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Bitcoincash is the emerging cryptocurrency of the present era. The struggling world is wondering about the huge market price of bitcoin(BTC) which crashed today about the $47000.But wonder about the fork of Bitcoin which is bitcoincash. Bitcoincash is the leading crypto currency of the world with bright future. So it is better to hold it and use it when the market price of BCH will be suitable.

So let's talk about the website that can give you opportunity to earn a handsome amount of BCH crypto currency.

It is about the, which is in alpha version in its present state. I joined this platform more than one month ago,and have earned more than $40.

The step by step guidance to join the platform is given as;

  • Join the site by the link of any noisian post. Then click on the get started on the website.

  • Fill with nickname first. It should be in lowercase letters, with no space between and some numbers like 1,2,3.

  • Write your email after that.

  • Write the password of your own choice (not necessarily of mail) for login

  • Confirm that password again.

  • Agree to the terms and conditions and get allowed.

  • Agree to the all rules and strictly follow them.

  • After that yiu have to confirm your email by clicking on the "confirm" option. After that you will receive a 5 digit code in the inbox/spam folder of your mail. You have to copy that and paste it on the website "code" option.

  • You have successfully confirmed your account. Soon after that you have to go to playstore and install the BCH wallet and create account on it by using Google mail system.

  • After successfully creating the wallet, go to receive option in BCH wallet and copy the Adress.

  • The copied address must be pasted on the wallet option on site and save the Adress.

  • You can post the good quality content on the "what's up" in English.

  • When you post the website gives you "free tips" in the form of dollars. The free tips that you get must be shared to the noisian by clicking on the $0.00 sign below the post of the desired one and send it.

  • The BCH that you get after sharing go directly into the BCH wallet. This is the good idea that there is no minimum withdrawal limit of the bch on the website. You are lucky that you have been introduced with the trending crypto currency and the crypto site.

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2 months ago
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