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The Truth Behind "MoreScamStrategies"

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1 year ago

I have been sent a link to an article on and I have been told that I should have a look at that article. The title of that article is "A closer look into MoreScamStrategies" - and the author claims to love the truth.

I also love the truth. So let's have a look at this article together - and let's find out how much truth it contains.

I will be copying over paragraph after paragraph and commenting on how truthful it is. I won't leave out or change anything the author wrote. I will just interject my comments.

Let's begin

This is usually not the content I do neither the content I like, but I simply feel the despire need to do this. This is not about personal stuff (altough I could take it personal)

Initially, I didn't understand what the anonymous author (let's just assume it's a "he") means. Later it becomes clear. He claims I stole one of his articles. I don't know which one. I have just now looked through all of them and none of his articles is even similar to anything that I write. He mostly writes about CHIA - which I have never heard of. And I couldn't find any article that even has a topic similar to my articles. On top of that I don't even remember reading any of his articles...

or in any means relevant to my portfolio, but it is important for the BCH community as a whole. As he still don't understands he made a very big mistake and instead involve others to take the eyes of him, this article is overdue.

This article refers to BeachSwap - the first DEX that scammed on SmartBCH.

Unfortunately, the BeachSwap scammer acted in a very clever way and gained the trust of his victims - and of observers who stood on the sidelines - by doing several very clever things. I do go over all this in detail in my article in which I describe the BeachSwap scam. I published this article the morning after the rug pull - once my body stopped contracting due to the psychological stress and shock which manifested itself in physical symptoms.

I trusted that dev. I believed the narrative that no big DEX scam was feasible on SmartBCH as long as there was no decentralized bridge out of SmartBCH. The idea was that Coinflex can freeze the funds of the scammer and return them to the victims when he tries to withdraw them. This was why I alarmed Coinflex as soon as possible about the rug pull after I noticed it.

Obviously, the narrative which I heard and which I believed to be true, turned out to be completely wrong and BeachSwap was indeed the first DEX scam on SmartBCH.

After this explanation of what this article is about, let's go back to checking the content of the article. The author writes:

he still don't understands he made a very big mistake

Let's check my post on that I made directly after alarming Coinflex about the rug pull:

I am very sorry for everybody who lost funds in this scam. And of course, I wish I would have never heard about it - and I wish I would have never contacted that person.

Does that sound like I didn't know that I made a mistake?

Let's check the article I wrote the next morning. It starts with

Dear SmartBCH and BCH Community

I am extremely sorry for everyone who was fooled by BeachSwap and lost funds in this rug pull / scam.

We are still in the first paragraph of the article and we found the first lie already. Is it possible that the author didn't see my post on I find it highly unlikely to believe that he didn't see the three most recent posts from a day ago when he dug out my posts from several months ago...

At this point I'm wondering if it even makes sense to continue. OK, let's continue...

He writes

I am well aware that this will bring me more problems and dislikes as likes, but I am all in for the truth, not the fame.

Right. Where should the dislikes come from? I'm not demanding that my "followers" should go and mass-dislike. We are not in kindergarten.

And where should the problems come from - unless the author is lying and I will expose the lies...

To myself. I believe in the universe, karma and doing good. This is what i teach and how I live.

I hope the author is right and karma will give the BeachSwap scammer what he deserves...

Lets start of:

I know this person for quite a long time. Not knowing personal - thank god - but his online identiy. The first time I saw him around was at early Noise.Cash days.

I don't know this person at all by the way.

Noise.Cash used to be different. A lot. A very lot.

At early days we faced big issues with spammers, just posting "s back", "good morning", "t plz" and so on. OGs will remember.

True, but what does that have to do with me? Why is this even in this article? Is the author implying I did any of that - by mentioning this? Is this a suggestive statement? A statement that is technically not a lie, but is supposed to give the reader a certain impression?

Let's give the author the benefit of the doubt and let's not count that as a lie.

To fight these people getting paid for spamming, the rules and tipping mechanics on Noise.Cash changed a lot. We were at a very good point where trustworthy users been able to rate other users.

This still really doesn't have anything to do with me - except maybe that I made several YouTube videos about what is considered high quality content on and what is considered spam.

I read and explained the guidelines in full. And that took me 3 YouTube videos. I went over profiles to point out why they didn't receive any tips. I explained what can be done better.

I believe after I did all of that, the spam problem was a lot better. Maybe my videos helped. I would be happy if they did. Maybe they didn't and something else was the reason for the improvement.

At lot less spam happened and everything seemed to be fine,


until a specific time. Noise.Cash changed the way tips are distributed once again and it happened that whoever shilled the shit out of BCH received the most tips. That was the time @MoreShillStrategies showed his real face.

I'm wondering where he is going with this, because I have been a fan of Bitcoin Cash before even started. I joined more than one year ago - unfortunately I can't figure out when exactly I published my first article, but it is this one.

And even before I joined I was interested in crypto currencies and I blogged on another crypto-oriented blogging platform.

Admittedly, I learned about Bitcoin Cash only after I joined However, once I learned about its history and its mission, I quickly fell in love with it and I consumed every bit of information I could find.

I published my first Bitcoin Cash related article in November 2020. More than a month before even started.

And in January 2021 when was still in its infancy I was one of the first members of #Club1BCH - a club which aspired to hold at least 1 BCH and that promotes Bitcoin Cash wherever possible. I participated in the first Club1BCH meme contest with these memes

Still in January I wrote an article about "Bitcoin Jesus" Roger Ver, about FUD with regard to Bitcoin Cash and as soon as Elon Musk added the Bitcoin logo to his Twitter profile in February, I tried to convince him to become a BCH supporter. I wrote this, this and this article about topics related to Elon Musk and Bitcoin Cash.

And in between these three articles and especially afterwards, I wrote a ton of articles about Bitcoin Cash. It was my hot topic. I wanted to learn everything about it. And when I learn something new, I also need to process it by talking or writing about it.

Back to the article:

He used to be a regular, yet very crypto uneducated user,

Oh right. Obviously a lie.

still trying to do good.

Always trying, sometimes failing.

He shilled some shit and talked some shit now and then

Like what? Where is the proof?

and I used to reply to him,

That's possible, but honestly, I have no idea who that person is. Or what that person's name is on I wasn't able to figure it out based on the user name.

letting him know what he is actually doing. He seeemed to be happy about that

Was I? Where is the proof? For every little nonsense there are screenshots in the rest of the article, but for the world-class education this user gave me by replying multiple times to my posts on there is not a single screenshot as proof? Strange...

and claimed to change.

I did?

What was it that I was doing in the first place that the author finds so objectionable?

Spoiler alert: He did not.

I would say that I'm changing every day. I identify myself with the ability to learn and grow. But this user who never met me in real life can probably judge that better than I can...

I could take it personal though since he more or less stole an article from me


Which article is that supposed to be? Why is there no proof again?

I can't even remember reading any of the articles of that author. I probably never even read any article written by that author - except for this one I am responding to now.

I also looked through the topics that the author wrote about. I couldn't even find an article that had a similar topic to any of my articles - with one exception. He wrote an article about how to set up the Metamask Android app for SmartBCH. I also wrote an article about that, but I published my article weeks before he published his.

I'm not saying he stole my article or the idea of my article, because it is a very popular topic to write about. However, if someone stole from someone else, it's definitely not me who stole.

I'm really puzzled where this allegation - without any kind of proof - comes from... Does he confuse me with someone else? Or is he straight up lying?

and published it with his own words, added some shilling and received a shitload of Tips in return.

Would it have been so hard to link to my article - or at least the article that I supposedly stole from?

Later in that article there are screenshots for every little detail. But for this major allegation absolutely no proof at all...

I personally knew at this point what kind of person he is and stepped away from him. This was also the time he revelead his real face, shilling the biggest shittalker the Bitcoin Cash community has ever seen.

And finally we get screenshots. Hooray!

What is so objectionable about this post? I guess he doesn't like Gabriel from

Well, I wasn't so fond of that whole earth-angel thing that started a couple of months ago and indeed I stopped linking to his videos once I saw that video. That's probably why the author dug out this post - which is 5 months old.

This was quite close before the market collapsed. Everyone having a bit of market knowledge knew that something is happening.

OK... So the author knew the market would collapse... Did he open a short position on some cryptos and make a ton of money? Or did he sell all his crypto for cash and buy in after the collapse? Where is the proof of that?

Indeed, I am a holder - who would like to become a spend-and-replacer. In addition to holding I like to play trade: This means that I hold most of my crypto and I buy and sell only a small position here and there for fun.

So what is the point of this?

So what about maybe he made a mistake

What mistake? Being a hodler?

and I misjudge him? This is a very valid question, I can easily answer. He kept shilling, never stopped, still does it till this day.

And that's why we get a screenshot from something I posted yesterday.

Oh... No...

Last week?


Last month?


5 months ago - and 3 months ago - and again, it's Gabriel from Apparently, he really doesn't like the guy.

So yes. Within days his beloved Elon Musk turned into "F*** Elon".

Did he only read the first line of my post? Did he not read the third line where it literally says that the opener was just an attention grab? By the way, it was a hashtag that was trending on Twitter at the time. So what's the point?

But these are all old stories,

At least he recognises it himself...

why do I come up with it now?

As you may noticed there was a big (maybe the biggest) rug pull on the SmartBCH chain recently. Guess who have been involved? Exactly.

I was managing the Telegram group while the BeachSwap dev - who turned out to be a scammer, unfortunately - was sleeping or coding - at least I assumed he was coding.

--> read more about the beachswap rug here. Thanks to @m3i for publishing.

Or read my article about it.

He acts like he reveals some big secret - when in fact I myself published an article about it...

Which role did he play?

He offered the "admin" to take care of his Telegram group when he is not there.

Wow, the truth. Finally.

Yes. I kept an eye open for good suggestions and for complaints by the community while the dev was sleeping - and then I made sure he would read the relevant messages and respond to them.

If this was a legitimate DEX, this would have been a very good way of dealing with suggestions and complaints.

What did change since he shilled stuff on Noise.Cash?

He is now involved with his own project, still shilling.

What own project? BeachSwap? You just wrote yourself that I was only taking care of the Telegram group. I even publicly stated in the BeachSwap Telegram group that I had nothing do with the funds or the code and that I literally only helped with managing the Telegram group.

There is a big difference between a regular user and someone having a business.

What business? I have none...

But he could not know BeachSwap is a scammm!11!11

Not 100 percent no, but at least 70 percent. And why? Lets see here

I'm especially curious to learn why the author was 70% sure that BeachSwap was a scam and why he didn't warn everyone before the scammer stole the funds.

Wouldn't it have been his obligation to warn the community?

If you see a man drowning - and you could save him, but you didn't, wouldn't you have killed him?

He wrote that his portfolio is not impacted. Therefore, I assume he didn't lose any money in the BeachSwap scam. Many other people did. Including myself. Why did he not warn us about the 70% scam probability that he apparently knew about?

The admin (a guy who just started a new business (beachswap) was active for about 2 hours a day, calming to sleep the other 22.

Not true. And you will see that he contradicts his own point.

Makes super sense, nobody will open a business and spent his time and energy on it. This is way more than red flag enough for anybody with a clear mind.

Well, why didn't the author warn us then?

When a experienced dev came to the Telegram group asking serious security questions, he did not receive answers and was called a FUDDER. At this time @MoreScamStrategies was already involved as an admin and did nothing.

Not true. I calmed the situation down. And the scammer then even uploaded what he claimed was the missing code. Unfortunately, that made my belief in his legitimacy even stronger and I bought more BEACH - which means I lost even more money.

After presale it took the Dev roughly 5 hours to distribute the tokens and start his DEX.

So he was active for 2 hours per day and sleeping for 22 hours according to what the author wrote earlier. But the distribution took 5 hours. You see the contradiction - assuming the DEX was awake while he "worked".

When the DEX finally started it was buggy, showing delusional APRs, not working correctly, as well as TAKING A 5% FEE for some farms.

The 5% fee was stated in red font at the single token farms. That wasn't a red flag at all. And in fact only one person complained that he didn't see the 5% fee. He claimed that the red font was hard to read on a dark background. I had no problem seeing it. Nobody else complained about it. It seems that everybody else saw it, too...

Yes, the APR for two farms was broken and I pinned a message in the Telegram group warning people about it - so they wouldn't be fooled by the incorrectly displayed high APRs. I also messaged the dev asking him to fix that bug ASAP - and telling him that people demanded their 5% fee back.

It was so badly coded that with MetaMask you had to add GAS fees manually to use it at all. This also came up in the Telegram group with him saying "For me everything is working fine".

For me - and almost everyone else - it was working fine. Only two or three people complained about that problem. Everyone else had no problems at all and the gas fee was set to the lowest acceptable limit of 1.04673... I liked that as it saved gas compared to the 1.05 the other DEXs set as default.

Unfortunately the Telegram group is gone already and I don't have screenshots.

Yeah, that is unfortunate. I would have loved to take screenshots as well. Especially about the fact that two other people wanted to volunteer to manage the group, too, but unfortunately, I was the first volunteer to respond to the message of the scammer asking for volunteers to look after the Telegram group while he was sleeping.

I am not saying I blame anybody who invested in it. But hell yeah I blame someone having his own "little pussycats" token for this. You know better! Your community trusts you! Seeing you as a Mod/Admin in his Telegram will gain enough trust for your community to invest in it! THERE ARE NO EXCUES WHATSOEVER! YOU SCREWED UP BIG TIME! So stop crying over your looses and take responsibilty for the looses you helped creating.

As I asked before: Where is the author's warning that this was definitely going to be a scam? Or that the scam probability was 70%? Where was the warning of the BCHadokens group - which did the AMA with the scammer - that this was definitely going to be a scam?

Even the experienced BCH dev who took a look at the code didn't say that this was definitely going to be a scam. And if he warned about the scam probability being 70%, I did not read that warning, either. If it was published in some other groups, why not publish it in the BeachSwap group, too - where most of the future victims were to be reached by a post?

So how was I supposed to know?

And before I forgot, do you know what he thinks about Meme-Coins yet doing his own?

This is another lie. I did not create KITTEN. I have only been speaking up against baseless FUD against that meme token. Baseless FUD that one influential person single-handedly spread - and that many people believed without doing any research at all. If the author wants to call someone out for acting irresponsibly - this could be a good topic for a future article.

Coming back to my involvement with KITTEN: I had nothing to do with the creation or the management within the first several weeks. I started speaking up against the person who spread baseless FUD - and much then finally I started running a liquidity provider reward program. That was two weeks ago. I had nothing to so with KITTEN before two weeks ago.

You just can't make that shit up.

Apparently, YOU can, dear author.

Did the author once again not read the entire post? I was speaking out against the notion that SHIB would hit a price of 10 Cents - or even 1 Cent...


As more and more people doing their research

I hope they will read more than just the first few lines of my months-old posts when they do their research...

and understand what is going on,

What is going on?

@MoreShillStrategies still tries to defent everything, yet taking another community member in account.

Whom? Did I mention who told me that? Did I throw that person under the bus and make that person responsible for my losses and the losses of other people? No I didn't.

But you, dear author, you are doing exactly that to me. You are throwing me under the bus, because I wanted to help make a new and promising DEX a success. I believed a DEX wouldn't rug pull on SmartBCH. Especially one with nicely balanced incentives and great features like BeachSwap. I believed that it wouldn't make any sense at all to scam when the DEX could earn a lot of money legitimately. Unfortunately, I was wrong.

You simply can't make this up, it is super hilarious.

Did I publicly attack the person - like you attack me in your article? No. I did not.

This is just the best example what happens to people if they get greedy.

What's that supposed to mean?

Long story short

Take care of yourselves and think twice about what you do. There are people around who would steal money of their own family while smiling.

True. People like the BeachSwap scammer. I hope he gets doxxed and everyone who lost money receives it back.

This will be my one and only post regarding this topic. My intention is not to bully or damage the reputation of others.

I find it very hard to believe that the author doesn't intend to damage my reputation, but the readers can make up their own minds about that.

Everything described here can be looked after (If he does not delete stuff - like he did before btw).

I don't dispute the authenticity of the screenshots. They are definitely real. But I debunked the untruthful statements of the author.

What did I delete? I can't remember having deleted anything - except maybe some posts I renoised only with a short comment - especially if the original post was deleted. I did that when someone told me that too many renoise made my profile look like I had no own content. After that comment, I reduced the amount of posts that I renoised - and I cleaned up my profile by deleting some renoised. Not to hide any information, but to improve the attractiveness of my profile.

Was it maybe that anonymous author who suggested that? I don't know. It's possible. If that's the case, then he actually gave me one good suggestion that I can remember. And I changed immediately once that was pointed out to me. (Remember when the author claimed I have never changed?)

I also don't want people reading this to start bully. Just go away from this person as far as you can.

Just one more tipp from me to everybody who wants to listen.

If a project, a token or what so ever, is having so called "community events" that will reward you for writing a GOOD article about their project, step away from it as far as you can! I never did something like that and never will.

Why? What's wrong with that? And how would that have helped with recognising that BeachSwap would turn out to be a scam? The BeachSwap scammer never offered a prize for writing an article or a review.

PS: Just have your eye on the other DEX he is dealing with....

You mean MuesliSwap? The DEX I have nothing to do with - other than having published three articles about it - so that the community can make up their own minds about it?

I had an interview with the MuesliSwap developers via Telegram that I published here and here. And I wrote a FAQ about their MILK presale. I never met them, never saw them in person, never saw a video or picture of them, never talked to them on the phone and never heard their voices. And I also never received anything from them. No money, no crypto, no preferential treatment. I also didn't ask for anything.

I even advised KITTEN holders to be careful as long as the audit result for MuesliSwap hasn't been published yet. The audit should be published soon, so it makes no sense to take the extra risk in the meantime.

And the author must have read my message - and intentionally left that information out to make me look bad, because my message is directly over the messages in his last screenshot.

Here is the proof:

This is crypto.

This is decentralization.

This is freedom.

Getting rewarded for good reviews got nothing to do with Crypto.

I never did get rewarded for writing a "good review". I got nothing from MuesliSwap. I didn't even write a single post or article about BeachSwap before the rug pull. I didn't shill it. I only wanted to help. And I helped because I wanted to help make SmartBCH a success. Because I love BCH. And I want it to be sound money for the world.

I participated in a few writing contests - and I was quite successful, but I always wrote what I would have written anyway. Because I like the truth.

The author claims to like the truth also. Dear reader, it is on you to decide whether that claim was another lie by the author - or whether it wasn't.

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Written by   343
1 year ago
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