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All over the world, they love social media, devoting so much time to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social networking sites. This is because you have so much to do on social media. You can share events in your life, you can say hello to people you have not seen in a long time or it may be a long time before you see each other again, and of course, it is not hidden from our knowledge that you can pick up news through of social media. In the age of the internet and the rise of social media, many people have seen its potential to share and spread different perspectives, knowledge, experiences, and goals. Many people find that more people will find something if you put it on the internet because many people look on the internet to find something, find an answer, or even to see things that are never still seen.

Now, one of the things people are crazy about is the new micro-blogging, which is just like writing a blog as we do today here at and

Read. cash is a micro-blogging site that we can express our own opinion, life experiences, knowledge of cryptocurrency, and more.

What are the reasons why I've become crazy in

  • By writing I express myself. I share my knowledge. Here you can also see if your article has "EXC", which means you did not copy/paste, so you should be your self when writing an article. You can also see how many views and you can also read the comments.

  • Fund of Read.Cash- All my tiredness, waking up to think of a good topic, or typing just to finish the article is worth it all. Why? Because of sir @MarcDeMesel does not neglect us, he donated just so we can have a fee or tips every time we write an article. So before we write an article, let's think about the good topic that @TheRandomRewarder notices. From my experience here, I have accumulated 2.5 BCH just because of the writing I shared with those affected by the typhoon. This micro-blogging is a big help for us so I am very grateful to Sir Simon who came up with this site and to sir @MarcDeMesel who is always there to support this site.

  • Another 1000 BCH donation - When I click this site I was surprised because it appeared this. So I was motivated to write an article again because sir @MarcDeMesel believes in us that there are still good users left here to write their article that deserves his tips.

  • Affiliate Program- we also earn money here by encouraging other people to use this site as well. That should not be our only goal. What we should do is encourage them to get to know Bitcoin Cash better.

  • I believe in Bitcoin Cash - Because of this site, I met bitcoincash so I believe that bitcoin cash can go a long way. Many kind BCH developers and enthusiasts are willing to support you to be part of the community. That is a huge thing for us.

As a fan of Bitcoin Cash, we are branded with just a smile by making BCH memes or seeing a meme that we can relate to. Now, I thought of making BCH memes to create fun in the form of a meme with serious description.

Meme 1: and meme

Credit: Google and I edit in PicsArt and is the best microblogging because you can make more $$$. As I scroll through the Facebook group and Twitter I always see They post how good the is and how to make money. They encourage others to register. That's a good start to spread it in our friends and family! I know that the day will come when this platform will also be trending and used by the whole world.

What is Noise. Cash? is another microblogging platform that introduces by the creator of This is like a Twitter that allows you to write a short post together with the picture. But the difference in other social media is that it allows you to tip,  earn, and interact using Bitcoin Cash.

Meme 2: Spread BitcoinCash

Credit: Google and I edit in PicArt

It is not difficult to spread BitcoinCash if we want to. If you notice many onboard merchants that accept bitcoincash, sites like, noise .cash, lazyfox, and many more that the payment is bitcoincash, there are so many wallets that have BCH, and games like faucet and BCHgames but all of that is they all have one goal but to achieve the mass adoption of BitcoinCash. Everyone around the world may use BitcoinCash.

There are many ways for us to do this.

1. Teach your families first what you know about bitcoincash. Make a tutorial on how to send and receive through bch address.
2. There are many social media that you can spread BitcoinCash just like Facebook and Twitter. If you use Facebook, please give us a like to help spread the word about BitcoinCash to your friends and family!
3. Spread BitcoinCash in your community. Introduce the and to them so they can earn thru BCH, that way they will recognize Bitcoin Cash.
4. If you have a small business. You can make a merchant accepting Bitcoin Cash. For all your customers will use BitcoinCash. This is where bitcoinCash will spread.

Meme 3: My reaction when I saw the 1000 BCH!

Credit: Google and I edit in PicsArt

I never thought that Marc would spend again 1000 BCH for supporting Read. cash and his contribution to the growth of this platform and the mass adoption of the BCH. So we thank him wholeheartedly because until now he still supports us. This is how I reacted when I saw that he donated 1000 BCH again. Marc believes in BCH

"It is better to give than to receive"

My concept in this saying is correct and true because it is better to give than to receive. Just like Marc did. He tips some article that deserving and he always supports and Giving is a way of giving help and caring for others. A giver feels different than a recipient, you can feel light and happy inside because you made someone happy, and even in a small way you did something good because you were able to help them. In giving, you should not wait for a replacement because you willingly did it, and you are willing to offer to help your neighbor. That is why they say in English "it's better to give than to receive".

Let us learn to give and help and not just accept. By giving or caring to others here we can further shape and develop our character. Our good deeds for other people prevail. Our character is shaped by choosing to do what is right for our neighbor.


If it weren't for the generous and extremely supportive people, the two microblogging today would not be so successful. The system would not be perfect! and - you will earn BitcoinCash instantly by writing an article and posting a short text. All users here are very happy with these two microblogging platforms. they enjoyed it! You can hold, spend, and invest it. If people click on this article on Facebook or Twitter and they register, I can say that I have spread Bitcoin Cash and I have completed my goal to make these two microblogging trending.

Hold. Spend. Share. Replace!

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Written by   288
1 month ago
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I am new here and I hope to get followers of my articles. It is a really good opportunity to post whatever is useful and gain recognition.

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Continue spreading the good news 😊😊😊😊.. Sis.

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Yes sis😊😊

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