World Series: Sweden

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Let's land in the country of Sweden!

This is the first European country that I will feature in my World Series. Sweden is the largest country in northern Europe, with Stockholm as its capital. 

The official language of this country is Swedish, but there are also other languages being used by the people such as:

  • Finnish

  • Yiddish

  • Sami

  • Meänkieli

  • Romani

The flag of Sweden is composed of colors blue and yellow, known as traditional Swedish colors. It's been believed that it was inspired by the Danish flag. Its cross represents Christianity. The color blue symbolizes loyalty, justice, perseverance, and truth, while the color yellow simply symbolizes generosity. The flag being presented above is the country's official flag and has been in use since June 1906. 

Fact: All Scandinavian countries have the Scandinavian cross on their flags. 

Scandinavia is a subregion in the Northern part of Europe, which consists of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. They have unique historical, cultural, and linguistic ties. It is also referred to as the Scandinavian Peninsula. 

Places to Visit

1. Visby, Gotland

Visby is a town in the island of Gotland, which is also regarded to as the City of Roses and the City of Ruins. It is popular with its long walls and ruined churches, making way for it to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

2. Smogen

Smogen is a tiny island and town that is well-preserved and popular for it is a small fishing village. It is a popular seaside resort, and the population doubles during its peak season – summer! Rich people usually reach the island with their yachts. 

3. IceHotel

The most famous hotel in the land of Sweden is the IceHotel. It is the most iconic tourist spot in Northern Sweden during winter. This hotel has an art exhibition made out of ice and snow. It is being rebuilt each year in Jukkasjärvi with blocks of ice and snow coming from the Torne River near to it. 

4. Sarek National Park

Sweden is known for its amazing landscapes. Sarek National Park features 6 of the highest mountain peaks in the country and around 100 glaciers. Many tourists visit hiking and mountaineering places as they enjoy the ultimately scenic views of nature at its finest. Some people say there are creatures like bears and wolverines wandering in the place, and you could be lucky to see some of them.

Foods that you should try in Sweden

Swedish cuisine is primarily anchored with dairy products, beef, lamb, chicken, crisp and soft bread, and berries and stoned fruits. 

Here are some Swedish foods that will make you love Sweden:


This could be regarded as Sweden's national food. Kanelbulle is a cinnamon bun that can be found in almost every bakery in the country. It could be sweetened or flavored with vanilla. 

Toast Skagen 

This food is literally mouthwatering. Toast Skagen is Sweden's version of a prawn cocktail. This dish is typically served as a starter at dinner parties. In preparing, cut off first the crusts of the bread and sauté it with butter, then add the peeled prawns mixed with mayonnaise, dill, and lemon. 


Kottbullar or Swedish meatballs is a classic but iconic Swedish food. It is commonly made with mashed potatoes, cream sauce, and lingonberry jam. Kottbullar is smaller, and it has an entirely different flavor as compared to Italian meatballs. This dish is tasty, and it's easy to prepare. 


This food simply means sandwich cake. Swedish people love bread and sandwiches, and this dish is a proof. There are different kinds of sandwich cake. It is artistically designed. That's why it easily captures the eyes of anyone. It comprises smoked salmon, radishes, egg salad, and chives and typically has cream cheese or yogurt spread between its layers. 

Sweden's Coffee Culture

Fika is a Swedish coffee break. It is a tradition that is followed only in Sweden. During this break, coffee is enjoyed with sandwiches, fruits, and baked sweets partnered with coffee. In Swedish culture, Fika is a state of mind to make time with friends and colleagues by having a cup of coffee. Swedes make it essential to have Fika every day. 

The Northern Lights in Sweden

Aurora Borealis is a natural phenomenon that occurs in the sky due to disturbances in the magnetosphere caused by the solar wind. This magical display of lights is seen in places with high latitude, such as Sweden. Watching it is perfect in Sweden because it has a clear sky due to low pollution. It allows you to see the blue, red, and green light showing off in the sky.

What a magical experience to see it in actual. 

I hope you had a good glimpse about the primary things you would want to know about Sweden. What are you waiting for? It's time to put on your bucket list. The clean and historical cities, beautiful landscapes, and delicious dishes will be waiting for you. 

Watch out for the next place that we'll visit! 


Traveling around the world with family or friends is an excellent experience, especially if you have a budget. Work hard and continue striving for our dreams so that we will all be able to go to different places around the world we want to travel to one day. That is all for now. I hope you have enjoyed this read.

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