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Some new problems with which to exercise the brain. But first a look at answers and solutions to Quizzes & Puzzles 64. New problems below the image (cartoon).

Answer to Quiz 64:1

What is a prefix?

@Sashaa, @Ling01, and @Duvinca knew this. @Duvinca's answer explains it exactly: “A prefix is a particular before the root of a word that changes the meaning of that word.“

Answer to Quiz 64:2

In the comic/cartoon Asterix, what is the name of Asterix's big, very strong, but not so clever friend?

It is Obelix. @Sashaa and @Duvinca knew the right canswer.

Answer to Quiz 64:3

What is Kallocain? (A clue: we are now in the realm of literature.)

Kallocain is a truth drug in a novel with the same name. @Ling01 knew it was a novel, which is just a half answer, but it is still impressing, because this is a difficult question.

The novel “Kallocain” was written by Swedish author Karin Boye, and published in 1940. Possibly, one can call it an example of dystopian science fiction. I is well worth reading. English-language translations exist.

Answer to Quiz 64:4

In which foodstuff do you find vitamin U?

In cabbage. @Ling01 knew the answer.

This is an extract, Vitamin U, S-Methylmethionine, from my article The Alphabet of Vitamins:

The healing power of raw cabbage has been known for a long time. It heals ulcers and various inflammations, internally and externally. This is manifested most dramatically in the gastrointestinal area.

In the 1950s, Dr. Garnett Cheney published results of his studies on the use of cabbage juice in the treatment of peptic ulcer. Raw juice was effective, but heated juice was not. Responsible for this was, he claimed, an unidentified substance he called vitamin U.

Interestingly, crushed or chopped cabbage (it must get wet), put externally over an inflamed joint can reduce or eliminate pain and reduce or cure inflammation. It must be tied tight over the joint using a gauze bandage. Apply this over night. Then repeat with fresh cabbage every night for some days or weeks. You will soon notice its effects.“

Answer to Quiz 64:5

Islamic years are counted Anno Hegirae. But what happened at the point in history that marks the beginning of this chronology?

In my article History of Months II: Islamic/Arabic Months, I wrote:

Islamic years are counted from AH, which means "anno Hegirae" - the year of the Hijrah. This refers to the prophet Mohammed’s emigration to Medina, which occurred in 622 AD. The oldest written evidence of this calendar is from an Egyptian papyrus 22AH, which is also the oldest preserved Arabic text during Islamic times.”

Read my whole series, History of months:

I: Julian - Gregorian - Christian Months

II: Islamic/Arabic Months

III: Ancient Egypt & Babylonia

IV: India, China, The French Revolution & The Cruelty of April

Answer to Quiz 64:6

Painters Monet and Manet, composers Debussy and Ravel - four representatives of a style/direction in art that is called... what?

@Duvinca knew that the style is called impressionism.

Here is an example of musical impressionism:

And now some new exercises for brain & memory...

Quiz 65:1

Who was Charlie Rivel? What was his profession?

Quiz 65:2

I think of two empires (at least countries with an emperor as head of state), which were in reality set up as vassal states of two other empires. Which two empires were those two de facto vassal states? (Clue: They did not exist at the same continent or at the same time.)

Quiz 65:3

Ludo King is an old board game, known under many different names, that has been re-popularized in digital form. From which country is this game originally?

Quiz 65:4

Everyone knows what "rhyming" is, but what is alliteration? Can you give an example of alliteration?

Quiz 65:5

Which is the subdominant in C-Major?

Quiz 65:6

There are essential fatty acids and essential amino acids; what does it mean when one says that a nutrient is essential.

Quiz 65:7

In which country can you find the most northerly town of Europe?

You'll find answers and solutions in the next “Quizzes & Puzzles”.

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(Cartoon by Christian Dorn/Pixabay, CC0/Public Domain.)

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1 year ago


Ludo game is originated from England.

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1 year ago

Sorry, that is not right, Ludo King did not come from England.

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1 year ago

I think your quiz 65:3 answer would be India.

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1 year ago

Right, Ludo King originally came from India.

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1 year ago

Hi! Thanks for the mention. This time fast to the easy one: 65:4 Alliteration is when any of the consonants of several words coincide and is repeated frequently, almost like a tongue twister: in Spanish for example "mi mamá me mima" or "libélula lila".

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1 year ago

Yes, that's right, although the following vowel should normally change as well.

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1 year ago

Yes I know there are more cases, but I remember that for how words together sounds... this morning watching the sunrise another came to my mind: "franja naranja" (orange stripe)

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1 year ago