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My Serenity

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7 months ago

This is the start of my journey exploring the World of Arts. I was not really new at drawing/sketching and making crafts, because ever since I was a kid I am already into arts. But after a long hiatus it feels like this is the first time again.

As I was in the midst of an emotional distress, I look for things that will give me peace of mind. Watching Korean Dramas has been my comfort too since I was in High School. Until now, It still one of my favorite things to do, but it wasn't enough. I need to do things that will let my emotions out. I needed an escape or outlet.
Then it leads me into drawing again.

Pencil Sketches/Drawing

Going back to basic since I am starting again.
End of 2015 when I started doing sketches.
I bought just 1 pencil and I tried sketching. This is my artwork at that time.
It look sad, right? It's a drawing of a girl pretending to be okay when actually she was not. I named this sketch as "Great Pretender".

Smiling (left side) even if she's not okay (*crying*right side) -Great Pretender- (this artwork was posted in my ig and fb account)

Then I continue buying additional art materials on 2016. I bought few more pencils and a sketchbook. My sketches still look sad but my feelings were a bit lighter. I was able to convert those emotions into arts.

Addional art mats I bought

Some random sketches I did.

She found comfort under the umbrella.

Another emotional girl sketch. I remember I was crying when I drew this. Everytime I see this, It always made me sad.

Letting those tears fall.

After some time, I tried portraiture and it was a mess. Haha I have a Filipino Celebrity crush before and I used his photo as my reference. I tried my best to copy his image but I guess my best was not enough. LOL

Any guesses who is he? Haha Okay Okay I'll tell you.

He's James Reid. HAHAHAHA I'm sorry James for not giving you justice.

I also tried drawing my nephew. It was his birthday when I made this portrait of him. My innocent nephew I am sorry. Haha I will make a new portrait of you, I promise.

His the son of my eldest brother. Sorry Unno, Tinang (Tita and Ninang/ Aunt and Godmother) will make a better portrait of you.

I can't get the right proportions. The finish art don't resemble the reference and it's a bit frustrating. But I keep on going, then tried again doing portrait of my favorite Korean Actress. It was failed also, but I can see that I improved in shadings.

Supposedly it's Bae Suzy. But it turns out to be a different person. Haha

Colored Arts

Watercolor Pencils

After making some B/W artworks, I explore colored arts. This made me buy a Faber Castell Watercolored Pencil.

I brought these colored pencils with me when I went to a nearby milk tea shop.

This is my first artwork using the watercolor pencil. It's just a random drawing. I named her "Red Hair Girl", obviously. Haha

Red Hair Girl

I started to enjoy the use of colors. Gradually, my artworks started to look lively and had lighter feeling.

This is one of my favorite colored artwork, I combined the different colors like violet, orange and red. I love how it turns out. The splashes added some drama that made it look dreamy.

Dreamy girl

Watercolor Crayons

One of my officemate gave me a watercolor crayon set. I haven't heard about it before, that there's such thing as watercolor crayons. When we heard about crayons we know that it's was made from wax and wax are not soluble in water. When i used the watercolor crayons, the texture is more like an oil pastel than the usual crayons.

Here are some of the artworks I made out of it.

My first attempt on night sky at the beach painting, I also use a colored pencil for some details.

The night sky at the beach

My first attempt on drawing an eye. I am actually impressed with the glazed effect. Just a bit of polishing with the lashes and it can be a realistic eye already.

Eye study

This time was an attempt for self-portrait. It looks fine but I am way better in person. Haha

Self portrait kinda

And the artwork below was a painting I made during my Mom's 8th Death Anniversary last Nov. 2016. The bodies proportions weren't right but the right emotions were conveyed. Showing how I badly miss my Mom and her hug.

Can I have a hug please? Just one last hug.

Being a Kdrama Fan I always want to make a fan arts of the Kdrama that I am watching. But I don't always have the time and the will to do it. So I just randomly choose what to draw or paint.

Have you watched Legend of The Blue Sea? This painting is inspired by that series.

Shim Chung The Mermaid

If you made it this far, Thank you!

I still have a lot to share but you might get bored if I post it all in one article. Most likely these are the artworks I made from end of 2015 to 2016, but I still have some arts left for 2016. Will share the continuation of my Art Journey next time.

A/N: I hope I have share something worthy for your eyes to see and read. These are just a small part of my journey as a Self-Taught/Proclaimed Artist. I still have a long rough road to take and artworks to share with you. Thank you for taking your time to read this journey of mine.

All Images are Owned by me (I'm using Obscure Box as my watermark in my artworks, it's the name of my art page.)

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Written by   24
7 months ago
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You improved so much! and I know you did even more from the artworks you posted on noise. :) I can´t wait for the next part already ♥ I really like the painting with the mermaid and also the Bae Suzy drawing :)

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6 months ago

Thank you so much! I'll try to post the next part soonest. 🤗😘

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6 months ago

Wao all are amazing, dreamy girl looks so pretty

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7 months ago

A strong journey ahead, rooting for you!

$ 0.05
7 months ago

Thank you so much!

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7 months ago