#Club1BCH EURO2020 Fantasy Football Competition - The Playoffs

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The first round of playoffs was full of drama and surprising results.

Wales vs Denmark 0-4

Italy vs Austria 2-1 after extra time

Netherlands vs Czech Republic 0-4

Belgium vs Portugal 1-0

Croatia vs Spain 3-5 after extra time

France vs Switzerland 3-4 after penalties

England vs Germany 2-0

Sweden vs Ukraine 1-2 after extra time

I had such a bad selection, with the defense line being pathetic. I wasn't inspired with my choice of captain as Immobile made only 4 points. I made my lowest score since the start of the competition, with only 29 points. With France, Holland and Germany out, I need to re-think my line-up and get rid of the useless players.

The Quarter-Finals are interesting and will test the managers. Who will be the most inspired? Who will do the best substitutions and who will be the best performer?

Belgium v Italy

Switzerland v Spain

Ukraine v England

Czech Republic v Denmark

Cristiano Ronaldo is the current top goal scorer, followed by Benzema and Forsberg. Unfortunately, the trio is out of the competition and will be interesting to see if Schick will grab the tournament's golden boot or someone else will outshine the competition.

Leaderboard after round

@Panky is the new leader followed by @Damolexy08 , the only two managers with over 200 points. @bmjc98 keeps her amazing run and is not on the 3rd position. @H3ruvim78 PotatoAllStars @Mr_Trenzs Katie @HappyBoy @Gaftek and SwannyPuck are completing the top half of the leaderboard.

 The lower half of the leaderboard is contested, with many managers separated by only 8 points. @Mylynne_93 @TheCryptoGambler @Carabageac94  @Crackers @Telesfor @TheTipster and @Crypto_Politics are close enough to challenge the top 10 positions.

@Macronald Justin @MoreGainStrategies  @Zeshan3333  and @jiroshin had good selections but were only unlucky and will improve in the playoffs.

The manager of Round 4 is @Panky with Benzema bringing 20 points. Another great choice for captain, after having Ronaldo with 20 points in the last round. Top performance for Pogba, Shaw and the team raised the bar to 58 points.

The Prize Pool and prizes update

The price distribution rule was set as it follows:

  • The 1st place and the winner of the competition will be rewarded with 40% of the reward pool. The 2nd place will receive 30% of the prize pool, while the 3rd place will receive 15% from the amount of BCH that this post will earn.

  • The 4th and 5th players in the leaderboard will receive 5% each, dropping to 3% of the pool to the player whom will finish 6th. The participant who will finish 7th will receive the last slice, the remaining 2% of the reward pool!

  • The 8th and 9th place will receive a prize pegged to half of the 7th place prize which I will tip as an extra reward.

The prize pool is made from all the tips (including the Random Rewarder) from the following two articles:

#Club1BCH Euro 2020 Football Fantasy Competition! - currently $14.05

#Club1BCH Euro 2020 Football Fantasy Competition - Update! - currently 9.66

If you want to tip the competition and make the reward pool even bigger than please do it on the links above.

Big Thank you to @Carabageac94 for the $5 donation to the prize pool and to @Eybyoung @Jane and @Crackers  for topping up the rewards.

With the tips from the two articles above and my round up to $30 from my BCH, the prizes are as it follows:

1st place = $12 worth of BCH

2nd place = $9 worth of BCH

3rd place = $4.5 worth of BCH

4th and 5th place = $2 worth of BCH

6th place = $0.90 worth of BCH

7th place = $0.60 worth of BCH

8th and 9th place = $0.30 worth of BCH

How to join and play!

Join in the #Club1BCH League on UEFA and chose 15 players, the starting 11 and 4 subs. You have $100 million to spend on players that will receive points based on their real match performance. The team captain will receive double points. Join the league here!


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Go team! Let's beat @Panky's team. Hehehe.

$ 0.50
2 years ago

Haha good luck 😉

$ 0.00
2 years ago

hahahah.. YEAH.. good luck to me.. :) but I'm already happy reaching top 10. :) Yay!

$ 0.00
2 years ago

Will be hard unless we get a hattrick scorer as captain 😆 🤣

$ 0.00
2 years ago

Unless I have the same captain 😉 lol nah I have a mid as my captain now and my team has almost completely changed lol Go bog or go home 😆

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2 years ago

I hope to lead the next round😇😇

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2 years ago

Ouch. My selections have been wrong hahaha. I need to visit my team and readjust.

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2 years ago

I got this!! Moved up nicely through the league, now to increase my lead! 😝

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2 years ago

I am changing my team combination because many have injury issues. I change my caption for good result.

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2 years ago

Good luck in the next round

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2 years ago

So many shocking results in this round. And a bad week in office(managerial office) for me😂. Hopefully the next round will be better. We move💪💪💪

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2 years ago

My team with focus on Spain was a dissapointment

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2 years ago

Goodluck to the players 😁

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2 years ago

Thanks Jane ... and thanks for the constant support

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2 years ago