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Treating Myself: 'Salamat Shopee & Read.Cash'

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3 months ago

Last June 6 (6.6), online shopping platform giants like Lazada and Shopee had their mid-year sale started. Because of this, I have seen and read articles of other users about their online shopping hauls, particularly these two articles: @kli4d 's What did I bought from Shopee? and @kingofreview 's Shopee Haul #1: The Stationary Products (A Simple Review) . Check them out. My excitement for my order to arrive grew so does the idea of sharing what I bought in here after reading their articles.

I and this article might be late because of long-distance shipping yet I still want to share this.

I've been busy writing and publishing here these past few months. I am buying what I need with my earnings such as cellular load, school supplies, and my groceries that includes toiletries, snacks, and my must have–coffee ,etc. ,and saving money for future investments.

I haven't shopped online for months maybe this is the perfect time for treating myself by buying what I wanted.

A reminder for myself and for you from the lyrics of Twenty One Pilots' song Mulberry Street from their latest album Scaled and Icy:

Keep your bliss

There's nothing wrong with this.

A Change of Heart

On June 6,I uninstalled my Shopee app to avoid myself from buying and to save money.

I tweeted after my recent action. (Translation: The best decision is uninstalling Shopee.)

Hours later while buying my groceries at Puregold, I have one item that I need to buy but I don't have enough cash in my wallet. I remembered that I have PHP 150 (around $3) in my Shopee Pay wallet and that I can top it up with my money in app.

I installed Shopee again, used the Shopee Pay feature for a cashless transaction and also buying all what I need to. Then, I received coins in my Shopee app that I can use as discount for future orders. I really like this ,so I think ,I'll use Shopee Pay for my transactions at Puregold in the future.

Then the night came and I already went home. Because I had my Shopee app installed, I scrolled through the app. I had a change of heart so I made up my mind and decided to treat myself.

What My Heart Desires

One Piece is one of my favorite anime since childhood. I grow up watching it especially when I was absent or there were no classes. I really like it ever since even though today I haven't reached the latest story arc yet ans still on one-thirds of the series.

I really love the collaboration of our local apparel line OXGN with One Piece. There are also other collaborations with other anime namely, Naruto and Sailor Moon.

I already have some OXGN x One Piece shirts since last year and the same with facemasks. All I bought made possible by this site.

Two shirts I bought.(Images from OXGN's Shopee Account)

The moment I saw the post of release of OXGN x One Piece Land of Wano Kimono on my Facebook newsfeed, I fell in love at first sight. My heart desires it since March.

The post I stumbled upon on my newsfeed.

So last June 6,I checked it out including somw face masks too.

My Heart's Judgement

After six days of waiting, my parcel finally arrived yesterday.

I am excited as a dog who's waiting for a stick to be fetched when I received the package.

Now it's time for my heart's judgement.

OXGN Land of Wano Kimono

When I opened it, I was really excited to try it on me.

Aside from the reason that I like it. I decided to buy it so I can use it for our Senior High School graduation pictorial. I planned to wear it under the toga but unexpectedly we are required to wear our school uniform.

Besides, I want to experiment with my outfits. I used to wear just shirt and jeans since I was a kid. I guess, this is a good start. And it is limited edition so I want to have one before it becomes out of stock.

Rate: 5/5 🌟


What you see is what you get. I am more than satisfied when I opened it because it looks what I expected from the post earlier and pictures from Shopee.

My OXGN Land of Wano Kimono

I really love their choice of color–black. The fabric is comfortable to wear not irritating but take note, it is not that soft because it is twill and also to maintain the shape. The printed designs seem well-made and I think it will last long so does the stitching that is great, in and out.

It is oversized type of clothing so it seems to look much bigger for me because I chose a bigger size for me. I choose Small yet still look super bid for me. I know it's fault because I didn't checked the size chart carefully.

The price is expensive especially for a student like me. It costs PHP 1,099 but it is totally worth it.

OXGN Facemasks

I also included some face masks so I have enough to wear everyday. Besides, they are on sale and I wanted to make my shipping fee more worth it by adding more items.

Rate:4.5/5 🌟


I won't give it a perfect score because the color seems unappealing yet the simple logo design is eye-catcher. But after all, it is just looks that don't really matter. I know that it won't cause pimples, and durable and will last longer.

I already have some face masks ordered from OXGN, I'll base my review on them. I also used a same model of what I ordered but I already gave it to my younger brother.

Some face masks I ordered months ago. I gave most of them to my family.
Some of my personal face masks.

Since last year, I've been using disposable face masks which leads to my acne breakout. I switched to cloth masks to avoid mascne (acne caused by face masks) so buying OXGN facemasks is the best choice. Besides, these can help the environment by avoiding the use of single-use wastes.

The face masks last longer than the usual cloth masks you can buy elsewhere. Even,by just tossing it on the washing machine when I wash my clothes, the elastic ear loops don't overstretch and the shape of the masks is still intact.

Buying OXGN face masks is not a bad decision. These are environmently-friendly and face-friendly. Also these are breathable, last longer, and safe.

The two face masks cost PHP 39 each with original price of PHP 199. The sale price of the product is also the reason I included these in my order.)

My total expenses in this order.

Like what my one of my favorite Youtuber always says, about all of my order ,"it is a thumbs up for me."

We must treat ourselves after our hard work and a lot of efforts. Buying what our heart desire is also a great option too, especially with the comfort of online shopping platforms like Shopee.

I treated myself by ordering what I really like. It became possible with Shopee and Read.Cash

Salamat Shopee!

Salamat Read.Cash!

Written by:Nyctofiles (June 13,2021)

©Photos taken from OXGN's Shopee and Facebook page. And some are my own.

You know the drill:

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Written by   78
3 months ago
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Uy ang ganda nung Kimono 🥺👉👈 . Outfit reveal nga dyan hahahaha

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3 months ago

Luh nahihiya ako HAHAHHA. wala nga akong balak suotin eh

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3 months ago

Must have coffee? Hihi.

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3 months ago

Opo HAHAHAAH. Essential yan,d ako magfufunction kung walang kape.

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3 months ago

Same same hindi rin ako makaka function kung walang coffe. akala ko you will be using filipino language for the article because of the word salamat haha

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3 months ago

To more shopping spree in Shopee! Thanks and ❤

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3 months ago

Yes! thank you read. cash at . Anlaki talaga ng naitulong sa mga pangangailangan natin tsaka sa mga gusto rin.

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3 months ago

Oyyy bet ko rin yung damiiit. Hahaha. Sana all natitreat yung sarili. Charot. Pag may naiisip ako na kailangan ko o kaya naman as in gusto ko lang ng bagay na yon, e dahil ng pandemic nag shashop nalang ako online haha. Minsan nabubusog na rin mata ko. 😆 Tsaka deserve naman natin itreat sarili natin paminsan minsan.

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3 months ago

Ge, treat mo na sarili mo. Check out mo na yung mga nasa cart mo HAHAHA.

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3 months ago

Not now, tsaka na pag hindi ko na napigilan sarili! HAHAHA.

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3 months ago