21 Songs That I Love: Part 2

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Hey everyone! This is now the second part for the series 21 Things About Me!

For the part 1, I listed 21 facts about me. For this time, I’ve decided to list dow 21 songs that I love. I will randomly choose from my different playlists. Most of the songs in here have a very important memory with me so I continue to cherish these songs.

Scroll down and find out if you know some!


1. When I Look At You - Miley Cyrus

I watched the movie The Last Song and since that day, I already loved this song. Growing up, I listen to this song when I am down or when I’m a mess and couldn’t find a way to get better.

2. Cloud 9 - Beach Bunny

This maybe is one of my favorites last year. I still listen to this because it lightens my mood and it is suggested by someone special to me.

3. We Fell In Love in October - Girl in Red

I am kind of obsessed by this song before. However, I don’t listen to this anymore because of a sad memory. It’s still special to me though and I’m hoping to have the courage to revisit this.

4. Midnight Love

For the nights that I want to devour with sadness, I listen to this. And also when I write what I feel, it serves like a companion through the dark times.

5. Paraluman - Adie

6. Heather

It is painful but it gives the pain that is beautiful and terrifying. This is typically my type of music. I listen to this song when I don’t care about everything anymore and just want to dive into nothingness.

7. Night Changes - One Direction

This used to be the most romantic song I know, now it’s bittersweet. Listening to this is getting scary because the it pulls the memories that have been hiding in the box.

8. Risk It All - The Vamps

The Vamps is my favorite boy band when I was in JHS. I love all of their songs but this one’s different because I believed before that love’s worth risking everything. It is not.

9. All Too Well - Taylor Swift

All time favorite, even before the Taylor’s Version was released. This is too painful to hear; the lyrics give tiny paper cuts. But the pain became too familiar and it’s making me strong.

10. Ours - Taylor Swift

I could list all of Taylor’s songs in here but the list would be full right away. This song is special and it reminds me of someone.

The stakes are high, the water’s rough, but this love is ours.

11. Anyone - Justin Bieber

I love Justin, even before and I’m happy that he’s now settled, though it’s breaking my heart that it’s not with Selena. That’s the way life works. I like this song because it’s reassuring and it makes me believe that maybe, there’s still a point in life that love truly exists.

12. Off My Face - Justin Bieber

It makes me guilt not to put this on the list. This song’s so simple but beautiful. It makes me want to fall in love. It’s romantic and painful at the same time.

13. Iris - Goo Goo Dolls

Once again, this is sad. Maybe I like sad songs after all. But this talks about true love, about sacrifice, and I wonder, does it really bring good to the world or just more pain.

14. Castle on the Hill

I couldn’t skip a song by Ed, I love all his songs. He songs through his heart and that’s everything. This song is the one so special to me. I couldn’t explain why.

16. Out of my League - Stephen Speaks

I don’t want to share this song to others because I want this to be mine alone. This song’s too beautiful. Been one of my favorites ever since. Imagine hearing this from someone and that person’s referring to you.

17. Your Universe -

What a serenade. You would be the luckiest if someone sang this song for you. It hits to the bones.

You can thank the stars all you want but, I’ll always be the lucky one.

18. Yellow - Coldplay

I LOVE COLDPLAY. I chose this because this is my comfort song. It makes me feel safe. It gives me hope. If you love this song, I’ll love you immediately!

19. Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol

This gives me too much emotions, too much things to remember, it almost drowns me. But I love this, I can cry and it tells me it’s okay. This was also used in Grey’s Anatomy when Derek died, so yes, it’s too much.

20. All I Want - Kodaline

Don’t listen to this song. It’s too painful. But it’s one of my favorites because whenever I listen to this, I get to admit the past and feel the pain. Like what John Green wrote, pain demands to be felt.

21. This Town - Niall Horan

I still have a lot of songs that I want to share but let me give the slot to Niall and to his masterpiece. His voice calms me down. His songs are hits.

If the whole world is watching, I’d still dance with you.


I enjoyed writing this! I hope you have some favorites from there too. I like listening to songs. It’s my home when the world is too loud to listen.

Thank you for reading!

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1 year ago
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Most songs here are also in my playlist. It makes me feel at peace

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1 year ago

Great song choice, Kween! 😊 Almost all are known by me.

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1 year ago

I love to sing a song also, but I like a Christian song because I don't know about worldly songs.

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1 year ago

That’s nice po. May favorite ako na Oceans, lagi ko rin pinapakinggan hehe

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1 year ago

Songs can relieve pain and stress. They touch human's heart and soul.

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1 year ago