Day 7: Music is a Universal Language

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Music make the people come together ... This is a line on Madonna's song titled Music.

We can't deny that she's correct. No matter what, who and where people are, music does connect people.

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Oh sorry to bring up Madonna to you people hahaha! I am just doing my day 7 on the 30-day writing challenge. Whew! I am not even halfway. I told you that this challenge will take ma at least 2 months to finish. hahahaha!

Alright, let's do this!

List 10 songs that you are loving right now.

Honestly, I have two songs that I am listening almost everyday now and I let Lil B listen to this song too. I'll post the links so you can also try to listen to it.

1. Helpless - Hamilton Musical

This link is just a cover of the casts on Jimmy Fallon. I can't find a decent video on Youtube from the actual musical movie.

2. The Schulyer Sisters - Hamilton Musical

These two songs I play it everyday, Lil B seems to like it too. I don't usually like musical movies but this one will truly capture your ears and hearts. I believe that this musical was produced when Obama was still the president in US. They also performed in the White House. If you will listen to these songs, you'll notice a similarity of the musical arrangement and lyrics in the movie Encanto. It's because Lin Manuel Miranda wrote the songs in both production.

Now I have to check my spotify playlist our my Youtube history library for the other songs ahahaha!

3. Lava - Moana Disney movie

Lil B loves this song too. When she was just a few months old I used to play this song in the morning or when I put her to sleep.

This song is so cute and relaxing. Let me share the lyrics from a part of this song that I love.

I have a dream
I hope it will come true
That you're here with me
And I am here with you
I wish that the earth, sea, and the sky up above
Will send me someone to lava

The word Lava is Love. :)

4. Last Hope - Paramore

I may not listen to this song everyday but there's a verse from this song that I embedded on my skin. I had it tattoed on my left wrist. That line serves as a reminder that I am my last hope.

The blood of these veins isn't pumping any less than it ever has
And that's the hope I have the only thing I know that's keeping me alive

Emo right?

5. High hopes

This song really lifts up my mood or my view in life whenever I feel down, especially if I feel like giving up in some aspects of my life. This song is so optimistic as high as Brendon Urie's vocal range.

6. Geek in the Pink

I love Jason Mraz whew! He is one of the underrated singer song writer that people thought was just a one hit wonder. He may not be the Charlie Puth, Justin Bieber or Ed Sheeran type of singer though but he's still works and performs.

Here's the song's chorus part:

I don't care what you might think about me
You can vibe without me if you want
I could be the one to take you home
Baby I could rock the night alone
If we never get down it wouldn't be a let down
But sugar don't forget what you already know
I could be the one to turn you out
We could be the talk across the town
Don't judge me by the color, confuse it for another
You might regret what you let slip away

I'm the geek in the pink pink pink

7. Just like a Pill

One of my favorite female singers. She's so talented that singing is not a challenge to her anymore, performing does like what she did in the Glitter in the Air performance in Grammys.

Not only that I love Pink, but I love this song too and probably will still love this song forever. Anyway this song, really hits me hard especially on my teenage to early 20s days. It simply gives me a reflection of who I was.

Well, if you're not a pink fan because of her songs before, you better listen to her current songs. You'll see and hear her life and growth as a human, as a woman and as a mother.

8. The Sound

One of the songs that helped me lighten my mood when I had a heartbreak.

9. Whole Again

I am not sure if 90s kids here still remember the girl band Atomic Kitten. If I'm not mistaken, this song was released because one of the members was pregnant by Brian Mcfadden, a former member of Westlife.

I used to listen to this song when my husband and I were still dating and that's exactly how I feel whenever he goes back to work.

Looking back on when we first met
I cannot escape and I cannot forget
Baby you're the one, you still turn me on

You can make me whole again

10. Brave

Another underrated great singer song writer. I just love how meaningful and relateable her songs are to me.

This song simply puts you in a game face on mood, just as what the title says you should be.

Okay that took me an hour just to decide what songs I should include on my list.

I was actually thinking of including a kpop song but all I can think of Lisa's song Money, which I don't have as of the moment char! But no worries, we are all just waiting for this dip to end so we can have all the money we need.

I hope you enjoyed my list and feel free to comment some songs that you are loving right now too.

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Wao! I love music, intact most times while working on my project I feel music playing in my brain. It calm my soul.

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1 year ago

Music is life!!

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1 year ago

Recently youth, from kpop band BTs. Although all of their songs are just marvelous but this one is too good to hear. For me I'm like, when I'm happy i enjoy the song but when I'm sad and sorrow, Ahh lyrics just hits me.

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1 year ago

I remember creating a playlist based on my mood. Hahahaha!

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1 year ago

Music is usually my safe haven and stress reliever. Whenever I listen to it, it calms my mind and made me realize things that keeps on buzzing my thoughts.

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1 year ago

For sure the lyrics of the song you listen to, hits you too.

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1 year ago

Yeah deeply, especially if the lyrics are related to my current situation.

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1 year ago

Am going to drop my own top 10 songs

  1. I'm yours - Jason mraz
  2. Anyone - Justin Bieber
  3. Mirror - Justin Timberlake
  4. At my worst - Pink sweat
  5. Walk me home - Pink
  6. My Blood - westlife
  7. Flight of fantasy - Yanni
  8. Sometimes - Camylio
  9. Naked - James Arthur
  10. Lover that I lost - Celine Dion
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1 year ago

Good choice. I almost forgot that Westlife is back!

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1 year ago

They are doing fine I won't lie...their type of music is rare, though most times, I get confused them with backstreet boys

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1 year ago

when my head is spinning thinking about life then the first thing I do is play music, by playing music my head can be refreshed and can continue my activities

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1 year ago

Listening to an upbeat music definitely lifts up your mood. Any band or singers that you enjoy listening to?

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1 year ago

Music has been my companion whenever I don't feel interacting with other people. it never judge me and serve as my therapy.

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1 year ago

There were times like music is the only one that understands us.

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1 year ago