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A participation in @Overthinker contest

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2 years ago

Ladies and gentlemen.

How are you all???

I hope you guys are fine and enjoying your days..

First of all I am very thankful to my fellows @OverThinker and frnds to arrange this contest.

I am new on this platform and didn't get any attention from seniors users and admins but I hope after sometime they will look into my work and appreciate me as I am a good photographer.

One of my friend @anabya introduced me about this platform.

Here I can express my ideas openly.

And I think all are very friendly and kind hearted.

I don't know much about BCH but its a cryptocurrency and is progressing day by day.

If you guys want to participate in this mega contest.

Then link is given for you.

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Great..Keep working here. You will learn alot here in this platform.

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2 years ago

Thanku so much for your appreciation.

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2 years ago