Obedience Training Test at ToysRUs

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1 year ago

Back when Matti was still inside my tummy, I told myself that I won't be buying as many toys or stuff as possible, that I must live a minimalist life as much as possible. But when Matti came, everything changed in a snap.

I found myself browsing online for items, most of which, he wasn't able to really enjoy, he got to wear them once or twice and then he can't fit them anymore. There were toys that were intended for him like teething items but they were all unused.

Now that he is already able to appreciate certain toys and things, I started to slow down with buying but still, I was able to get items for him. Whenever we visit Ayala Center in Cebu City, I would always try to test Matti's obedience.

Last weekend, we visited the mall again for a supposed haircut. About the haircut, you can read the experience here: Almost A Haircut Day Ended Up At Play Area

So before heading to the play area since he didn't want to have a haircut, I tested Matti again.

We came from Daiso and that explains why he has a bag full of blocks. I saw it available in Daiso and it was the only stock left. I grabbed that opportunity because it was only worth Php 188 and I believe it's a good buy since we have a bag and toys at the same time.

That was Matti's first-ever bag so far and he liked it that he agreed on wearing the bag although it has weight because of the blocks, he still wore it.

Now, we got inside ToysRUs because I wanted to buy a puzzle mat. While walking around, Matti saw a toy microphone. He never had this kind of interest before in a toy so I was surprised when he won't let go of it even after seeing a lot of other toys around.

Actually, I wasn't able to take photos of him holding it because I was occupied with a lot of things in hand. These photos were taken when we were still looking for some puzzles and when I was adoring him with the bag. So, I apologize I don't have photos to show you.

Going back, Matti has developed a fascination with microphones lately, did I mention that we bought a speaker which comes with a microphone because he wouldn't let go of it? James' aunt has one and when my mother-in-law celebrated her birthday on the last week of March, Matti can't get enough of the microphone, he would actually sing while holding it.

So, we ended up buying one for him and we have it here in our condo unit. This resulted as well in him asking us to draw a speaker and microphone and a lot more. He also knows how to do a test mic with the microphone already.

So, Matti was holding the toy microphone while I was looking for the number puzzle mat. Our eyes met when I was able to find one pack and then I told him to put it back.

His eyes actually told me to buy it but I have to be firm as he already has blocks. I came closer to him and checked the price, well, that microphone has a number of buttons so it was very similar to those magic sing microphones except that we can't test what the sounds it produces because I guess there are no batteries in it.

Being firm on my decision, I asked him again to put it back but he won't listen, I guess he heard me because he understands that but he opt not to listen.

I told him I have to pay for the puzzle mat already and he has to put it back as we will be going out after paying at the cashier. He followed me to the cashier but he was still holding the toy.

I was super close to giving in actually while standing at the cashier. He was at the corner, thank goodness there were only a few people around and I was the only one at the cashier.

Then all of a sudden, he disappeared while I was handing the bill to the cashier. After the lady gave me the item and the change, I went looking for Matti and I was surprised and proud at the same time. He wasn't holding any toy anymore but he was looking at the shelf.

I found the toy back on its shelf and it was placed so properly. I kissed Matti and told him he is a good boy for listening to mama. We hurriedly went out and I told him as well that we will go to the play area since he was a good boy.

Check out the next article for his first ever experience playing with strangers!

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1 year ago


ka very good sa baby oi,,,,better jud na mahimong firm para di kaayo ma spoil hahaha...i spoil lang ug love but not on material things

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1 year ago

Very good Matti, 🥰, Ganyang din ako Kay baby misan momsh, pero naawa talaga ako Lalo na kung gusto niya. May mga times din na dapat tayo talaga masunod kasi para Hindi mamihasa

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1 year ago

Very good Matti. Kato first time nahu gida ahu niece sa mall kay obedient raman pod. Behave ra nag tan aw tan aw was duwaan. Pero kadto ija mama na nagda kay nagtantrums na king di palitan hahaha

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1 year ago