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AGAPE: The Art of Loving; The Revolutionary Cause of Cryptocurrency

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4 months ago

According to Investopedia cryptocurrencies are almost always designed to be free from government manipulation and control. There are thousands of cryptocurrencies available in the market today. Many people can make a lot of money by simply staking, investing, and trading them.

Such a good way to earn decently. However, let us always remember the ORIGINAL abstract for Bitcoin designed by Satoshi Nakamoto as a peer-to-peer electronic cash system that would allow online payments to be sent directly from one party to another without going through a financial institution.

In this case alone, as I have been researching why many people are hyping cryptocurrency hence brought me to one considerable fact. It has to be  USED to bring more economic freedom around the world. Remember what happened in Venezuela's 10M Inflation rate back in 2019?  

How do you think the people would survive? What about the children? How are they going to eat daily? This is not just a physical war but an emotional and financial war at all costs. The crisis around the world is transparent.

Another horrendous effect of not exercising AGAPE to the world which I know is a great factor to consider so that we would live a better life on this planet.

This video of Roger Ver regarding Bitcoin Cash can put an end to war and I watched how he almost cried shared about half a million Iraqi children who were killed or rather say murdered with the direct result of US sanctions was heartwarming and so moving. He even uttered how disgusted he was for the statement of the former US Secretary of State. Madeleine Albright when she said, "We think the Price is worth it." She didn't only awaken the mob's mourning but resulted in an outcry.

For Christ's sake how it could be worth killing innocent lives? I can't help burst into tears.

Please let us pause and reflect for a while and genuinely watch the video. Once and for all, let us try to be human and discern why on this green earth we are joining the crypto community? I hope your reason is not just all about money per se. Life is bigger than mere financial sustainability. 

On the other hand, I couldn't even imagine how those innocent people were able to live daily? Having that great turmoil whether a bullet will be dispersed randomly. How could we enjoy the comfort when we knew that our brothers and sisters from the other parts of the world are fighting for their lives?

Are we just going to watch them over the news or we could be PROACTIVE through our small act of kindness? Supporting the Cause of the Coin is more substantial when we knew we have done something for others in its most practical aspect.

AGAPE as an art of loving can not only solve this crisis but using a more practical digital asset in the form of cryptocurrency which can bring more economic freedom to the world.

The world needs a real, authentic peer-to-peer electronic cash system. I hope we are not blinded by mere metrics, hyping, and standing of a certain cryptocurrency rather dig deeper on the CAUSE of its Coin. Its functionality to help people all over the world in the mode of paying as electronic cash system with a F.E.L.R faster, easier, lower transaction fees, and most of all Reliable.


With the war between Ukraine and Russia today, this is a reminder to us all to aim for a WORLD UNITED.

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Written by   361
4 months ago
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This is very relevant in this time. Nice article. It left me wondering more about cryptocurrencies.

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4 months ago

funny as I have written this on Uptrennd a year back yet it seems like the world is happening over and over again. Great day ahead.

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3 months ago

Now it is really hard for Ukraine to get any help from anywhere Putin really means this all I hope is for peace and not war because I don't think he is planning to stop after Ukraine.

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4 months ago

we could only hope for the best days to come. War is never an option after all

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3 months ago

The video got me emotional, I have been seeing people condemn the attention the world is giving to Ukraine because of the people the world has neglected. Look at Yemen, Syria, Palestine, Libya, and others, how long do we have to keep killing just to be superior and for selfish reasons.

I believe Cryptocurrency has a lot more to do than making people rich when it pumps and dumps, it is meant to be the strength for the people and we must bury that potential of it giving freedom to everyone globally.

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4 months ago

I remembered how we had tried our best to write something valuable during our Uptrennd University years yet this write up struck me most thinking it reflects to what is happening for real again between Ukraine and Russia.

Crypto when used properly can save a lot of people during this turmoil. The world is so full arrogance, superiority, authority and many other forms of discrimination and control but on top of everything, WE WILL ALL DIE, so why can't we just leave a PEACEFUL LEGACY?

This so overwhelming and painful to watch actually and my heart always goes for the children. What future awaits them given this circumstances?

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4 months ago