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1 year ago

Hello everyone!!

Hope so you all are good and fine!!!

Finally after two days i gotta a chance of writing something here. I was busy in the preparation for marriage ceremony which is start from yesterday and will end on Sunday. My all preparation are done and now I'm ready to attend a marriage ceremony but i can't give time to readcash from past two Days.

  • Now I'm sitting here with empty mind because i don't remember any topic to write an article now but than i remember that two day's ago i saved an article from Sir @Amjad_Ali_Waince which is a writting prompt. So now i decided to complete this prompt.

1) who is your favorite author of literature and why?

Being a reader it's difficult to choose between one favorite author because i love the writting of many peoples.

  • I like Manto writting because he wrote truth about society although it's bitter but he wrote truth in open word's and mostly people don't like him.

  • As a novel writer i like Umera Ahmad and Nimra Ahmad. Although they're fictional writer but their way of story telling is always good and end with a love and faith of God

  • As a poet i like Perveen Shakir because i think she write poetry in easy word's which i can understand easily because i can't understand difficult poetry.

2) what is one thing your Mom and Dad doesn't understand you?

When i completed my graduation, i want to do further studies, i want to go to abroad (Turkey) for higher studies and i want to establish my own carrier which is my biggest dream.

But my perants prefer marriage on studies and carrier because they think we're 4 four sisters and I'm the eldest one and they want to marry us all sister in their life.

That's the only thing which i think they can't understand and it hurts me than too but now I'm okay because I'm happy with my married life.

3) who's relationship do you admire and why?

In my opinion relationship of perants and children is the most beautiful relationship which is remain same for the whole life. Yes after perants relationship of husband and wife is beautiful if it's pure.

4) what meme represent your life?

I don't know about any meme at this time even i scroll meme for time pass but i never noticed them that they suits on my life or not.

But a poetry of Mirza Galib which is always suits on my life in every condition. "Dill ko khush kerny ko Galib ye khyal b acha hy." Mostly i know the reality but i pretend it's not happening and than i remember this poetry that for the satisfaction of our heart these thoughts are also good.

5) if you could marry a celebrity who it will be?

I know it's not possible but i would love to marry Imran Abbas because i like his personality and attitude.

6) How much you can recognize the name of capital from map without using Google?

I know how to read the map as once i start to read the map too. I don't know how many capital i can recognize from map but yes i know i can recognize some country capital.

Ending words

That's all for today. Thank you to Sir Amjad for this writting prompt and mentioned me in his article for using this prompt. If you want to answer these questions than you can also give answer in your article.

All the images are from unsplash picture including lead image.

Thank you for your time and love

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1 year ago


Yes my friend. Parents and children is the most beautiful relationship. I agree with you.

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1 year ago

Thank you my friend and have a peaceful night ❤️

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1 year ago

If I could marry a celebrity. I will surely marry Wizkid. Do you know him? If not, you can check him on Google. He's a great musician.

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1 year ago

As i am not feeling well these days so this prompt is a good chance for me. I am gonna use it for today's blog. thank you for sharing

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1 year ago

I'll be happy if you answer this prompt 😊

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1 year ago