Let's Love to find its way toward you.

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To be a broken heart out there who is probably thinking about giving up on a lot of aspects because of failed love or a failed marriage.

your enthusiasm, willingness, and sentiments matter. Don't drain yourselves if you are trying your best but someone is not making sense in your life. The affection you put out there was worth a lot. I know you have spent a lot of time finding happiness and light and you work so hard to put change in yourself so you could stop being lost and find protection.

For most of the duration of our lives, we let poor incidents define how the rest of our life gonna prevail, we let it go to our heads and touch our core in the most unfavorable manner, which when we look at it is the most wrong way to treat ourselves for someone who was just capable of giving you a pain and heartbreaks somewhere deep inside from which you find it hard to recover from.

Temporary People not only leave us but they Teach us a lot too:

​​Sometimes some people come into your life for a very short period but they teach you lessons, give you a move to lead an influential life, helping you to discover that you dare to encounter loss.

Because maybe that person didn't come to be a part of a promising future, but that person did enlighten you with the fact you're so much more competent when it comes to complicated hurdles life gives you, and that you were dominant enough to make it through.

Some might get to you and make you feel like you aren't worth it, but guess what, all that experience is gonna teach you a ton of self-worth, you're gonna discover you’re more than being an individual's definition, you are the one that defines themselves.

"So if one bad experience sets you down to the bottom, that same experience is gonna teach you how to drift in the sky"

Never let bad happenings in love and life get to you. Life is unfair to everyone in one way or another, but that's what makes it fair at the end of the day.

So to the broken heart out there, you will get through, you will discover your worth, you will learn to deal with loss, you will encounter love again, and you'll understand why things limit for the limitless to begin.

Don't worry because your lord has a better plan for you. And, If he subtracts that one person from your life so doesn't forget maybe he just wants to test your patience and want to bless you even more.

​You deserve love and you are worthy of it, and you will find what you are looking for.

Final Thoughts:-

In our life, every day we meet new people but they exist in our lives for a very short time and then they disappear. So, don't attach yourself to them if someone cares for you they will never leave you or always be there when you need that one person at your worst. Let's love find its way toward you, not a Fake Ness.

The reason behind selecting this Topic:-

Today I was chatting with a stranger in snap chat whom I don't know much but still, we talk once in a while. Every time whenever he wants to ask something I will always give him an opposite answer so that he won't text me again but still after a little time he appears in my chat box to see how is my life going on. And the best thing is he never does flirting things. As I said don't know him much but his past was so dark like a breakup etc. So the reason behind selecting my today topic was him so that maybe people who are struggling in their life will be healed through my words.

Hehe, well, I need your help guys...

Today, also he said to me can I ask you something but don't mind it please, and take it as a joke.

I reply to him. okay, Asked?

After a minute he said "how to love you" Because I am too insane and have an opposing answer to everything. Ughhh haha,

But Tbh, I didn't mind coz I know it very well he was just teasing me and he is way elder than me lol but still, he said me to write something interesting on this topic.

Now, I have a lot of things on my mind but really should I write on this topic? Help me, Guys.

Wish you, everyone, a good time ahead. see you soon till then bye-bye. Take care.

The End...

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5 months ago


People come and go, and one of my weaknesses is being too attached to people that I know will never stay in the first place. I am not fond of goodbyes, but I cannot do something if people want to leave.

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5 months ago

Hmm if you write on his topic you will get me back as a reader 😛 just out of curiosity how much elder? Anyways I don't dwell on the past much it's always the now, lol. Take care

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5 months ago

I will definitely write but once I achieve more than 100 subscribers 😅

Umm, I think 8 years:( Haha, No no, he just means a stranger to me nothing else 🤣💔

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5 months ago

Oh he is still a young man. I'm surprised you don't have more subscribers you write so well and concise. Take care

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5 months ago


No, actually On the initial day of my writing journey, I was not so active there. But, September is the first month in which I thought to write every day but still miss a whole week coz of my mental health sickness.

Take care you too.

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5 months ago

Well September about to end. I'm looking forward to October I know you are too. That doesn't translate to me being more active here but does for the autumn/fall season.

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5 months ago