Personal Questions Q&A Part 3: What's something you wish you'd figured out sooner?

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since it's raining, and it's been already days when i last published my article, and I have nothing to write, let's answer Q&A instead. but before that, I hope everything is okay and I hope the victims of the typhoon are fine, I know the signal has been raised in some parts of Luzon, I hope there are no accidents.

Okay so let's start!

What's something you wish you'd figured out sooner?

The one about my family. Most of you know my issue with my family and why I am not close to them. To be honest, this is what I wish I could have known sooner and maybe my mind would not have been filled with questions as to why my father's family treated me unfairly. Because as a kid, or as a child, there were a lot of things running through my mind at the time about why it was difficult to understand the treatments of my family and especially my father's children from his first wife, I didn't ask that I hope they treat me right or something. As for me, I wish I had known this sooner so that I could somehow understand.

What is one of the great values that guides your life?

Leave it alone if they don't support you in all your wishes in life, as long as you reach for your dream that you know you really want.. It's hard to be true in a world surrounded by judgment, it's also hard to be open to things if the person in front of you is closed to everything. Back then, I was often judged because of the dreams I had, especially from my father's family. Often, they think that the plan I have will fail. Even my family thinks of me that way, but I'm happy that somehow the hardship and pain I went through paid off.

It was hard to start, several times I felt like crying because I felt like my hard work and ideas were useless. but here, it's blooming somehow.

What language do you speak?

I'm a bilengual person so basically I spoke tagalog, english, ilonggo and spanish. My dad and my grandma used to speak with spanish and that's how i learned it. But time passed, I already forgot how to speak spanish but I can still understand when someone were speaking spanish.

What's one place you've travelled that you never want to go back to?

My hometown, to be honest, is one of the places I've been to that I don't want to go back to. There is nothing else but my hometown, why? Since I left, I said to myself that I will take with me the heartaches and memories that I experienced. Maybe it was the best decision for me to stay away because somehow I had a peace of mind that I couldn't find where I came from. But, I also told myself that once I get out of here I will make sure that I will be stronger. There are a lot of ups and downs, but despite that, my desire to get away from things dominates me, which is also the reason why I became stronger.

What issue will you always speak your mind about?

My self. when I talk to myself, my thoughts are often full of failure and what ifs. I can't help but think about such things for reasons I don't know, maybe there's a part of me that's afraid of things I don't understand.


  • Hi! done publishing an article again, it's been a while right? I became inactive for some reason.

by the way, I am planning to look for a stalls asap since the business are growing unexpectedly.

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Gutso ko mapag-aralan ang Ilonngo :) Anyways, I hope that your heartache from the past lalo na sa mga nangyarin sa hometown mo sana eh mapalitan na ng saya :) I may not know the reason why but you deserve a happy and genuine life :) God bless you.

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1 year ago

Wow marunong ka palang mag Spanish langga at nakakaintindi ka. Gusto ko rin matuto niyan langga pero feeling ko talaga tagal ko matuto.

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