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At every phase of your life, you will be a victim of REGRETS. You don't need to make wrong decisions to be here. You just need to be alive.

There are 2 types of regrets that you must know & decide which to experience.

You'd either experience:

  1. Painful regrets or

  2. Progressive regrets

How you make use of every day and opportunity will determine which kind of regret you have. Even now, you're experiencing either of the two because they are inevitable.

Painful regrets

This type of regret comes from passing over opportunities repeatedly (P.O.O.R). It uses the language like;

'I wish I did'

It's very EASY to choose because it doesn't require much more. It's the People's Choice.

Painful Regrets goes like:

'I wish I read that book.'

'I wish I enrolled for that course.'

'I wish I took my studies seriously.

'I wish I learnt that Skill.'

In the end, this is what makes folks unsuccessful in various areas of life.

Progressive Regrets

  • Comes from walking the path of personal development.

  • Uses the language like; 'I wish I did more'

  • It's HARD to choose because it requires some work.

  • It's for Few Winners

Progressive regrets go like:

'I wish I read MORE books.

'I wish I enrolled for MORE courses.'

'I wish I took my studies MORE seriously!

'I wish I learnt MORE skills.'

Focusing on PRODUCTS brings painful regrets. Focusing on PROCESS brings progressive regrets.

The challenge with many folks is that they don't know what they want. So, they value products over processes.

See this:

Product lovers focus their energy on getting MONEY only.

They go like:

'I'm broke. I need urgent 2k.'

Process lovers find pleasure in LEARNING FIRST, then Earning later.

They go like: 'I'm broke. I need urgent skills.'

If you read good books, it's for your own good. If you learn profitable skills, you're not doing anyone a favor. You value your hair. That's why you spend money to buy wigs & weave on.

Place value on your MIND. Spend money to learn a skill, complete a course, and buy books. It's more important.

It's a blessed Sunday to remember that faith without works is dead. So pray for God's blessings and pray against the spirit of laziness so you can show forth your faith by your works. And then be intentional about it by actually doing the work.

You don't get what you (inherently) deserve. You get what you deliberately and intentionally attract, by who you are, by what you think, say, and do, and get others to do.

Being a moral, spiritual, "good", deserving person alone is just not sufficient. Not if you want to get what you deserve.

Wish you all a lovely week.

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9 months ago
Topics: Regrets


Glad I was able to take sometime reading this. It is somewhat a reminder to us about our regrets in life and what needs to be done to do it better in the future.

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9 months ago

And when the regrets come, they should be progressive, not painful.

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9 months ago