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Going Digital!

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6 months ago

This article is about my first few attempts in making digital artworks. They're not that much but as a newbie I spent many hours to finish them. I am happy to share this journey to you.

Curiosity is always the reason of trying different things myself. Seeing some people awesome works made me ask, Can I also do that? Trying it at first, then enjoying doing it after.


If you've read my previous article about my 1st art journey, you'll probably remember "James Reid" since I've mention about him as my Filipino celebrity crush. Every artist normally used their crushes as references of their artworks (based on personal experience, haha). I am a fan of him, I watched his movie, joined his fan club then went on his show and even in some of his tapings (I am not really that active in fangirling, these are still considered normal things). As a show of support I made this digital fan art of him, this is after watching their live concert of "Diary ng Panget".

I am really new at using Paint tool sai even after watching some tutorial video I still struggles alot, but that's how hard first time are. Since I'm new at this, I made a sketch first in a paper using pencil then took a photo of it then uploaded it in my Dad's laptop before starting the linearts digitally. The thing I most love about Paint tool sai is the line art, even without a drawing tablet you can have a precise linearts. I only used mouse. In case you are wondering this is a chibi art style.

I had to cover the watermark coz it's my personal ig account. Though I also posted this in my art ig page.

More Fan Arts

He started to have different movie projects and drama series. One of his old movie was a wattpad adaptation titled "Talk Back and Your Dead". Being a fan, making fanarts is one of my happiness. It's also my way to support him.

These are the lead characters of the movie. It was also posted in my personal and art ig page.

There was an issue before whereas the fans did not like the final poster of the movie. So some made their own version of movie poster. I also did, I attempted to make my version too.

This is my version of the poster. This is my first time so please understand. Haha In case you are wondering, Jhelbear is my name in the fanclub. This art was also posted in my ig (personal and art page).
Another fan art I made for his movie. I like it more than the first one.

He finally had a drama series! It's "On The Wings of Love" (OTWOL). This was his first series. As a support also I made a fan art. I supposed to make a daily fan art but I already had work that time and been busy. So I only did once.

I forgot about this scene, but I guess this is their encounter?

Chibi Me

I also want a chibi version of me that's one of the goal I had when I started digital work. I am a broke fan of Rilakkuma. I can't afford buying the merchandise so I made myself a chibi wearing a rilakkuma onesi. I am not really sure if I looks like her but I love the onesi, so never mind. Looking back, this was the time when I had my hair bleached for the first time that's why my hair is looking color orange or something. Overall it turns out kawaii.

Kawaii Chibi Me. ❤

Comic strip!

This is the time when I already have an art ig page. I created one to separate my personal life and arts, but I am not consistent I still post arts in my personal page sometimes. Mostly in the art pages, they have their own original characters and they are making a daily comics.

I tried it once and this is my first work. I am not sure if I made an english version of this but this is only about me being impatient and angry with my bf after waiting for 2 hours (I can't remember if it really happened in real life, but maybe it's the opposite). Then the anger subside after hearing that he got me food - Magic Word. Who will still be angry after knowing he got you food? No one. Food is happiness, right?

I only noticed now that on the 4th box he looks like he farted. Hahaha He's supposed to be running fast.

I haven't tried doing comics again.

Design for Gift

My skill in digital art/design was still not great but my bf is very supportive and believer of me. Before Mother's day(2017) we planned to give a gift to her Mom. We think of something personalized, so i made a design then had it printed on a mug. Her Mom loves to cook and all her food are amazing! So I made this design.

This is the final design.

This is is how it looks like in the mug.

Her mom loves it. When you are looking for a gift and can't decide, choose a personalized gift. Personalized or customize things are the coolest and special gifts.

A/N: I hope you enjoyed this part of my art journey. I had some fan arts that I made for some of the kdramas I've watched. I'll be sharing it in a separate article. Thank you for reading my articles, regardless if you are a silent reader or not. I appreciate it so much. ❤

All Images are my own, it were posted also in my instagram personal and art page/account.

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Written by   24
6 months ago
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I like the mug, it's the best, thou all of the design are cute! keep it up!

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6 months ago

Thank you! Hopefully can make a new one, but I still don't have a laptop to use. Haha

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6 months ago

Wow you are so talented!! And you even put it to valuable things. This is really great!

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6 months ago

Thank you so much dear! I love doing digital design before, i hope I can make new more design soon. Thanks alot!

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6 months ago