My Life-Changing Traumatic Experience: Overcoming the 6-Month Struggle of cant walk!(#1)

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2 months ago
This is the laptop that caused all this hard episode in my life.Photo taken with my phone Krip 4b

Today, I look back and realize that eight months have already passed, eight months since what I come to tell you today.

A traumatic event that truly changed my life and made me discover a number of things of which perhaps I had realized, but did not value and it is that I come to tell you what happened to me on May 17, 2022, a little over eight years ago months of it.

To understand what happened to me, which was that I was unable to walk for many months, I must put it in context and tell you or give you the background of this serious situation that changed my life.

First of all, I want you to know that this is a personal fight that I have been waging for many years ago.

My life has been quite difficult, full of different barriers and obstacles that have I had to overcome and I continue to overcome it, and until recently I found out that there was this community of catharsis and that is why I have come here to tell you my story and share with you all that I have learned.

What happened was that around May 15, 2022, I used to work with my computer Canaima red letters, a laptop that is a government laptop, I clarify this for those who they are from other countries and have no idea what I'm talking about.

Turns out this was the only piece of technology I had, well I also had my cell phone. which I was working on for approximately three years before I was able to acquire this small laptop, since I live in Venezuela and am a person who is alone, and does not have family, you don't have a wife, you don't have children and you don't have friends either, because supposed "friends", (so i quotes) that they have because they are busy with their own problems and the only help they can offer is moral... something that in such a difficult situation and complicated like the one I was overcoming and like the one I have to overcome now, It is not very valuable (it does not solve my problem for me) because when you find yourself at a point where it is of a matter of life and death, a word of encouragement when you are hungry is not going to help you get ahead, it will not take away your hunger...

The point of all this is that on May 15, 2022, my laptop began to make a series of rather strange noises and since I have been a computer nerd for many years, I simply began to check the equipment to see what it was. what was going on, and well it turned out that the laptop fan was pretty dirty.

I disassembled the entire computer, I fixed and cleaned the fan and when I was about to reassemble it, the power button on it broke and as you know, it is very difficult to get a replacement of this type, especially when it is late at night and in In my particular case, in which I depend exclusively on the content I make online, the fact that the work tool has been damaged is something that causes me a lot of concern and anxiety, as I did at the time!

Because I immediately began to question how I was going to be able to generate income, I needed income urgently, I needed to have my work tool and although I had had a cell phone to be able to do it, the phone did not provide me with the same facilities that power provides. having the laptop, where I could do a bit more of a range of things even though it's a low-end computer.

Well, because of this, I immediately took my phone and started looking in the Facebook marketplace for the best deals on a cheap computer that I could buy, keeping in mind that since this computer already had the power button and it also had been damaged by a kind of connector that it has internally broke, which is why it did not allow the passage of electricity, which meant that it did not turn on the computer. So, taking into account that I could use the hard disk and the Wi-Fi card and other elements as a spare, I decided to look for this computer in the marketplace... Being lucky that I managed to contact a guy who was offering me a computer from a previous model, inferior, but without a hard disk for 15 dollars!

Immediately, I said that I had to fix this problem and go find that computer!

The computer was several kilometers away from where I live. I am a person who has always been obese and I have had problems with being overweight and, well, I had problems with my legs, and that day was precisely May 17, that is, two days after my computer crashed and I was looking for the way to resolve things, and when I contacted the person to meet him in a central part of Caracas and make the transaction, I already had 15 dollars on me, and I had the word that this person was going to give me the computer, I set out, I got up and I felt quite bad! My legs hurt that day, that is, I was not willing to go out and I swear I did not want to go out because I felt very bad... but, well, the need is bigger than anything else and I was forcibly forced to get out as best I could. Immediately I got dressed, put on my shoes, and began to walk little by little with that pain in my legs and nothing because I had to continue going down from the place where I live to the subway, the nearest subway station that is about three blocks from where I live and I went down little by little. I walked a little bit, and my legs ached, you have no idea of the intense pain I felt, especially in the sweet potato of my left leg, I was very tired, and it was hard for me to breathe, but even so, I managed to go down to the subway station and once At the subway station on the street level, I had to go down the stairs because there were no escalators and go down some stairs with a leg that is hurting and with this ailment and having a serious overweight problem, believe me, it's all a feat.

So I managed to go down all these stairs when I got to the part, let's say, of the carriage, or the bottom part where the platform is, I had to wait about 20 minutes because in Venezuela we live in a situation of decline in terms of public services and other things and the metro was seriously delayed. I had to wait standing up with this pain in my legs for about 35 minutes. I was already feeling dizzy and that I couldn't hold myself up, but I had to get to the place to buy the computer because it was my work tool! It was what I needed. I was going to continue to allow myself to continue making content and to be alive, to have my strong income.

So, what I did was ask a person who was there for help, a man who was next to me... at first he told me NO!, but you can walk!, the man didn't want to help me =(, and I said well, but why don't you help me, I'm asking you for help, I need you to collaborate with me because I'm going to fall! I'm going to fall! I can't hold myself up! I put my hand on my shoulder to support myself and what happened next was that I got in the car from the Palo Verde station to the Plaza Venezuela station, that was the place where I had to make the transaction and while I was sitting in the car my legs, well, they were resting, they were resting, I was fine, however, it seems that all things came together and that day I did not have clean socks, Therefore, I had to put on some stockings that were tight on me and which means that my circulation was tight, so this also contributed to this traumatic event that I am telling you about.

And well, nothing when I arrived at the Plaza Venezuela station, holding on very tightly to the metal poles, I managed to get out of the car and reach the wall, when I started to walk towards the stairs looking for an escalator that would take me to the part of the foresight where I had to meet the person who was going to sell me the computer because I simply advanced to the beginning of the stairs to find myself with the terrible surprise that the escalators in the Plaza Venezuela station were not working!

And that gave me a panic attack and anxiety, because with this tremendous pain having to climb that enormous and exaggerated number of stairs was not something I was going to be able to do! I had a panic attack and immediately my strength began to fail and I had to hold on to the wall with my hands, I couldn't walk, I mean I couldn't walk, it was very difficult for me to stand up and when two boys came dressed as operators of the metro I told them immediately that I needed help, to please seek help because I couldn't walk, I explained that I had circulation problems in my legs and, well, I couldn't move.

They found me a chair at least so I could sit down, they told me that if they could move me to the administration office that was about 40 meters from where I was and I really couldn't walk, I couldn't walk!
But we'll take you!, they told me and since I'm very overweight, these boys were very very weak, very skinny and they weren't going to be able, between the two people, to put up with me... after a while they got the help of a militiawoman a very strong lady and another militiaman and they managed to take me to the administration office of the Plaza Venezuela metro, where I had to explain everything that was happening to me, why I was there, they told me it was good that I didn't have to go out If I felt that way, I explained to them that I left my house only for reasons of necessity, that I had forced myself to do so because it is a matter of survival, it is nothing else, that I was not here because I really wanted to or because I liked it, that I was forced by a matter of survival to do it and well I also had the pressure at this precise moment while all this was happening, from the person who was upstairs in the forecast waiting for me to sell the computer and now everything happened or this!, well time passed and I imagine that the person who sold me the computer did not have a phone number or anything, he did not have a cell phone to communicate with me and well, he had already lost the computer!, the opportunity to buying this computer…I felt distressed, frustrated, and bad.

I think I'm going to divide this post into two parts so as not to make them tedious for you because I have a lot to tell.

I intend to tell you everything and not lengthen this publication. I'm trying to make it as short as possible, but, well, it's coming out very long and I apologize for this! I don't want it to be something boring, but I simply to tell you about the experience with all the details of what I lived.

Now to finish this is the first installment of this story, I want to tell you that after they took my information and they put me to talk to a subway supervisor, among approximately 12 people, if they were 12 or 14 people, they sat me in a chair, one of these office chairs that have wheels and little by little they took me to the platform because we concluded that what was best to do at this moment was to get back on the subway and get to the station from where I went out and that they assisted me at the Palo Verde station, that they assisted me at the Palo Verde subway station so that I could go out to the surface.

And I was under a million stress because nobody was going to accompany me, I had to go through all this that I am telling you being alone, I had no friends, no acquaintances, only these people that I did not know and that I had to spend my life in their hands (which I don't like at all) and I didn't have a cell phone because I go out into the street without a cell phone to prevent it from being stolen, because, for someone with limited resources like me, it is very difficult to replace the loss or theft of a cell phone.

So thinking about all these things in my head, at that moment I was boiling!

I arrived at the Palo Verde subway station and well, after waiting to get out of the car, a skinny subway operator arrived and took me as best he could to the platform wall, where I held on with both hands as if they were doing a police search because I couldn't stand up and I had to wait for a person to arrive to support me with a wheelchair, while I was waiting there was a sergeant from the marines, I think or from the army, I don't know and he was accompanying me, he was doing the paperwork to help me as soon as possible.

They brought a wheelchair and in the wheelchair I was barely able to sit down because it was very small for my size...they managed to take me to the intermediate part where tickets are bought at the palo verde station, but there was a problem that the stairs The mechanics of this station towards the outside did not work and I could not walk, my legs simply did not respond to me, they were very swollen and purple!, and I was in a wheelchair and well there was the problem of how I was going to reach the surface.

The supervisor of this subway station was a person who I found quite uncooperative and unpleasant, I did not want the boy, the subway operator who was collaborating with me giving me support, to help me, the boy told me not to worry, to be calm, that everything was going to be fine, that I was going to get home, the boy told me. It made me feel quite good because this person, this supervisor, or the head of this station did not want the boy to continue helping me! Because he said that this was not allowed, that this was not their responsibility, and that as long as I was inside the subway stations I was their responsibility, but when leaving the station they couldn't help!

That person was quite bad bloody and unpleasant and what he was doing was adding more stress and anguish to the situation I was experiencing!

So now you, well, you can more or less have a mental panorama of how I felt, of how anguished and worried I was at this moment. I repeat: I did not have a cell phone, nor anyone I could ask at this time, because I did not have a cell phone with me, nor anyone's phone numbers written down to be able to ask for help and in case they were not at home, who would I go to? to ask for help?, if I have neither family, nor friends, nor children, nor wife, nor anyone who cares about me, but only myself!?.

I know that for you it may sound strange or harsh, but well, it is the situation that I had to live and that is how my life is! I am a single person in this world and I am not looking for pity on me, or belittle. I am not trying to expose myself to you as the victim, but to try to argue with you and make you understand why I make the decisions that I make, and tell you everything that I lived and felt at this moment, in this experience that I had to overcome.

Once there at the bottom, the subway operators and this supervisor called a national guard, the non-commissioned officer called a subordinate, the other subordinates in charge of him were on commission elsewhere and there were only two troops, and between the two of them because they couldn't get me in the wheelchair to the outside. So what they did was start stopping members of the public, strong men, and requesting their collaboration, and seeing that the national guard was asking for their collaboration, they could not refuse. So, eight men had to lift me (I confess that I felt very ashamed, I felt useless and that emotion overwhelms me to this day), through the stairs, freehand, forcing me into a wheelchair until the outside. I remember very exactly the looks of the people watching the event, several adults and teenagers also mocking me, I will never forget their cruel laughs.

Already abroad, I am very grateful to the officials and to all the men who helped me, God bless them (I am an atheist, but this is only an expression, there is nothing special about it), I do! Once outside, despite the boss's refusal that the subway boy, the subway operator, should not come out of the station to help me, the boy told me, look, you are a good person, I am going to help you. you and well you took me in the wheelchair to a taxi line that was there and well the very kind taxi driver with a very good heart helped me get into the car, get out of the wheelchair, and brought me to the door of the building.

Once here at the door of the building, well, other things happened that I am going to tell you about in the continuation or second part of this adventure, of this situation that happened to me on May 17, 2022, and that had me at least paralyzed. unable to walk for six months.

So thank you if you got to this point of this anecdote, of this experience. I thank you very much for reading me, I hope that all this drama has not been boring for you.

It is very difficult for me to tell because it caused me great physical and emotional trauma, but I needed to let it out, I needed to record this, especially so that other people who can read this experience learn or become aware of all the possibilities. things that can happen to someone, taking care of oneself, and the importance, above all, of making the right decisions at the right time, especially in crises.

I think that this is the most important message that I try to leave with this experience and I hope that it will be of interest to you and will be of help or use to all the people who approach this publication here.

If you have reached this point, well, once again I thank you for doing it! I await your comment and I hope that you understand from reason that I am not trying to pity this story, but simply want to leave this sample of this legacy, of this situation that happened to me to make a catharsis, which I think is what this community is about and well, I hope to go little by little taking time to tell the second part of this story, because many other things happened to me after that they left me here at the door of the building and well thankful that they have reached this point and read all this content.

Thank you in advance for your comments, for your appreciation, and for reading this catharsis that this is the purpose of this community until the next occasion.

I hope you learn a lot from this story and this anecdote.

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2 months ago


Wow, Rei. What a strenuous, critical adventure you have in there! I can't imagine how tough it was for you to get there. I gotta admire you for the display of bravery you put into this article. Exposing yourself is such a huge challenge to take. It takes a lot of courage to do it and you aced it!

Reading the article, I realized that even if the world is cruel, there are still a handful of good people who will help you in times of trouble. The officials, the men who carried you, the boy who gave you that assurance that you're gonna be fine and that taxi driver are living proof that humanity is alive.

Also, I have few questions for you about this but will ask you on telegram instead. See you 😁

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2 months ago

Hello dear Jeanteth! This episode was really a very difficult one, I had to have a lot of patience to hold my ground, especially when I had panic attacks in the subway.

Yes, there were many people who acted in good faith, especially some that we call "militiamen" here, who are a kind of pseudo-military civilians of the government, who are despised by many people here in the country, due to their ideology and their guidelines. political. And look at you, a militia woman of about 45 years old was the one who grabbed me very hard by the arm and did not allow me to fall (and she sees that I am a thick and large man, it is not easy to hold me).

Sure, ask what you want, I will gladly answer you by telegram.

Thank you so much for reading the post, crush! :D

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2 months ago

I hope you don't have to experience something like that again.

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2 months ago

I never want to go through something like this either, they were very painful and embarrassing moments my friend. I suffered a lot and that left deep marks on me.

Thank you very much for your support.

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2 months ago

De nada 🙂

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2 months ago

De nada 🙂

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2 months ago

Well from than to now you have come come a long way. I know there is more to come from you on this but already it has been quiet the journey to now. I'll stay tuned for the next part.

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2 months ago

It has been a long and difficult road since that May 17, but the trip has been quite bumpy my friend, what happens is that I have not wanted to tell what has happened to me until now, that I am beginning to say everything that I It occurred.

This particular episode was quite difficult, I think that in 3 or 4 days I will start writing the 2nd part, because really writing all this takes me a lot of time and I end up exhausted.

I really appreciate you reading these posts, which are so difficult for me to write, because I don't like to feel vulnerable, exposed, and with each post of this type I feel like this =( .

In a few days I will be publishing the continuation, when I recharge my energies, because to write about these things I need to be very strong and brave.

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2 months ago

I completely understand it being hard to write. Telling others are worst times is not easy. Especially for us men who tend to hold in our feelings or bad happenings.

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2 months ago