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2 years ago

For those incoming Senior High School students who have plans to take Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) strand, these are the things that you should consider on your starter pack...

Scientific Calculator

This amazing tool will help you a lot on your STEM journey so I'd advise you to invest in it. You don't have to buy the most expensive or advanced calculator on the market, as long as it is scientific you are good to go. You can use it in different subject areas like Statistics and Probability, Pre Calculus, Basic Calculus, General Chemistry, and lastly General Physics. All around right? 🤣

Always put it in your bag to avoid leaving it at home because there are times that you are not allowed to borrow someone's calculator especially if you have activities, quizzes, and tests.

Periodic Table

You will not be able to use it in your first year because you are just focusing on Biology but it is important when you reached Grade 12. Lots of activities, lessons, tests, quizzes, and discussions from General Chemistry 1 and 2 are more on elements and atomic numbers so this is needed.

Index Cards and 1×1 Pictures

I know that almost all of the students relate to this situation. This is commonly required by your subject teachers because they use it as roulette when there are recitations 😂 Not just that, they also use it to save your scores from different activities or you can use it to write down mathematical formulas. Some teachers are good enough to let you have it when there are quizzes and tests.

The 1×1 pictures are there because they want to know the students by their faces. In that way, they have an idea of what the students look like.

Highlighters and Pens

Using highlighters to highlight information can make it easier for you to find it when you have to undergo a review session. I suggest using different colors from different details (e.g Pink for Titles, Blue for the main idea)

Pens of course! You all know that it is the most essential tool before going to school that's why I always wonder why some students like to borrow it every day 🤣 For your information guys, I am the hunter of ball pens in our room. Whenever the class is over, I will search the whole room to hunt pens for me to keep lulz!

Bible and Rosary can use this whenever you have mathematics tests or any activities. Especially in Calculus, you will realize someday that Basic Calculus isn't called basic because it is basic and simple! Oh, cmon! It is the complete opposite! I am not trying to scare you, I am just telling the truth 😂 but I know that you can surpass it.

Authors Note:

Article No. 29 (September 07, 2021)

This is the time when the pandemic is not yet happening. STEM is fun you just need to trust your abilities remember that. I just hope that the pandemic will be over soon so that you can experience a great Senior High School year.

This is a simple starter pack, I didn't include all the things that you need to have because it's still pandemic time. I hope that you enjoyed reading this one. Feel free to like and subscribe!!

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May brand and model ng scientifc calculator na hindi recommended as student eh lalo na kapag exams hehe yung pweding mag program LOL, nakalimutan ko lang yung model na casio na di pwedi hehe.. para sa advance lang daw.

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