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Neutrino is coming to desktop

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1 year ago

Presenting Neutron Cash

In the coming days I will be publishing a new SPV wallet.

Neutron Cash is designed to offer a light wallet with a modern UI and focused on user privacy.

The Neutrino benefits

Today most wallets that don’t run over a full node present a risk to the user privacy, this includes wallets like or Electron Cash. The Neutrino technology allows users to interact with the BCH network without leaking their full transaction history. Instead of relying on a centralized service like the wallet, or asking to other nodes for its transactions like the Electron wallet, Neutrino downloads only the blocks that are relevant to the wallet directly from the network.

Neutrino also avoids relying on specific servers as it connects directly to the P2P network. This ensures that the wallet has no downtimes.

Neutron Cash acts as a front end for the bchwallet, which provides a professional and secure interface to the BCH network.

Material design UI

Neutron cash offers a modern UI that is fully responsive and designed with simplicity in mind. It follows the material design pattern.

It is powered by web technology avoiding the limitations of native interfaces. For example, a dark theme can be set without restarting the wallet.

A dark theme is included!

Future work

Keep in mind that the Neutrino implementation is usable but still has room for improvement. The synchronization with the network can take time if the wallet is offline for a long period of time. The wallet is designed in a way that the back end can be updated separately if the API isn't changed.

At this point the wallet only has payment features. Please let me know what features and improvements you would like to see added to this wallet.

Neutron Cash and its source code will be released after some testing for the main desktop platforms.

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1 year ago
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This is awesome! Can we expect some PR's to bchwallet and the neutrino library from your team as well? We would LOVE more contributors!

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1 year ago

I would love to contribute to the bchwallet but at the moment I don’t think I have the required knowledge to make any significant changes to the code. In the future I hope to be able to help you with the project :)

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1 year ago

If you can add a hex-script OP_RETURN facility
such as exists on the
desktop eversion of ElectronCash
I can show you an immediate (right now) use-case for it.
You can best contact me via the message service.

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1 year ago