Reflecting on Some Lessons That Life Might Want me to Learn.

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How do you measure friendship? Is it on how often your friend helps you to finish your tasks? Let me ask you again, how do you measure friendship? Have you established standards that if others couldn't level to it, you will just strike them out in just a snap? Do you measure things based on the quality you set for your friendship? I mean, please do not. Don't be the person who takes others for granted and uses them just to continue your progress—that you should be the one who will continue it in the first place as they also have the same thing as yours—or even bigger than yours. Learn how to sense.

You know, asking for help is good but realizing that if you are already taking and eating their time in a manner of being selfish, it is another thing that you need to take into account. I will hurt not just you but also the people around you so please know the time when and what you will ask for help. This is an idea that I reflected on earlier because of a relevant experience that I am currently experiencing. I just want to make some reflection through writing and create an open letter to all of the people who feel the same as me. You know, so much dependency on another person is another thing and if that comes to you, you must think again and question your actions.

If you are qualified for both of the qualities I mentioned above, please don't deal inconvenience to your friends and let yourself re-think how you handle things. Please don’t take other people for granted and just leave them hung when they are the ones who need your help. I can’t really tell what side of me will be the one who will explain this to anyone who is reading and relating, but there is just one thing I wanted to say: please love the ones who are there for you not just because they are there on your side in your lows but love them in every season you are with them. All of the things we can sense—and even the ones that we cannot—all of those can vanish in the time they are destined to vanish. I believe in the belief that all of us are set to vanish someday and go to where we believe we are going to be. Whenever they will go, when they are already in that silent place, it is the time that we might think of them and realize that there is no reverse button for us.

Above all, limits and personal time should exist too. It is not that you just make a friend and just make their lives become your personal life too, and little did you know, you, the body you inherited from somewhere, the personal life you have, is slowly dying because of those circumstances you focused on while this is happening. I may be talking shady in this article, but I just want to share what I am feeling, what I felt, and what I don’t want to feel again and don’t other people to feel too. I can’t share the personal experience I had experienced, but the shade written in this article says it all. This is happening and life must be teaching me something about the deepest me and the personal choices in my heart that I should care about more critically. Moving and moving and always moving is the key to not letting falling into circumstances like this. If you seemed to fall, stand up, get some bandages, get some supporting mechanism, and walk slowly until you get fully healed. The most important thing is progress. I believe in the supremacy that progress holds; the power it holds and the support it can deal to one person.

Thank you for reading this article.

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