Ten Outrageous Predictions For The 2024 - 2025 Crypto Bull Run

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A topic trending once a year in the banking field is Saxo Bank's outrageous predictions for the following year, which it publishes each December.

Since we love predictions in crypto (and I haven't seen a similar adaptation anywhere so far), I decided to give my predictions concerning the 2024 (and 2025) bull cycle, if one ever begins.

Ironically, this story alone is based on the prediction that a new bull run will soon emerge, with speculation surrounding the fourth Bitcoin (BTC) halving.

Here are my ten outrageous predictions for the Crypto Economy when the bullish cycle commences.

The Top 10 Outrageous Predictions For 2024 and 2025

Let's roll!

01. Ripple (XRP) Beats The SEC And Flippens BTC In Market Cap!!!

XRP has been outperforming BTC in all metrics, and while we understand how it is not decentralized and perhaps even prone to centralized interventions, this still has not happened in all the years Ripple has been active.

So, there is this condition for XRP to unleash an enormous bull: 

XRP beats the SEC.

XRP wins the SEC case, and the SEC only slaps the wrist of Ripple executives with a small fine of $100 million. The price explodes to $20.

02. A Blockstream Dev Admits BCashers Were Right!

Lately we witness LN developers abandoning the project in disgust, and rationalism from a small part of hardcore BTC supporters, vindicating those that BTC maxis derogatory called "bcashers".

Yet, it seems that the time has come for a Blockstream member to admit which side was actually right and how Blockstream was nothing else but a toxic and manipulative team that stagnated Bitcoin and reversed on-chain adoption.

It doesn't have to be someone that currently works for Blockstream, but perhaps a founding member that has already left that company.

03. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) Mysteriously Disappears!

(on X)

Word on the street supports the case the Chinese government is involved, but also some suspect the Chinese mafia or even North Korea!

04. Dogecoin Splits From Merge Mining With Litecoin


Dogecoin and Litecoin are merge-mined by the same miners.

After the split, Dogecoin attracted 90% of the hash rate, the Doge price doubled while Litecoin started deteriorating with the remaining people in charge (just Charlie Lee) beseeching BTC maximalists to support LTC and avoid possible 51% attacks.

05. Elon Musk Responds To My Post And Shills Dogecoin!!!

06. Bitcoin (BTC) DOES NOT Reach $100,000!

Close but no cigar, for a second time.

For experts and pundits alike, $100k was the target in the previous bull run of 2020-2021.

After that failure, the BTC fanbase set the same target for 2024-2025.

BTC's performance will disappoint everyone again.

The result of BTC not achieving $100k is catastrophic, and the price drops in 2025 during the bearish cycle by 80% down to $15.

Miners are shutting down (and switching to Bitcoin Cash - BCH) as the excessively high BTC hash rate, combined with the lower miner's rewards (the result of the halving), create extremely dangerous conditions of a death spiral that pose a grave threat to the network's survival.

07. Satoshi Posts On BitcoinTalk, Underlying The Need For A Higher Block Size Limit!

Satoshi's post immediately gets deleted by the forum staff, with Theymos publishing a 20-page thesis on why censorship was necessary and how we need not appeal to authority.

The price of Bitcoin Cash skyrockets as a result!

08. Tether And Bitfinex (Finally) Collapse!


With all the implications for Bitcoin (BTC) that will follow.

09. NFTs DON'T Recover!


Not in the form of trading images with no particular use case.

With the abundance of NFT collections in all blockchains, only a few of these projects manage to attract the attention of investors.

NFTs portrayed as art for collectors offer a limited use case to sustain any realistic adoption levels.

However, some NFT projects achieve immense growth as they launch platforms featuring appealing and practical applications.

NFTs in gaming (an industry they can disrupt) still meet the resistance of the gaming industry that wants complete control of gaming items and economies.

10. A New Ponzi Token Reaches $1 Trillion Market Cap And Dramatically Collapses

The next Bitconnect. The ultimate Pyramid scheme that will trap tens of millions of investors. A Ponzi scheme will repay the old investors with money coming from new ones. A pyramid scheme goes one step further as it makes new participants active promoters and recruiters of the next level of victims.

All of these schemes are bound to collapse. Theoretically, there is an 8 billion limit in the current population that can get involved, but after that, the scheme would exhaust its pool of potential participants.

These schemes collapse sooner than that, still, some will reach millions of investors before they do, and their downfall can even doom a whole economy (e.g. Albania in 1997).

When the predicted trillion-dollar Pyramid Scheme collapses, the implications will be severe.

It might be prudent not to allow any of these schemes to grow but to listen and support those smaller voices warned about the dangers of centralized exchanges and custodians (like Celsius and BlockFi) way before they collapsed.

The problem is again the social media system that empowers irresponsible influencers. Those, who were telling you for example, to buy Terra Luna while it was collapsing.


Crypto diverted from its purpose and target.

Real-life adoption of P2P Electronic Cash is secondary, and even BTC maximalists, among almost every other crypto influencer, promote centralized wallets and platforms, entirely defeating the purpose.

In two years, we will revisit this story and find out whether any of these predictions materialized.

For the time being, the majority in Crypto expect a new bull run, but we should also anticipate even more failures from the centralized part of Crypto like FTX, BlockFi, Celsius, Gemini, and similar platforms.

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