5 life lessons my school friend taught me yesterday

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2 years ago

Friends are special blessings from Almighty and you'll never know how and when your friend is going to accompany you. We made a lot of friends in several stages of our life.Every single person important in your life because you don't know what the future beholds.

There is a huge possibility that you may find your school friend beside you after 5 years of no communication.

Friendship works that way no matter how far you've gone, how much distance we've created but when needed you'll find those persons right beside you.

Yesterday one of my school friend taught me a great life lesson which I will never forget in my entire life.

He taught me why we should not feel ashamed of asking help from a friend.He taught me the true meaning of friendship.

Today in my article I'll be sharing an important life lesson we all should know, we all should inherit in our life.

It started yesterday. There were some paperworks to do in my institution for the upcoming semester. I was standing in line for almost four hours.

The line was way too long on the other hand yesterday was the last day to submit the papers.So there was huge rush, scorching heat of the sun and I was feeling tired.

But I know I've to submit the papers as yesterday was the last day so I kept standing and standing.

But I was disappointed my turn was not coming, not only me there are lots of people are waiting in the scorching heat.They are also losing energy in every moment's.

At that time I saw a friend from school who was volunteering there.He was processing the paperwork's but I was ashamed to ask for help.After completing school it's been long we didn't talk.

But in school we were very close friend, everyday we used to sit together, we used to gossip together, we used to share our life together.But after completing school we fell apart.He admitted into different institution and we got busy in our life.

He saw me I was standing in the line then he came towards me and said hey why are you still standing here?

Haven't you finished your paperworks? Give me your papers, I see what I can do for you.I was ashamed to ask for help but I don't how he knew I need help.There are some people exist who feel awkward and ashame asking help.

People doesn't know they need help so they remain untouched. Sadly I'm one of them.But at that moment my friend appeared to me as a saviour and completed my paperworks within 10 minutes. But I was standing in line for almost 4 hours.

Life is beautiful as long as you've friends beside. Now from yesterday's experience I've learned so many things about love and friendship which my friend taught me silently.

I'm sharing this with you so that you can also get this life realisations and how you can be a good helping friend.

  • We should never feel ashame to ask help especially from friends.I found out if I don't seek help from friends than who will help me? This is the biggest lesson I've learned from yesterday's experience.It doesn't matter how far we've gone in the passage of time.

Friendship never really expires moreover it doesn't have any time or age.If it was true friendship your friend will help you at any cost. At least he will show you the right path. But if you don't seek help how come your friend will know you need help?Than you've to stand in the line like me.

  • We all are busy in our life it's not really possible to get in touch with everyone on everyday. It's true it's absolutely true. I know this, you know this ,all my friends know this.So in the moments of help, no true friends will remember those.They will just know you need help and will help you.

That's how friendship works we may not talk everyday but we've created a strong bond inside ourselves. Nothing can tear our friendship apart and I think good friends are like gifts from Almighty.

  • No true friend will ignore you when you need them the most. You may have problems, you may not talk or you may not have the same communication like before.

But when you need help,you friend will never left you behind ,will never ignore you.It doesn't mean you've to talk everyday but only thing you should have is a strong root.

  • Today you are helping someone and some other day some other person will do something for you. Just like this today someone is doing something for you and tomorrow you'll do something for someone. This realisation came to me after that beautiful incident.

Our life is too short and full of uncertainty but we still have time left to help another distressed person.Almighty is watching us and will reward us every good deed we done to each other.

  • And lastly there is nobody but friends will take you higher, will accompany you in every distressful moments ,will give you courage in the dark and will work as a torchbearer in the way of life.

So we should hold tight our friends where only friendship will get the highest priority.

I'm very very grateful and thankful to Almighty for gifting me with such good friends. May Almighty bless all the good hearted friends around the world.

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2 years ago


You are lucky to find true and real friends in this fake world and I hope someday I'll find too. Do you think it's too late for me?

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2 years ago

No no it's not late. As I've said friends are like pure blessings and blessings come unexpectedly and silently.On the other hand there is also possibility that you've already got a true friend. You'll understand a bit later. You'll never know when and from where these blessings will appear right in front of you.

The world is fake and the people's also but I don't think everyone is fake. There are still some true people who knows the importance of friendship. I hope and wish you you can find your true friendship.

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2 years ago

Thank you so much for the words, it soothe me and most of all it encourage me that not everyone are fake, that there are still few sincere people out there and we just gotta open our eyes and find them :)

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2 years ago