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Life has its experience

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8 months ago

Life has its experience. We're in this life to learn from experience. We have and then use the teaching to grow, evolve, and become the best version of who we are.

Life is not stagnant. We are always changing, this is the nature of life. Respect and love yourself completely. Trust the beauty of impermanence. Walk away with humility, courage, and grace from people, places and things that do not serve your highest ideal of life.

If walking away feels to impossible right now, which is normal, begin incorporating at least one thing into your that brings you joy and serves your growth. From now on I'm going to start telling people you're committed to misunderstanding, me and I don't care to explain myself to you instead of over explaining myself.

We're in this life to learn from every experience we have and then use the teachings to make choices, and take the actions that are aligned with our highest ideal for life. Think of yourself as the butterfly, were surrendering the past and flying into the present, making the life the life decisions that will shape the future. The present moment is our perfect teacher, helping us to become the greatest version of ourselves. We waste our whole life preparing for the future, not realizing that the only way to be happy is to embrace each moment.

Life is filled with hardship and joy. This is a great truth so make sure everyday you spend time doing one thing that brings you joy and a smile to your face. Just for today, just for a moment choose to do one thing that will bring you laugher and peace in your heart. Don't wait until everything in your life is sorted out, and then you will relax and enjoy your day, no, find moments of fun and happiness now. Don't wait for tomorrow.

Be brave, take risk. Nothing can substitute experience. I write about this because for me finding the words was so important. Finding the words give me a little bit of power over the sickness. It was the first step in my treatment and day by day with the words voice how I endure it. I was able to find the right help to anybody.

Our expectations of experience somehow gives us the hint towards happiness. We need to value our happiness. As our experiences allow us to be independent. It also make us matured. People who engage experience probably they are honing their skills in all aspects. Have you ever wonder to some adventurer or vloggers who engage with various experience they tend to develop their communication skills. A lot of them are sociable.

That's the things that experience can give you. It develops our personality. You know alot of people right now are introvert. We can't say they really tolerate of being introvert instead they just use to it. They just want a simple life. For me as I observed to some introvert individual they are literally have a brilliant mind.

I don't say majority of them are not bright. It is only my observation. You know our experience can develop our personalities. Its an advantage of being an adventurous person. As I mentioned earlier that life is not stagnant. Life is always changing. We keep on find the best version of our self.

We change because we want the best for us. Experience somehow our stepping stone in achieving our goals. Have you ever been through with unforgettable moments? Well, that's the reality we have. Our unforgettable experience is situated in our long term memory. Some people have bad experience.

They try to forget those negativities but it can't be, it's because when we have unforgettable experience it means that's for long term. As time passes by it will diminish on our mind but not necessarily forgotten. All of us try to merit our self by our achievement. It's one thing that a person should be merited. Why? It's because we are thirsty with encomiast.

Let have an example, an employee wants himself to be promoted. So, he keeps on trying to please his boss through his works. He strives on his works. He try to do everything just to be promoted. For you it is good? I think its good cause he just want to be promoted.

There's nothing wrong about that. What wrong is that, if he do undesirable things just to obtain what he wants then we can presume that it's not good. A lot of people make undesirable things just to be praise. People take advantage to their co-employee. How sad it is right? We should not take advantage to others. It the things that I can't accept.

We should be responsible. We should not take advantage. Take time to focus on you goal. Don't just take that all things are granted. We must exert effort to our dreams. Things makes sense when we can feel our success especially through our endeavor.

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Written by   37
8 months ago
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