How to use KAKA NFT?

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Some are now familiar with NFTs and even more are starting collections. It is data stored on the blockchain where each can represent a unique digital item. NFTs can be anything digital like drawings, music, cartoon, games, image, or a product that it will become excitement using the technology to sell digital art. Today we work on another way on how to learn and earn in one platform where many out there has no idea what is a KAKA NFT?

What is KAKA NFT?

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KAKA NFT is a DeFi project that supporting future game systems combined with blockchain technology that has reliable and inventive economic ecology for the game industry. KAKA NFT partners with MVB II, DODONFT, Multichain NFT Issuer, Dematrix, and

KAKA NFT has a total of 5,337 cards up for grabs. These cards will be playable in Troland, the first card game in KAKA NFT Worlds.

Are you a Marvel Fan?

They have a partnership with Marvel NFT that having an exclusive Auction on DODO NFT. It is licensed Marvel NFT cards that featuring 11 popular Marvel characters:

  • Captain America

  • Iron Man

  • Black Widow

  • Venom

  • Spider-Man

  • War Machine

  • Hulk, Thor

  • Hawkeye

  • Ant-Man

  • Black Panther

How to buy Marvel NFT Cards on DODONFT?

Step 1: Visit DODONFT. Check the price and the way many packs remaining during this stage.

Step 2: Enter what number packs you'd prefer to buy, and click on “Confirm”. Wait some seconds, and you may get your pack.

Step 3: Pull down the page, Then you see “My Packs”, and click on ”Open Pack”

Step 4: You successfully got your Marvel NFT! You'll be able to still open your packs on DODO and trade it on Treasureland if you want.

Each Marvel Character NFT Cards is a Global edition. They can be used in playing games, collection value and playing liquidity.

You can play games with Marvel Cards in Troland Games.

Users can stake advanced cards in DODO to create ERC20 tokens for trade

Tons of Cards are burned in playing games.

The fund is going to be locked in contract to make sure that each on 31st is often selling in USDT.

Each card’s value is raising as many cards were burned within the game.

How to participate in?

-In the first stage, 5337 tickets are sold out.

-Tickets are wont to exchange NFT tokens within the second stage.

-The probability distribution of exchange relies on the provision of every card.

-There'll never have specific cards within the Blindbox if these cards reach resolute the whole amount.

-Blind boxes must be open before May 31st at 9:00 pm UTC, or it will expire and become worthless.

There are so many ways on how to earn right now. We just need to get out of our comfort zone and be efficient. Let's combine diligence and ability to make sure the lift. Like KAKA NFT if they want to learn the platform you will not be left behind but you will LEARN, ENJOY and EARN.

The card game itself is incredibly collectible, competitive, and fun which is that the KAKA NFT World.

For additional information. These are the Guidelines on how to buy and trade:

You can buy Marvel NFT Cards at

After you bought Marvel Cards, You can trade NFTs

How to trade on Treasureland:

KAKA launches an Airdrop activity. Please join their Telegram and check the pinned message to win $10,000 worth of $KAKA +1700 Troland NFT Cards




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