise last year. Although there was one time that I needed to send the money right away needed for the ICU, it was reimbursed anyhow.

5.) I got married at 32 and became a mom at 35. (you can also check on my post-Doha: My Adventure of Work and Love

  • It never occurred to me that I would get married on a pristine island of Seychelles when hubby and I met in the Middle East through a dating site back when we were both working in an Arabian Peninsula.

The Most Challenging Moment?

During our dating stage was the thought that we can't even hold hands together while going out and practised social distance when we tried to watch the water fountain in the corniche area.

We both understood that our situation was temporary so we refrain from being cuddly and decided to focus on our three-year contract to finish and by then we would live together as husband and wife. This is also a reminder for those who felt pressured to settle down that age is just a number. We all have a different timeframe.

4.) I paid for my father's hospitalization/ medical bills when he was still alive.

  • Cancer is deadly. We never thought that my papa would have cancer because when we saw him the last two years, he promised to drive us around when we will visit them again this year. Unfortunately, God has called him earlier.

The Most Challenging Moment?

Was seeing him over a video call after my class and when I told him by heart, "it's okay papa, God has called you HOME!" he passed away in solemnity.

It is with steadfast and unwavering faith which helped me survive the mourning process and it is when I truly realized that "life is so UNCERTAIN!"

3.) I wrote blogs whereby I always dreamt of becoming a writer.

  • During my freshman years in high school, my first clients who read my "novel" were my two best friends whereby when I transferred to the main city after our recognition day, they took it with them.

The Most Challenging Moment?

Back when the typewriter was my tool to write apart from my pen and notes, I couldn't be more grateful for how it helped me start writing.

I enjoyed imagining the events of my story at that time and it didn't bother me the most writing it with a pen or a typewriter. But now what's my excuse?

2.) I have a thriving offline and online microbusiness which I feel serves people when it comes to their travel experience and many other things. (you can check on my page here

  • A dear friend who introduce me to the world of entrepreneurship gave me more reasons to serve not only OFWs who are having problems with their finances but also when it comes to their travel experiences.

The Most Challenging Moment?

I have been overseas for almost ten years now since I left my country and having a more practical way to book my ticket and earned rebates or a percentage is a good way to monetize it.

1.) I managed to deal with my overseas challenges whereby being a teacher in the state school in Seychelles is not just about the salary but truly being able to impact my students' lives.

  • When you are dealing with people from all walks of life away from your country, I take pride in what I am doing in the state school. Now that I have the chance to bring more impact to my students' lives, at the end of the day I feel more accountable for the life skills they will self-actualize within the later years of their future.

The Most Challenging Moment?

My teaching vocation at Pointe Larue could be summarised with this statement

I work not for money anymore but mainly on what legacy I can leave behind when it's time to leave.

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Written by   361
3 months ago
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