Bitcoin Cash Adoption In Cuba! Merchants Adopt Bitcoin Cash

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The news from the Caribbean island nations of St. Kitts & Nevis and Sint Maarten with the procedures to adopt Bitcoin Cash as legal tender traveled fast around the world.

St. Kitts & Nevis Prime Minister Dr. Terrance Drew made the legal tender announcement at the Bitcoin Cash 2022 conference, mentioning March 2023 as the target date.

We have two economies, two nations looking into making Bitcoin Cash legal tender, and Bitcoin Cash is in the leading position in the race for P2P adoption.

The Caribbean region listens and adapts quickly.

Accepting Bitcoin Cash is easy and doesn't require special skills, knowledge, or cost.

Bitcoin Cash delivers a simple payment method.

A merchant only has to download a Bitcoin Cash wallet (, Electron Cash, Paytaca, Zapit, etc), and write or save the secret phrase.

We witness merchants from various locations in the Caribbean region adopting Bitcoin Cash.

One country that can become a new hub is Cuba, with the first businesses already accepting Bitcoin Cash!

Bitcoin Cash In Cuba


Cuba already entered the map and now includes six merchants accepting Bitcoin Cash!

I checked these locations and discovered a pleasant surprise. Let's have a look at the businesses accepting Bitcoin Cash in Cuba:

  • El Cuarto de Tula, San Lazaro, in Havana accepts Bitcoin Cash!


    A gorgeous restaurant at the heart of Cuba accepts Bitcoin Cash! I also discovered the Instagram page of the restaurant, which also contains video proof of Bitcoin Cash adoption.


Watch the video on the Instagram page of the merchant.

  • Bar Galería Mejunje, in Santa Clara, accepts Bitcoin Cash.

There was no website connected with this bar on the map, but I did some search on social media and found the Facebook page of this business.

Bar Galeria Mejunje is officially one of the first merchants accepting Bitcoin Cash in Cuba!

  • Breakfast All day, Calle Rosario, Trinidad, accepts Bitcoin Cash

A new entry in the map is the Breakfast All day restaurant which also accepts Bitcoin Cash.

I Googled and found some information, although it has no social media presence.

It appears this restaurant is popular with tourists in Cuba, judging by the comments on Google.

  • QvaShop 253 General Lee, La Habana, Cuba

This merchant, QvaShop accepts a variety of cryptocurrencies with the use of a payment processor called QVAPay. QvaShop is an e-shop, and the QVAPay option an exchange that facilitates crypto payments.

With this service, Cuban merchants can accept various cryptocurrencies, so for Cuban crypto enthusiasts, it can become a place to spend their Bitcoin Cash (and other cryptocurrencies).

  • Two More Businesses

There are two more locations accepting Bitcoin Cash in Cuba, according to the map:

This one doesn't mention Bitcoin Cash:

I visited the website of this gallery, and it appears to have some contact details, but there was no mention of Bitcoin Cash.

  • The Orange House in Guasimas

I couldn't find an option or information regarding Bitcoin Cash, so I emailed this hotel asking for more information regarding payment options, and plan to update the article if I get a response.

Hasta la victoria siempre!

(on Pixabay)

Every merchant that adopts Bitcoin Cash as a payment option is a success story.

The news from St. Kitts travels fast. Perhaps St. Kitts & Nevis adoption can generate an automated adoption process and deliver exponential results.

St. Kitts & Nevis and Sint Maarten are sparks that can ignite waves of Bitcoin Cash adoption in the Caribbean as people decide to use cryptocurrency instead of "hodling" as a speculative investment.

Hopefully, Cubans will embrace Bitcoin Cash as an alternative for payments as it contains all the proper functions of money.

Bitcoin Cash is the best alternative to fiat currencies delivering permissionless and fast transactions for low fees (less than $0.01).

I will cover more locations and merchants that adopt Bitcoin Cash, as I expect a rising trend. 

We may witness wonders in the P2P adoption race, even in the coming months.

  • Cover Picture by ArtTower on Pixabay, (Fidel Castro drawing on Pixabay)


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1 year ago


Dear writer Pantera, it's well received this article promoting that private businesses are accepting BCH in my country, im from Santa Clara City and i live near the Bar-Galeria El Mejunje and i was the one who guide them on the subject of accepting BCH. Since i take as one of my purpose in life do any at my reach to spread the adoption of bitcoin-cash and liberty. In Cuba aside from the world things goes slowly(very) and people are skeptical about crypto because the ones who tried to adopt it mostly get scammed in the past, also there are people confused thinking only in btc with the wrong concepts of p2p electronic cash, but convinced that BCH represents a better future for me and my paissans i keep doing my best. Lastly invite to the interested one to the telgram group i created to help in the spread of adoption in telegram, all the feedback is more than welcome, a warm greeting and the desire that will long live free Cuba!

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1 year ago

That's amazing! Thank you for letting me know! Good job, there! Keep it up! I understand people are confused with the maximalists propaganda against Bitcoin Cash, but I can tell you not to be frustrated with this. They will slowly realize Bitcoin Cash works better for everyone.

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1 year ago

i have to many plans and ideas, hope sooner than later i can convince more private business to accept BCH and add a bunch more green points to the map, :finger crossed:

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1 year ago
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1 year ago

For me it was a nice development for spreading the awareness to use the bitcoin cash as the way of payment. Just like here in our place there is a merchants who accept bch payment mode once u buy a rice.

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1 year ago

It would be cool if you can generate content advertising your local merchant adoption of Bitcoin Cash. I'm sure everyone would want to see video, images, or written content with Bitcoin Cash merchant adoption.

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1 year ago

Yeah i will once i go there again in store to took it some photo thanks for reminding me on that and im appreaciate.

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1 year ago