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SmartBCH Spotlight: Absolute yield farming on Konra Ranches

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1 month ago

DeFi on SmartBCH got more rewarding after the launch of RASTJN, as more opportunities were created for crypto savvy people. Rastjn is the Kingdom's Profit Sharing & Liquidity Machine! Hold it in your wallet to receive a share of profit additional bonuses over time. This even created a whole new synergy between KONRA, NARATH and the community. The community was also invited to vote for the RASTJN logo! 

Reflection tokens are cryptocurrencies that rewards the holders by levying fees on transactions and then redistributing a percentage of the fees charged to them. The special model prevents whales from manipulating and exploiting small market cap projects because of the reflection token mechanics.

As all reflection tokens, RASTJN will use the static reward system. Any transactions will incur fees and 1.5% of the proceeds will go into the liquidity pool and 7% will be distributed between token holders. The Konra ranches on BenSwap brought innovation and high APR for who was ready to embark in a new crypt journey, where the community is the main focus. This ranches used RASTJN as a LP pair or as a staking reward, implementing the token utility beyond expectations.

The RASTJN - wBCH Ranch 

The ranch APR was so high, without big percentage drops, that I doubled my investment in 3 days. Read the whole article and get inspired! The adventure was just started as new ranches were announced.

Two new ranches were added, NARATH + KONRA to earn $KONRA and NARATH + RASTJN to earn $EBEN. I was ready to join both with my big bags of crypto. If you remember, NARATH is the reward token meant to serve as an incentive of the holders that use Konra on SmartBCH. The Narath token has a higher supply and the release will be spread over 6 years, which means no big time buyers can enter the market and make a big impact.

farmed NARATH like a king when some earning pools were available, and now I have enough to join the ranch. The main focus was on the NARATH & RASTJN ranch, where I can use both tokens I am currently holding. Went with 193 RASTJN and 517 mill NARATH into the pool, for 34.86% of the pool value.

The initial APR started at 3,585% APR and my LP was already generating income. I am not a huge fan of LPs, due to the IL but now and then I join some of the high APR one for power farming. You don't lose anything if you keep it in the pool until the tokens will reach values close to the deposit time.

Done the LP and deposited in the pool, at 3200% APY. The next morning I had 5 EBEN to harvest, even if the APR dropped to 823%. Before you even dare to think 800% offers a low return, think that banks are currently giving 0.1% interest on average. Crypto is freedom!

Withdrew the above and after another day I come back to harvest. It's not much but is honest work... as every humble farmer will say. APR down to 352% and nearly 12 EBEN farmed. Good bounty! 

No lazy crypto! I don't like lazy crypto, and this why I staked the $EBEN in the single staking pool. A good deal with 34.53% APR and no risk of impermanent losses. Now I am farming EBEN in stereo mode, simultaneous in two pools!

One thing I noticed at the Konra powered ranches is the low speed APR drop. Compared to other pools, the APR drops in slow motion. This is an important aspect if we think about the earning rate and farming power. The farming percentage went from 352% to 265% in few days, earning 10 more $EBEN.

The next days recorded only 2% APR reduction, timeframe when I earned 15 $EBEN

I checked the pool again this morning, to add up to date data. The staked LP suffered a little crunch, after the bad market crash, but the farming kept efficient. The APR was at 2081% when I decided to withdraw the LP and collect the last 20 EBEN.

Split the NARATH - RASTJN pair and got back my assets. Did I suffered much IS? Staked 517 million NARATH and 193 RASTJN and got back 326 NARATH and 262 RASTJN. One side got bigger, one got smaller ... lost $4 in NARATH and gained 9 in EBEN!

By now the EBEN staking is producing more EBEN, and will keep adding all the yields back in the pool. Not planning to spend it or swap it any time soon. I gathered 64 EBEN at the time of withdrawing the LP.

The NARATH & KONRA pool was the second ranch announced by TheEmpress. Narath and Konra pairing for KONRA yields, and a starting farming rate close to 1000% was good enough to make me add some change. Not much NARATH left in the bag after the NARATH-RASTJN LP so this time the investment was minor.

I still had 13.45% of the pool when I deposited my LP, and started farming KONRA at accelerate pace. The next morning I already had 0.15 KONRA to farm but for this farm I decided to keep it stacking until I will withdrew. Why? Konra is my long term game!

The SmartBCH Spotlights series:

1. Cash Cats ($CATS) - the first meme token on SmartBCH with 1,000,000,000 total token supply

2. BCHPad - a decentralized IDO protocol built on the SmartBCH chain, creating a simplified method to invest in new SEP20 tokens 

3. AxieBCH - Gaming Guild - a simple business model and a provision for players to create a play2earn source of income. 

4. BlockNG & LAW Punks - the platform powered by the $LAW token, which can be used to buy LAW Punks NFTs. 

5. CheckBook - the system that evolves the airdrops, as the tokens are sent through cheques and must be accepted.

6. Konra Token - a token with unique tokenomics and a project that will become a multi token ecosystem.

7. Tango Swap - The first SmartBCH DEX with publicly known developers. 

8. GAME - The the universal gas token for the AxieBCH gaming guild that grows in the holder's wallet 

9. Narath - The reward token meant to serve as an incentive of the holders that use Konra on SmartBCH.

10. 1BCH DEX - New LPs with top APY and single staking sprinklers

11. Oasis.Cash - The decentralized NFT market on SmartBCH

12. World of Masks - A collection of programmatically generated 10,800 Masks NFTs

13. Panda Land - Play2Earn NFT battle game on SmartBCH - with breeding planned for 2022

14. The BCH Gang - Generative NFTs for a modern community

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Written by   1034
1 month ago
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