Fears: Face it and Overcome

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Do you know the real reason behind why you fear something?

Probably, you watch horror movies. But what is the exact reason why you are still watching it when in fact you are afraid?

To fight your fears is to combat them within yourself.

Apparently, you have an idea now on what topic we are going to talk about this time. Without further much ado, just relax and stay calm as I present to you the article that I have written today.

Remember that having fears is not always wholly abnormal. It is okay to be afraid. But probably, one thing is lingering in your mind as of this time. How is it related to phobia? Are they the same? Or two different things?

To dive deeper into the topic, let us define both, and also we will differentiate each of them.


It is a natural disturbance or a feeling that shields and saves individuals from possible injury or hurt when encountering actual and threatening menace or threat. As per verywellmind, it includes a universal biochemical response as well as a tremendous personal emotional response.


On the other hand, a phobia is an anxiety or extreme fear associated with particular things or circumstances beyond dimension to the present risk they encounter. Through the same source, a phobia is described as a twisting of the natural fear response, which leads to an object or circumstance that does not confer an actual threat. Though you understand that the fear is fatuous, you can't help the reaction.

So basically, the distinction between the two falls in the commonality of fear versus the strange peculiarities of a phobia.

Moreover, we have this thing called fight or flight. It is a physical response when we are facing things, which are threatening. A person may either combat coercively or run away from it.

Just a bit of commercial break, what will you do if you see a dog while you are on your way going home? Answer it with honesty to earn 5 points (jk).

a. I will run away.
b. I will climb up a tree.
c. I will bite my tongue and walk slowly but attentively.
d. All of the above.
e. None of the above
f. Others (please specify)

Going back to the topic, did you know that the number one fear based online is Arachnophobia? This phobia is known for fear of spiders. This phobia also leads to affect women more than men. Do you have this phobia too? If not, what is your greatest phobia?

To make it more interactive, I used the noise.cash platform to ask some about their greatest fears, and here is what I have collected and found out based on the answers they have given.

One member says he fears snakes, especially the color of the snake's skin. According to him, he can't explain what he feels when he sees a snake. But when I ask him about its venom, he answered that he is just afraid of its skin. This fear is also one of the top phobias. 

Furthermore, another member says that she is afraid of being unloved and not taken care of. She added that she used to be a person who always wants attention. That is why that is her most fear thing. 

I have many fears too, but the common ones are afraid to lose my parents, fear of heights, among others. Who would not get fear of it? I always pray to God that he will give more years in life to our whole family, especially to my parents, because we are still young and still have many things to learn from them and experiences to share with them.  

I also do not like going up in a tree because I really feel a weird feeling of fear. I just can't describe it or find the best word to describe it.

How about you? What is your greatest fear? Tell it to us. 

That is all for now, guys. I hope you have learned a thing or two in this four-minute read. See you again in my next article! Have a great day.

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I will do nothing. I mean, wala namang ginagawa yong aso so bat ko sasaktan. I love dogs na pag nakakita ako ng isa sa daan sisitsitan ko oa qhahahahaha.

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Yes, we should face and overcome our fears. ❤️

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