The Unemployed are More Likely to Succeed at Online Businesses - 5 Reasons

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In one of my articles, we discussed how to cope with unemployment, giving 8 tips to help you survive and even thrive when unemployed. The truth is you don't have to be employed to earn money - you can start a business (offline or online or both) and even take advantage of earning opportunities online. In this post, we'll discuss the advantages an unemployed person has in successfully starting and running a business.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, people are classified as unemployed;

if they do not have a job, have actively looked for work in the prior 4 weeks, and are currently available for work.

Unemployment means that someone has lost his job. It doesn't necessarily mean that he is looking for another job.

In the past few years, there has been a tremendous increase in the number of unemployed people. Many of these people have come to realize that they have no choice but to start their own businesses and make money online. But how do these people succeed?

The unemployed are more likely to succeed at online business because:

1. No Boss Breathing Down Their Neck

The unemployed are free to pursue whatever they want without any worry about being fired. They are not tied to a company’s policies or rules. In fact, they have a lot of freedom to try out different things without having to answer to anyone higher than them. Being unemployed allows them to explore many fields of interest and find out if they truly enjoy them or not. Since they don’t have to work under someone else’s supervision, they are free to make decisions on their own. So if they start their own online business, they don't need permission to become successful. If anything, the fact that they're unemployed gives them greater motivation to succeed.

2. They don't have to spend hours commuting to an office every day.

If you are unemployed, you will have plenty of free time to devote to your business. You won't need to worry about getting up early in the morning or spending hours commuting to an office each day. You'll have time to invest in a startup or online opportunity and also free time to do things that you enjoy doing, such as reading books, writing articles, and more.

3. They are More Motivated

People who are out of work are simply more motivated than those who have steady jobs. They may have been fired or let go from their job, but they still want to make money through a business. This can be seen by the fact that they are more likely than other people to start their own businesses and succeed in them. Not only are they motivated to succeed but they have even greater motivation to keep themselves going especially since the job market isn’t great. They've got nothing to lose. So they're less likely to give up. They can't afford to fail. That makes them even more determined to succeed.

4. They have the time and resources to dedicate to their businesses

The unemployed are more likely to succeed at online businesses because they have a more flexible schedule and can work from anywhere. Unemployed people don't have obligations that require them to work during the day, so they can work on their businesses throughout the day. This gives them even more time for their businesses and allows them to achieve success much faster than someone who has a full-time job.

5. Low Expectations

When you are employed, you are forced to live up to certain expectations set by your boss or society. But when you are unemployed, you don’t have those kinds of pressure. You can really relax and live your life the way you want to. Even though you might fail, you won’t be held accountable for it.

Closing Thoughts

Even though you are unemployed, you can still do something productive: you can start your own business. Yes, the risk is a little bit higher because of your current status, but the payoff could be a lot bigger than what you initially expected. Maybe you want to be your own boss or maybe you just want to help out with the family expenses. Either way, online businesses offer a convenience that working for others can never offer. You always have control over how much money goes in and how it's being spent. Heck, you can even work from home if you want to!

So, if you're on unemployment because of a layoff, think about it this way: you have lots of time. If you do decide to get into online marketing and start a new business, you will have all the time you need to support your efforts.

In the end, no matter who you are, no matter what your current situation is, everyone is capable of successfully launching a startup out of nowhere. But be sure to set yourself up for success before you actually get started. Good luck!

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This is so true. They even have more time to relax and are very flexible in their schedule. They can also save money on the fare and meals every day compared to a regularly employed person.

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1 year ago

True. They have time to cook their meals and save costs on daily transport to work. Though they have this advantage, many don't use it well, they spend most of their days watching movies and engaging in other pleasurable activities.

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1 year ago