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I got what I needed (3)

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9 months ago

Few weeks passed, I'm getting closer with Andrew. Atimes we just greet each other in class, but we both talk a lot sometimes. We are not close enough to talk about our own personal lives, but we do talk to a large extent. I can remember a day he asked me why I choosed to major in French, then I told him I liked it. I had the gut to ask him if he's majoring in French even though I knew the answer, he told me no, but he had a different reason from the one Maria told me. He just told me he liked French also. But I begin to wonder if his going to Paris was true. I didn't want to embark on a journey where it will be difficult for me to go back. If he will be moving to Paris very soon then I need to step back. I'm scared of anytype of heartbreak.

On a Wednesday class, our last class to the beginning of our Mid-test, I sat down quietly in class waiting for the lecturer. I saw Michelle coming towards my direction.

"Good morning Cassie" She greeted me with a broad smile. What's she up to? What's with the smile too? At first I thought she needed a favor because that's what everyone is like in this class but then, she brought out a cup of cold coffee, I became dumbfounded.

"It's quite hot this morning isn't it? Have this, it will help you a bit. She left the coffee on my desk and left. I remain quiet all through. Even after the lecturer had began his lectures, I keep staring at the coffee. Is it poisoned or what? Should I throw it away?

After the class, I keep the cup of coffee in my right hand, holding my cross bag in my left hand, I made my way out of the lecture room. I met Andrew at the door, I didn't even notice him in class maybe it's because I was lost in thought. He asked me why I looked so worried then I opened to him. For the first time in the past seven years of my life, I opened up to a friend, I told him what happened and why I had myself worried. It's true I hate Michelle but we have nothing to do with each other. We had no grudge against each other. Before I knew it, Andrew snatch the cup of coffee and throw it away. Why will he do that? He didn't give me any explanation but he warned me not to have any dealings with Michelle. I couldn't concentrate in the library, there are so much confusions. I have lot of questions for Andrew. I decided to take things slowly, maybe he needed time to trust me enough.

A week passed, after our Mid-test, Andrew asked me if I will go out with him. I didn't bother to ask him where, I agreed to him. I think I finally got a chance to ask him everything. He took me to an eatery, it's so small and quiet. He told me he didn't want a large area, he might be recognized, you know, he's a singer, he needs to be careful. After our meal, he asked me if I would like to take a walk before going back to my hostel which I agreed on. We had a long conversation this time, he told me about his family. His real parents died while he was seven years old. He grew up in the orphanage, that's where he knew how to sing, he told me he spends his time alone singing but he got adopted when he was 13 years. His adopted parents got fed up of him. Why? They were spending too much on him for his medical bills, he gets sick most times. He had to grow up on his own. One thing intrigued me most about him, he never gives up on singing, despite of the challenges he had. I felt some kind of sympathy for him. I told him about myself too, he was quite amazed I had noticed him in class all these time. I didn't even realize it was past 8 in the evening, we were so deep in our conversation.

On our way back to the hostel I asked him about that night he was beaten, he didn't want to tell me at first but he promised to tell me later I asked him about Michelle too but he gave the same answer. I'm really tired of staying in the dark I need to know the reason he warned me to stay away from Michelle. It looked like she's a bad person.

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Written by   7
9 months ago
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Getting more curious

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8 months ago

Great suspense 👍. Well done

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9 months ago