Invest (In Bitcoin Cash) When Others Are Fearful

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There's not much to trust when trusted third parties (the banks) come crashing down.

It's not that nobody knows what will happen.

2008 and the collapse of Lehman Brothers was only 15 years ago, and the impact of the financial meltdown was universal.

A year ago, the purchasing power of Bitcoin Cash declined significantly as the cryptocurrency market suffered several blows from custodians operating shady models, on the verge of being called scams.

Today, we stand one year before the next halvings, so "traditionally" prices can increase, yet short-term speculation should not be the focus.

First is realizing cryptocurrency can work for millions of people.

Bitcoin Cash works well with a network outperforming in all metrics with secure, permissionless, instant with 0-conf transactions and low fees.

Yet, Bitcoin Cash contains more than the rest cryptocurrencies as it demonstrates disruptive abilities and the potential to achieve mass adoption.

I believe Bitcoin Cash can work for the entire world in cutting out intermediaries and supporting the global free market.

Bitcoin Cash is a lot more than an investment. It offers access to a secure future, a hedge against financial disasters, a permissionless payment system that works perfectly, with low fees and instant transactions.

Thankfully We Have Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash exists because Bitcoin (the BTC version) since 2015 succumbed to the irrational logic of maximalists like this example:

A distorted view of what Satoshi envisioned with the whitepaper. A vision that materialized with an exponentially rising adoption that halted around 2015 when Blockstream assumed control of Bitcoin.

Jimmy is not talking about selling your Bitcoin for fiat but advocates for the use of fiat and credit cards instead.

He suggests/promotes not using Bitcoin for anything, precisely as Blockstream planned for Bitcoin.

Thankfully, we have Bitcoin Cash today, the Bitcoin that didn’t submit to external pressure and didn’t sell out values. The leading digital cash system that slowly recovers the adoption Bitcoin lost.

Which is the side promoting Bitcoin here someone may wonder. Is it Jimmy Song who encourages Blockstream’s vision of a crippled Bitcoin with limited capabilities and zero adoption in commerce, or is it perhaps the Bitcoin Cash side with people like Jessquit and thousands more who didn’t sell out values to central banks but kept encouraging P2P use and scalability?

Spent, Replace and Increase

Whether the price rises or drops, I will keep increasing my Bitcoin Cash stack using incremental investing, buying $BCH once per month (Dcaing) and also buying as dips with large volumes occur.

It is not speculation but belief in the chances of Bitcoin Cash to achieve a meaningful adoption rate in the coming years.

Heck, even for speculation, this is the best time to buy some more Bitcoin (Cash).

There are no guarantees that the price will rise again, and anyone that invests in any cryptocurrency has to perform research and take a serious decision after formulating an opinion on the matter.

There is a high risk when investing in cryptocurrencies, but the risk is always higher when investing late after the parabolic rally has matured, and the signs of a bubble will be flashing.

It would be great to see more cryptocurrencies committing to adoption, commerce, and payments as the Bitcoin Cash community has all these years.


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1 week ago


It is simple people would rather make those quick gains on any coin or hold it stake it or whatever than spend it . The biggest win for BCH will be to be used in many countries as possible. To make a record of transactions and people to use it no matter the price

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1 week ago

Enjoyable read! 😉 Good things to come in 2023

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1 week ago

BCH is coin with hundreds of Utilization and hundreds of purposes. I respect it when it is used to save humanity. I hope your investment is more fruitful than some maximalists who are doing shits only.

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1 week ago