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4 months ago

This is the network effect any other cryptocurrency would absolutely LOVE to have.

If any other blockchain had such a vast social media website, with more than 300,000 users in just one year since inception, it would make headlines.

Not just on crypto-related news websites as Coindesk or Cointelegraph, but headline news for all major mainstream media. is not just doing a lot for Bitcoin Cash, it is a starting point for newcomers in cryptocurrency.

Become part of the social media revolution, start your crypto adventure today and learn about Crypto by following users that help explain the facts with a credible approach.

And the best part? You can earn micro tips reaching up to $5 or even $10 daily! That's right, there are plenty of examples of users receiving $100-$200 tips monthly from their experience with!

It is pure social media, without the privacy abuse issues the mainstream social media suffer from. only asks for a simple sign-up process, no KYC, and no phone verification involved.

How Disrupts the Crypto "Industry"

The best part with, you don't have to write about cryptocurrency. It is not just about this field, this is revolutionary social media without restrictions on the content users provide.

Most users just write about their life, things they've seen, vacations they've been to, upload interesting photos, artists give a preview of their work, Youtubers links to their videos.

(*I have previously written reviews of, for more information read: The Ultimate Guide to Noise.Cash! - The Bitcoin Cash Social Media Revolution)

Why Is the Crypto community not Promoting

Of course, (as everything that relates with Bitcoin Cash) has been carefully censored since it is a positive development no other cryptocurrency managed to reach and one that provides a competitive edge to Bitcoin Cash.

Not everything is ideal in the blockchain industry. We have the mainstream that often is centralized beta networks, and we have the antagonizing established blockchains working towards adoption.

Bitcoin Cash is not on the mainstream since the powers that be (Blockstream partnered companies, i.e. iFinex) decided not to support Bitcoin Cash, but promote the Blockstream agenda of suppression, censorship, and price manipulation instead.

There are no VCs involved in, so it remains hidden from the public view. You won't find any mention of in the DCG-owned crypto media.

CoindeskCointelegraphDecryptNewsbtc, and the rest websites, are just following an anti-BCH position. Part of the anti-BCH propaganda the BTC maximalists have unleashed. A vast network of bots and paid-shills to advocate against Bitcoin Cash and expand the overall anti-BCH propaganda.

This is why you haven't learned of yet, this is why you never heard of smartBCH yet, this is why you are part of the mob and like sockpuppets accuse Bitcoin Cash while you've never even actually used it.

No network effect Mr. McCormack?

Has BTC even wondered anything similar to is possible?

All this without even a single marketing campaign.

No, because you advocated in favor of those that crippled the blockchain. BTC can't be used and LN/Liquid are prone to centralization.

BTC can't achieve anything close to what did since the outcome of the scaling war was a for-profit private corporation taking control of the Bitcoin brand and the narrative, aiming to promote federated sidechains instead.

Fake transactions Gregory Maxwell?

A disgraceful comment made by the main Blockstream Core dev, resorting to blatant lies to further enhance the anti-BCH sentiment.


When Greg Maxwell without a trace of shame accused of producing fake transactions! Of course, this was a false statement. These blockchain transactions helped Bitcoin Cash explain once again it is the Bitcoin that scales. And this hurts the competition.

Yet, this is the reality. Between February and May 2021 (about three months), Bitcoin Cash transactions were more than BTC.

This was achieved mostly because of, however, what matters is the message BCH sends.

Bitcoin Cash transactions didn't exceed $0.01 on average during 2021.

Bitcoin is scaling, it was the inaction and bad decision taken by Blockstream devs that led it to remain stagnant and outdated.

One of those responsible for the BTC high fees and network congestion is exactly the BTC dev mentioned. Gregory Maxwell is one of the most powerful figures in the centralized Bitcoin (BTC) development group (Bitcoin Core) with strong ties to Blockstream.

The UserBase Will Cancel The Propaganda

I don't exactly know the sources BTC maximalists use for information, but I completely understand why a vast part of them is completely misled.

The censorship of Bitcoin Cash often surprises the followers of this anti-BCH practice as they are misinformed on Bitcoin Cash developments, use case, and the rapidly increasing userbase:

The irony.

This is Bitcoin Cash and those in favor of the anti-BCH propaganda maybe should consider Bitcoin Cash as a service to the whole crypto industry instead of blindly following the calls of maximalists.

There is nothing similar to The people behind it (Marc De Mesel, and Simon) deserve the praise they receive, but it is all made possible because of Bitcoin Cash. You can't make work with BTC, can't make it work with LN, and certainly not with Ethereum.

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Written by   1217
4 months ago
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I like platform so much. It was the first earning site I was introduced and now

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4 months ago

It keeps on increasing each day. Probably, it'll hit half a million in the first quarter of the year.

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4 months ago

I can still remember when it was 90,000 I did a design for it... Am happy how the platform grows every single day

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4 months ago

I am glad to be part of this platform. I will never forget that day I entered this site. Kudos to the developers!! ❤️

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4 months ago

And still, they are increasing day by day no doubt is better then many other platforms

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4 months ago

I first knew about Bitcoin cash through last year April when I joined, and I must say that has helped promote BCH in a very large way. There are many more people who know nothing about BCH hence this would be the perfect time to onboard them to this platform. will continue to grow in a massive way, and so will the BCH community, regardless of the hatred being received from maximalists and blah blah...

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4 months ago

I joined about a year ago and i must say has helped a lot in promoting bitcoincash. The maxist will continue to pretend that Bitcoincash is unknown

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4 months ago

This big community of is a name of trust behind BCH and the team of sir Marc. These are the ambassadors of BCH around the globe . Strongly agreed that no other Crypto base unit can't do it even they have big pockets with sharp propaganda machines.

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4 months ago

The growth is unstoppable and in no time noise will reach half million users

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4 months ago