History of the occult - Part 3

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As we progress we discover more and more about these mysterious and shadowy personalities, some insane, others with phobias, but all with an exceptionally interesting story that to tell.

And without more to say here I have the characters of today...


One of the most celebrated Demonographs of the 16th century.

He was in charge of instructing the processes of an infinity of unfortunate people accused of sorcery, his credulous understanding was convinced of the reality of Sabbath and the existence of witches.

He died in Paris in the year 1630.

The two works that have established his reputation are "the unbelief of the fully convinced spell" , and the "Picture of the fickleness of demons and evil Angels. "


Born in Antwerp in 1551

Jesuit scholar author of a famous work entitled: "disquisiciones magicarum (magical investigations), divided into six books in which it deals extensively with the curious arts and superstitions.


Sorcerer and magician whose perpetual memory the people of Catania.

He was, they say, the greatest magician of his century.

It so fascinated people that they were persuaded that they were transformed into animals.

So to see the curious in a moment everything that happened is the most distant countries.

Having imprisoned him as a witch, he made me transport by the devil from Catania and from Constantinople to Catania in a single day what suddenly won him among the people, an admirable reputation for holiness but the bishop of catania had him arrested and thrown into a blazing bonfire where he was reduced to ashes.


Famous Jewish magician who touched the noses of the possessed with a ring in which was set an amethyst from which Solomon used.

The devil hardly smelled her thrown to the ground at the madman and left him. Then the magician recited some prayers that Solomon had written and in the name of this prince he forbade and the demon entered the same body again, which was done by filling a vat of water and ordering it to spill it.The devil obeyed and this test was a sign that he had left his place.


It is true that he was born in Paris or Pontoise, as many claim, but if the date of his death is positively known, what happened on March 22, 1418 in Paris.

He began successively as a public writer, sworn bookseller, poet, painter, mathematician, architect, and finally from the extreme poverty to which he was reduced he suddenly rose to the greatest opulence by have been lucky enough to find the philosopher's stone.

in testimonies of his piety and wealth. He did not forget to have his portrait of him and his sculpted statue placed everywhere accompanied by a shield or a hand with a writing in the form of a wardrobe.

He was buried in the church of Saint Jacques-La Boucherie.


Distinguished Egyptian philosopher who flourished around 1000 BC.

The wonderful works he wrote included treatises on all the sciences whose study was reserved for the priestly caste.

Egyptologists have found some fragments of them written on papyrus in hieratic characters in the time of Alexandrina were translated into Greek.


Famous Platonic philosopher verse 4 born in Syria under the reign of Constantine the Great. he admitted the existence of a class of demons or spirits of a lower order mediating between God and the man.

He was busy with divinations.

While one day in the city of Gándara to demonstrate his magical ability, he made two genius or demons come out in the presence of the people, whom he called love and against love, the first had the golden hair braided and wavy on the back looking bright like the rays of the sun in the second was less bright which I admire all the populace.

The treatise on the mysteries of the Egyptians of the Chaldeans and the Assyrians is left warlike.

I didn't know where when and how he died though Bodin states that he poisoned himself to avoid the torture that Valerio was preparing for the magicians.


Liejense famous, considered by the greatest mathematician astrologer and prophet of modern times. He has composed almanacs that are still considered among the French people as the best.


He was born in Brignolles in 1661 and died in Paris in 1729.He left several works among which are distinguished "letter that discover illusion of the philosophers about the rod and that destroy systems", year 1693 in a twelfth, with a supplement printed in twelfth.


Lord de la Brosse, advisor to the king in the Angels presidential chair and famous demonographer born in Anjou in 1550.

Author of a famous work entitled: "speech history of the specters visions and appearances of spirits Angels demons and souls, showing themselves visible to men "; divided into eight books in which by means of the marvelous visions and prodigious appearances that have occurred in all the centuries taken and collected from the best sacred and profane authors the certainty of the specters and visions of spirits remains manifest.

And up to here the delivery for today is pending because the next installment will have a tablet one or two characters since the story will be quite long and extensive, because I have enough material from them.

I hope you continue to enjoy it and see you there at the next coven.

Note: all my posts are created on my low-level end smartphone.

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The Sabbath will forever be the 4th commandment of God's law!

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