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I Started Writing Even It Is Not My Passion, Here's How

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5 months ago

To be honest, I can't believe that I have been writing for one year. I never imagined myself writing articles and blogs. It is because writing is my weakness, I cannot speak in English fluently, and I always hate writing activities in school. It is funny that I always say writing is not my passion. 

But one day, someone from Facebook sent me a message where he said that I will earn money through blogging. I was hesitant to try it, but I gave it a try.

This is how I discovered It is the first platform that I used. Last November is my anniversary in this platform. Like other people, I also had good and bad memories in this platform.

For your information, I was a spammer before. I always plagiarize someone's work from the internet then publish it. I always comment, follow me I will follow back. It is the usual behavior of spammers. This behavior was never tolerated. I got banned in and did not write for a long time.

Things changed, I went back and started writing again. Luckily, the robot always notices my work, and it becomes generous. I started earning from cents, became a dollar, and it became two digits per article.

Later on, Club1BCH was born. I was lucky and happy when @Eybyoung and @Jane told me that they want me to be in at the club. I felt honored at that time, I was just shocked when I was one of the members in our Telegram group.

This club gives a huge contribution to my writing journey. The people that surround me are enthusiasts and optimistic people, they somehow like a family.

I can't even believe that I will have a conversation with this amazing man @PVMihalache, he inspired a lot of people and is also popular on every platform. He is always like an octopus who can do everything. 

Meanwhile, Publish0x was introduced to me by Jane. If I am not mistaken, she had an article about it and I asked her, I even asked about withdrawal. It is funny that like in, I was also a spammer in Publish0x. I also plagiarized and published articles from the internet. Got banned and stopped writing on it.

Time passes by, pvmihalache encourage us to write in Publish0x. Since then, I always publish when I have cryptocurrency articles. Luckily, I always receive decent amount of cents from it.

I also joined in some writing contests, even the consolation prizes are worth it. Where you will get free $5, right? I believe that it is still worth writing in there especially if it is a crypto topic.

The only downside is they are focusing on cryptocurrency. You will rarely see non-crypto topics. Most crypto-enthusiasts are always there so you need to be careful.

Lastly is Hive. PVMihalache also introduced this platform to me. Seriously, I didn't get how this platform works before. I don't understand Hive Power and there are some limits if you don't have HP. 

This is why I did not pursue it. I had an old account in Hive, it is @laurenceuu but as I said, I did not pursue writing there. I have some articles in LeoFinance and got some tokens from them.

But this is how I pursue Hive. I always heard about Splinterlands and I got curious about it. I invested $10 to buy a spellbook and played it for months.

It is late when I realized that this game is running under the Hive Blockchain. So, I tried signing in at Dbuzz. Fortunately, I got signed in using my Splinterlands keys.

That time, I tried to explore Hive and asked the Hive people. Gradually, I learned how it works and deposited some money to have an HP and interact with people.

It is a good start and earned decent money from the Hive community. I still have less friends in this community but recently, I joined in #hiveph discord and interact with them somehow.

I sincerely believe that Hive has a better future and gives a lot of opportunities to its users. It is kinda broad but I am curious and always willing to learn how it works. Being part of this community is interesting.


Despite having weaknesses in writing, I am doing my best to overcome it. I know that this can help me in different aspects. Somehow, I find it helpful to me to improve my knowledge and increase my vocabulary.

Finally, being exposed in crypto-community has a lot of advantages, especially if you are still young. You will learn a lot from it about money and investing. All is well.

Published: January 17, 2022

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Written by   458
5 months ago
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Try ko din mag- hive kapag may laptop na ako. Loaded na phone ko eh. Hahaha. Happy Anniversary sa'yo, nag-anniversay na din ako last week, eh.

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5 months ago

Andami mo ng account kung san pwede mag sulat nice! For sure naman pag nagtagal tont mga platforms na to mdami na din makaka discover sayo't dadami kikitain mo.

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5 months ago

You met with the amazing people here and a good club too… really we don’t always know everything at the very moment but our love grows with time

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5 months ago

Consistently is the key

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5 months ago