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ELON MUSK, You Will LOVE Bitcoin Cash!

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4 months ago

We are about to herald the rise of the digital economy, with CBDCs looking inevitable.

Will CBDCs work for you or perhaps act against your businesses, against the markets, and the people?

And who's the competition to CBDCs? Bitcoin (BTC)?

Apparently NOT.

BTC does not work for payments. You've tested it yourself all this time.

Tell me you didn't question "WTF is this garbage?" when testing BTC and LN. 

You did way better-choosing Doge instead.

Although, there is already a better solution than Doge. Bitcoin Cash.

(Source: Twitter)

Elon Musk, you invest in progress and generate innovations millions (if not billions) of people use. You know way better than the BTC maximalist apes what the world needs.

Why Bitcoin Cash: The Bitcoin That Works!

(Image by "IJRO" on Pixabay)

Apparently, you've tested Bitcoin Cash as well and seen it for yourself:

Bitcoin Cash is what cryptocurrencies should be.

  • Permissionless, censorship-resistant, instant with low fees

How is any cryptocurrency with high fees and slow transactions competing with the bank systems?

Bitcoin Cash delivers instant transactions with fees lower than a cent.

The Bitcoin Cash developers and businesses operating on top have generated the most robust blockchain network without sacrificing decentralization.

Bitcoin Cash doesn't renounce the permissionless nature of the blockchain to accomplish robustness but achieves it with no single point of failure.

With the Bitcoin upgrade of 2017, Bitcoin Cash removed all restrictions on global adoption:

  • RBF (replace by fee) is gone. 0-conf (instant transactions - no chance of a double spend)

(Source: Buyhodlsell)

  • Decentralized developments (no leading faction a.k.a Blockstream)

  • Eco-friendly (Highly Efficient With 99% less Energy Consumption than BTC)

(Source: monsterbitar, by Jonathan Silverblood)

  • Fees lower than a cent

(Source: Bitcoin Fees, Twitter)

This is how everyone expected Bitcoin to be.

Why Bitcoin Cash: Low Fees - Instant Transactions

I just tipped a friend with $0.01.

The transaction only took a second to perform.

The cost of this transaction was $0.0003 (277 sats or 0.00000277BCH)!

I can right now send 100 blockchain transactions with Bitcoin Cash and pay just 3 cents for fees.

What equally matters, though, is that no trusted third parties were involved in this transaction. No payment processors with blacklisted accounts or bank rejection codes whatsoever.

Unlike LN, we don't need custodian wallets with Bitcoin Cash. No one can censor BCH transactions. There are no financial hubs and custodians dominating transactions.

We don't ask for permission. The user is in control.

Dogecoin is all fun, and I love it too. 

BUT do we need to reinvent the wheel?

What you describe here is Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin Cash enables 0-conf and needs no changes in block time. It is instant, the mempool clears after each block, and no double spends occur.

Price and Risk: The current price offers the best entry point in four years at $100-150. You've seen how it goes. You mention it, and the price goes parabolic. If you adopt it, it becomes a global phenomenon. A cryptocurrency that works, though, and is ready to dominate in the transactions field.

Adoption: Merchant adoption is increasing rapidly. Mark Cuban mentioned before the Bitcoin Cash Caribbean adoption, but take a look at the global picture here:

(visit: for more info)

That's more than 10,000 locations accepting Bitcoin Cash with P2P electronic transactions. And adoption doesn't end there. Soon, Bitcoin Cash payments will be available in every major city.

It only needs a kick-start in mainstream news and media to make the dream of global adoption a reality.

Why Bitcoin Cash: Competitive P2P Electronic Cash

It is time for the working version of Bitcoin to shine.

Who's the competition to CBDCs? BTC?

Bitcoin (BTC) will become a forgotten relic of a bygone revolution once CBDCs are released (enforced).

How often does narrow-mindedness beat innovation and progress? Well, it can last for decades. We know it well, though, that eventually progress triumphs.

Opponents of Bitcoin Cash make it seem like it is losing this battle, but take a look at the different sides of this argument. Which one makes sense? I guess you figured it out, probably before Tesla bought BTC. Why not adopt Bitcoin Cash as well, though?

We want Bitcoin to succeed in payments and reach global adoption.

The BTC side will (ab)use every legal or not financial tool out there to push prices higher (ETFs, Futures, Tether, Ads, Internet troll factories, PR).

Sure, price (in fiat) is an indicator of (a temporary) success, but what else is there in BTC besides speculation? Where is the potential?

There is NOTHING!

No progress, no vision. Just a jammed network that requires a secondary network (LN) to fix the indecision to scale. A second-layer network that inherently suffers from centralization and censorship tendencies.

Central Banks enter the stage in digital payments today, and CBDCs will take the lion's share.

A whole new digital economy is in the making, currently not even at 1% of its true potential.

The decisions visionaries like Elon Musk make today will shape the future of payments for the following decades.

  • Cover Photo by “FelixMittermeier” on Pixabay, and "xresch" on Pixabay (modified)

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Written by   1388
4 months ago
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4 months ago

Maybe in your article I read that Elon sold more than 50% of his BTC, maybe another cryptocurrency got his attention.

I was not aware of these below, until I read here esp. blockstream, I learned blockchain more than it. Great points for BCH if it's consume less of energy.

" Decentralized developments (no leading faction a.k.a Blockstream)

Eco-friendly (Highly Efficient With 99% less Energy Consumption than BTC)"

$ 0.05
4 months ago

Everyone, including Elon Musk, will eventually come to BitcoinCash. bitcoincash is freedom

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4 months ago


$ 0.00
4 months ago

Congrats dude, you just earned a report. You got any brain cells left?

@FashTioluwa take a look at this comment! Hahaha!

$ 0.00
4 months ago

He deleted it before I could view it 😂😂

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4 months ago

Though, with the popularity of BCH, I wonder what's keeping the big whales of the crypto world to take a recognition of bitcoincash, its like someone is always taking it away from their reach. The fact is that they know about it, but is it that they are too scared to adopt it, if elon musk ca acknowledge Bitcoincash and use it the same way he used BTC, it would save him from any current financial crisis he might be facing , that's what I believe. The evidence that #BCH is better is there.. There is a change in the market already, I hope it turns out well

$ 0.05
4 months ago

Bitcoincash is no doubt better than many digital coins. If Elon made use of BCH once or twice then he will come to know about practical use ability of Bitcoincash. You mentioned great facts based on reality brother.

$ 0.00
4 months ago

Bitcoin cash has all the potential, utility and future which a businessman looking for. Elon musk or his team will identify this truth soon or later.

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4 months ago