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Endless harms of carbonated drinks

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4 months ago
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Fizzy drinks, which have become a part of our lives, cause great harm to health due to the substances in their content, they are addictive.

Today, the consumption of carbonated beverages has increased considerably, and it has almost started to be consumed instead of water. In order to meet the specific fluid need of the human body for water, it is necessary to consume water, not carbonated drinks or caffeinated beverages. Carbonated drinks, also known as carbonated drinks, are drinks that have very little nutritional value, but contain a lot of energy in low volumes, that is, they are empty calorie drinks.

These drinks, enriched with acid and sugar, come in different colors and flavors. The ingredients in many acidic beverages are not disclosed by the manufacturers. For this reason, there are many drinks that are not known exactly what they contain. Although these beverage brands have released lower-calorie products called light or sugar-free in recent years due to the reactions, they are still not completely harmless.

With the increase in fast food eating habits in the society, the consumption of acidic beverages has also increased. Due to the increase in the consumption of these beverages, the consumption of water, milk and dairy products has decreased. In recent years, the increase in diseases such as obesity, reflux, fatty liver, which are more common in the society, is among the factors that increase the consumption of acidic beverages.

Fizzy drinks have very different effects on the body. These drinks, which have almost no beneficial effects, are generally harmful to the body. Moreover, due to the chemical additives used to prolong the shelf life of these beverages, it is on the agenda to prepare the ground for various diseases. There are studies that the consumption of carbonated beverages close to 2 glasses a day ages the cells for about 6 years.

Carbonated drinks contain carbon dioxide, phosphoric acid and sodium citrate to provide acid content, caramel as a colorant, sugar, aspartame, sucrolose for flavoring, and sodium benzoate as a preservative to extend their shelf life. It also contains caffeine and natural flavorings. Sodas are usually available in cans or plastic bottles. The harmful effects of bifesanol A, another harmful substance found in cans, are also known.

Phosphoric Acid: It contributes to the negative effects of acidic beverages on tooth and bone health. It reduces the body's absorption of calcium. Decreased calcium absorption leads to problems such as osteoporosis later on. Phosphoric acid, which makes digestion difficult due to its chemical effects in the digestive system, prevents the absorption of beneficial substances in the body. Due to its phosphate content, excessive consumption causes kidney stones.

Aspartame: It is found in diet foods/drinks for flavoring or also as a sweetener tablet. In the studies conducted, there are data on the carcinogenic effects as well as causing diabetes and epilepsy.

Sugar: These drinks cause serious problems in the body due to the high amount of sugar they contain. Unfortunately, one of the sectors where sugar is used the most is the acidic beverage sector. Since most of the daily calorie intake is taken from these beverages, people experience deterioration in insulin levels, increase in blood sugar and serious weight gain. Obesity, which is one of the most important health problems of our age, is seen more frequently with the increase in consumption of these beverages. Excess calories taken due to acidic beverages taken during the day are stored as fat in the body

Recent studies have revealed the relationship between obesity and soda in all age groups. Because of the fructose syrup in sodas, blood sugar levels can rise especially in diabetics, and the risk of diabetes increases in healthy individuals.

It has been shown that those who consume soda are approximately 1.6 times more likely to develop obesity.

Caffeine: Increase in blood pressure, increase in heart rate, insomnia, nervousness are considered as effects of caffeine in soda. This substance shows its effects by disrupting the hormonal balance in the body. Caffeine in sodas is habit-forming, which causes them to be consumed more.

Intense consumption of sodas, due to the amount of acid in their content, has a negative effect on tooth development, especially in childhood, and causes bone demineralization. Tooth enamel is worn 2-3 times more than normal in people who consume soda.

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Written by   57
4 months ago
Topics: Writing, Blog, Life, Health,, ...
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