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AGAPE: The Art of Loving (Rationale)

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3 months ago

We live in a very chaotic world. Ukrainians are already on the lookout for their lives. They are frightened, bullets might randomly be dispersed. The uncertainty we are facing is tremendously affecting many people in various ways yet what have we done to contribute to the betterment of others?

How would you feel if you're seven seas apart from your family and you were told internal war is going to happen to the country you are working? Have you ever thought of dying away from your loved ones?

  • The Turmoil of Internal Conflict in the Middle East

I have worked for three years in the Middle East and there was a point where we were told not to go out often especially spending time at the shopping malls because there was news of an internal war.

**An Internal War for Christ's Sake! Last January 22, the attack on Abu Dhabi International Airport killed 3 workers from ADNOC and a Pakistani citizen. The world needs to bridge this gap of hatred and any forms of conflict.

It was quite scary knowing that we were overseas and our respective families in the Philippines were also in a state of panic. I remembered we prayed as a family inside our villa and things would remain just hearsays.

  • We also experienced MERS

Around 2012 there was MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) almost the same with covid yet there was no drastic change however we were reminded to be careful to whom we will be in contact with. Likewise, there was no vaccination as well as the mandatory wearing of masks and social distancing. We lived like how it was although precautionary measures were advised.

Thank God I finished my contract safe and sound. That was a turning point when living overseas. Today in Seychelles with this pandemic and war between Ukraine and Russia, I am always reflecting on one thing.

AGAPE if exercised fully can bring change to the world. Agape if lived daily will revolutionize the world's crisis especially when it comes to finances. I am sharing my views on how I see the world from the perspective of my idealism.

  • FINANCIAL GROWTH not just for ourselves but on how we can contribute to the world's crisis.

As overseas workers, one of the dilemmas is remittances. The truth of the matter is, Overseas Filipino Workers are considered to be the "modern-day heroes" because the 10% OFW remittances contribute to the stabilization of the Philippines' economy.

My small contribution among my colleagues here in Seychelles is to be able to spread awareness on how I solved this problem, given the opportunity to work not only with Seychelloise but from different nationalities, a Mauritian colleague shared how cryptocurrency is used as a mode of payment upon booking in the hotels whereby she said it was so "convenient."

Most of my friends who came to ask me how did I solve my remittance problem, always pointed out to them that cryptocurrency, in general, helped me a lot with my transaction. I can send it online and I don't need to queue at the remittance exchange. I saved not only transaction fees but mostly my TIME.

  • Why AGAPE?
    AGAPE; The Art of Loving, when exercised and acted upon authentically, genuinely, we won't experience this pandemic and chaos in the world. We will not suffer from financial crisis because we only want to achieve the good for others. If we truly love and actualize AGAPE, we would only want the best for our brothers and sisters in its most EMPOWERING way.

Part 2: The Revolutionary Cause of Cryptocurrency

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Written by   361
3 months ago
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Ingat jan po. Ang hirap nga ng puro hate at chaos nalang, sana kahit gaano pa kagulo ang mundo matutunan pa din magmahalan regardless sa kulay, lahi, kasarian, height, body types, and shapes, etc.

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3 months ago

True... Agape love applies to loving all people.

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3 months ago