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6 months ago
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For most of the witnessed part of this year, all I've seen are reasons upon reasons to choose not to be grateful but also for most of the witnessed part of this year, when I look well, all I see are reasons to choose to be grateful.

There's something I was consistent at when the year began and hopefully I'd get back into doing that.

What was I consistent at...?

I wrote down my goals and always wrote out whatever I achieved. Writing all these down made me easily see how God helps even when his hands seem invisible.

I have a book where I wrote out things I want to achieve this year, things I want God to bless me with this year, things I want to let go of this year and so much more...

Based on what's written above, I divided my goals into subgroups.

  • Career goals

  • Academic goals

  • Spiritual goals

  • Health goals

  • Social media goals

  • Financial goals

  • Friendship goals.

Beneath each goal, I carefully documented all I want to achieve and this has greatly helped me to be more conscious of them and grateful anytime anyone is achieved.

Careers goals:

I've not been able to achieve any of the things I wrote underneath my career goals but it's a work in progress and I'll still come back here to tell y'all the news.

(Suddenly remembers...)

Oh! Yeah! One of the things that wasn't written in my goals list is doing a voice-over and getting paid for it. Sometime last month, a friend asked me to do a voice-over for his mum's birthday, it was my first time doing it, and it felt like a dream too because I never saw myself doing birthday voice-overs and the like. The good part was that he wasn't like most of my friends who love taking advantage of me as a writer and not paying for services rendered. This particular friend of mine appreciated my effort and paid me for it.

Academic goals:

This has been on hold because of finances. I initially planned to reseat for jamb this year and start afresh, but because of finances, it had to be postponed to next year.

Spiritual goals:

I'm proud of this particular one because I know I'm not at the level I want to be yet but I can see improvement.

First, it was a twenty-one days virtual prayer vigil with some great virtual friends God brought into my life this year, and next is the Thursday morning virtual prayer vigil with these same people. Also, I've improved in my bible study and I know that before the first half of the year comes to an end and by God's grace, I'll be able to boast more of my relationship with God.

Health goals:

I've been able to achieve most of the goals I listed underneath this, the only one I've not been able to achieve is taking fruits at least twice a month.

Social media goals:

The plan was to have at least ten additional YouTube subscribers every month, but this too has been placed on hold because of my lack of consistency and lack of consistently pasting and inviting people to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Oh! That reminds me. Viola!

I opened a tiktok account this year, and so far I'm so happy I did. This to me is a great achievement, and also, being back on read.cash is also a great achievement for me, but I wish I didn't change my name to 'Lalwrites'. Lol, I don't even know what that means.

Financial goals:

My goal was to save up to a particular amount every month, but due to what has been going on in my dear country, this too has been placed on hold.

Friendship goals:

Oh! How much I love this one.

I'm so grateful for the people I am presently surrounded with. We call ourselves "Partners in Christ". They are my prayer buddies.

One thing I asked God for last year was that I needed friends that'll push me to do more for God. Friends that'll stir up my spiritual flame and ignite the fire in me, and this was granted unto me by God.

The situation in my country and how it has affected me.

Cash scarcity has affected me in a great way. Sometimes the money won't be there and sometimes when the money finally comes, there's little or no way to cash it out. Most people in my area don't collect transfers and the ones that do always ask me to add charges and the like. There's also a whole lot more...

...but amid all these hardships, writing down all I've achieved has made me more grateful to God. It has opened my eyes to see God's helping hand even in the midst of the raging storm.

Photo credit: Unsplash.

In conclusion:

  • It's always good to document your goals.

  • It's also good to document whatever you've achieved. When you do this, you'd be surprised to see that you have all reasons to be thankful.

Above all, you are alive. That to me is enough reason to be thankful.

See you in my next article and in yours.

Thanks for reading.

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6 months ago
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I have my Financial and Career Goals as my priorities this year. I hope we can achieve all of them.

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6 months ago

You want to start afresh with jamb? I thought you were out from school...as regards last year or so.

Or maybe, you want to have to certificates. I guess you want to go and read poetry in school this time around. Lol🤣.

I would have helped with finances but...🙇

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6 months ago

Yeah, I did but in one of the articles I wrote some time ago on readcash, I explained how I chose my course of study. It's not something I really want to go into and it's not linked to what I want to go into, if it was...I'd have opted for direct entry, but anyhoo.

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6 months ago

Its good to write down plans.. I usually do that which I plan to do the same this year. Plans written down are very easy to achieve.. Since you have said it all.. You will write a testimony about it soon too.

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6 months ago

Very true, Fash. It's good to write down plans. Awww, amen.

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6 months ago


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6 months ago