The Art of Cleaning Up: A Money Laundering Story

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The man had a yellow suit, quite fluffy, with a green vest that came all the time.

Well, when he was not in this place, he exercised the work of a school policeman, quite curious for a person who was dedicated to money laundering.

And today was theĀ day of the laundering.

The man quickly went to the place that was three blocks from where he worked. The place had a door that was like a secret, it was confused with the wall. Several people had already seen this, but since they had not detected any illegal activity, it was only this man entering the place, and they had not been able to give him part of the authorities.

However, the gossiping neighbors of the place suspected that something was happening there. It was not normal to see a man enter every day through that secret door and leave it the next day.

In that place, no one else entered, at least for that place. The man did not bring food, they did not bring objects, nor did they bring objects of furniture to the place.

They never saw another person who was not him enter and leave that place. Inside, when they opened the door, there were large stairs that took the man to an elevator. The elevator sank about five floors below the ground, where was the place where all the machinery was located in front of him.

First, there was a machine that had a large railway through which large amounts of coins of different denominations were displaced.

The coins fell directly into a funnel into another lower machine. The machine below had two entrances. At the entrance on the right, a large number of sheets of banknotes were circulating that came directly from a printer, in which three people were working.

One was checking the banknotes, another was cutting them with an automatic guillotine, and another was checking that the ink printed on the banknotes was the correct one.

The banknotes went directly to the machine where the coins fell. This machine was like a kind of large washing machine. The coins and the banknotes gathers inside it, and the machine began to spin, making it so that the coins gave the texture to those banknotes as if they were used paper. By doing this, these banknotes were washed and turned into a much more credible banknotes.

Then all these banknotes quickly passed to a large pool where one person was in charge of putting them in boxes, boxes that were tied by another employee.

All these places had an entrance through some stairs that gave another place different from the city, so people could not notice that all these people were working there.

The people in the other part of the city believed that this was a printing and printing workshop of encyclopedias, and in this way, this strange character, this mysterious man, was doing the money washing every day.

I hope you have enjoyed this story of today inspired by the 5 minutes freewrite of today.

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