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1 year ago


Hello dear read dot users

Happy first day of the weekend. I hope you guys are fine and doing well. In today's article, I will share the poems I have written after spending a week writing. I have written those poems with the help of my African friend, Charles. I would not have been able to write this without his assistance and continuous support, so let me thank him: Iam eternally grateful to you, dear Charles, for always helping me in write and edit my articles. Iam grateful to have you in my life. When I first joined this platform, I assumed that we could only write articles and blogs, but after reading @Olasquare collection of poems, I realized that we could write poetry and poems too.

So, dear @Olasquare, I can say that he is the best writer, poet, motivational speaker, and multi-talented man. He promised me that when I was writing poems, he would read them. Although iam neither a good writer nor a good poet, I still try my best to make unique poems that I hope you guys not only learn lesson from but also enjoy.

So let's get started with my poems.

The first one I mostly wrote for people who don't love themselves is based on the theme of love and self-love.

You are only you, Nobody is like you.🥰

You are only you

You are only you

Nobody is like you

Your words are as sweet as ivory

Your presence is more meaningful than dictionary

You are more twinkling on earth than the stars shining in the sky

They praise you for your beauty

But I fail where to get started

For you are a gross.

Without you, life is gormless

If you knew how I adore you

You would let your heart bond with mine

Like metals sticking to the magnet

I like being close to you

Because I feel warm, caressed and licked

I just want to be responsible of your heart

But who will take care of mine?

The world is cold when I spend a day without you

Iam sure you feel as I do

For when I look into your eyes

I see myself in you

You are a mirror

You are a goddess in your empire

We are meant to be together forever

God created all creatures you can see

He made you unique so nobody is like you

You are only you.

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Blue skies

We live in blue skies

We hope to hide side by side flies

We wonder of our only land

We think of turning sends into blends

We walk hand by hand trying on each shoulder

We see our kites flying like birds in the sky

We hear beautiful butterflies at our place

We touch every single sound of air

We feel every beat of each other

We dive in our blue skies like fish in the pond

We are striving to get our relationship along and bond

We laugh as our smiles rise like the sun

We sleep on the grass while watching the stars

We don't let our minds conquer our lips

We have alot to tell

We are like actors in a tale

We shine and swine like wine in pail

We hold so tight to the birds tail

We as twins twining our love

We pray never to apart

We are one

What would happen when our year ties

We wonder!

We will vanish like buildings falling down

We shall love one another forever

We shall die for each other

Us as lovers, Katie and flipper

Will play our our given task

Down here and go back again

To our favourable blue skies

Will I never make it?

I feel lonely

Iam just a lone in this journey

Iam lone in this journey

What a life is this?

When everything seems to be complicated

Will I ever make it?

Why only me?

Iam going under heart attack

Maybe it's depressed

But what should I do?

When this road has no end

Iam heading where I can't even see a friend

Should I express these inner feelings

To my partner or my family?

Will they find solution to that?

Or can I just trust the world and rap myself

Life is like a mountain

For my thoughts are burning pain

Iam like falling insane

Why should I be like water in cane?

I need to stand against these dark ideas

Walking inside me

I need to be brave

And control all these black imaginations

For there is nothing to hinder my dreams

No matter what iam going through

For one day I will stand still

And prove all who think iam nothing

That iam somebody worth to be following

Dear God bless me with everything

Let all these situations be melting

Like waxy

Let my visions be alive

Let my ambitions be active

Let my courage be endless

Let my motivation be the sword of my mouth

For I need to inspire the world through

This world of literature

Let me teach the culture

To be strong and not to rupture

Let my country be flourished

By our own efforts and renditions

Let my parents be proud of me

For one day I will be able the one taking care of them

Now I have realized that we people

Need to nurture this earth

For there is nothing worth

Without us

Let's be inspirers to others

We have seen how our fellow citizens died

Or others are not victims

Let's pray for them

Because they should feel blessed to be alive

I will never give up again

As I expressed my feelings

Through this poem

Iam like lime in loam

I will never stay quiet at home

For me relatives worry about me alot

Let me show them how every road leads to Rome


No leaves leave a tree 🌲 to die

As long as leaves are source of tree's food

But without the supporter of sunshine and rainfall it would not exist

We depends on each other

This is the circle of life

We take out carbon dioxide

And we recieve oxygen through plant

Which we feed

Failure never exist

But is the mindset you site and you trust in

Why can't I be the source of someone's life to light?

Feat I feel in my mind surrounding with noise

I fail to decide where to starting

But I still ask myself for does whom made it

Which different do I have with them?

Small material hold the all life upto Everlast

Leaves never leave us

Hook hooks a boat to stand on

What hold I?

Am I a holder of others people's life?

Tomorrow never come and never exist

The reason why I means morale

Extra life is to those who obey God

A sun 🌞 before helping tree 🌲 it never ask the plant before helping human being it never ask too

Human being before helping tree 🌲 they never ask

Nature never talk but actions talk louder

Let me be moon 🌚 to highlight in darkness

We forget and get new memories through

Evaluation of the world

Examples is a leader in any action

Failing to hook our dreams because of covered future with darkness but let me be your torch

We take carbon dioxide out and we recieve oxygen through Plant.


That's all for today, I hope you guys have enjoyed reading it. sorry for mistakes, as Iam still in the beginner stage.

I want presence of my dear fellows @JRamona20 @Princessbusayo @Coolmidwestguy @BlueFlipper @pajeroz @flapiz @Tahastories @ARTicLEE @Kacy01 @tired_momma @grey23espartinas @yoieuqudniram and their thoughts and appreaciation on this article, as it's my first time to write poems, so I would be highly encouraged if you guys take some time and read it and give your valuable suggestions, or any thoughts of praise or anything else. I would be really grateful to you.

Stay blessed stay happy and be safe


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1 year ago


You created lots of poems dear, and that's great! Looking forward to read your poems in the future, sissy.

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1 year ago

I love the poems sis especially the will i never make it. I have been feeling lonely this past few days. Feels like I am alone but still try to hide this feeling from everybody else.

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1 year ago

I love your poems my friend! 😲❤️ You nailed it my friend. You are a great writer. I love the poems you make. Yes my friend. Friend ola he's a great writer in poem also.

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1 year ago

I wish to be a writer like you, iam still poor in writing skills, have to learn many things from you guys 🥺 I hope one day I will be writing like you guys, Thank you so much sis for your presence, love uh

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1 year ago

We are all unique because God created us wonderfully and so, we are who we are and nobody will be like us, we won't be like them too.

Seriously, I love all poems but I love the last one about leaves. So intentional poems from you. I truly enjoy reading all. 🤗🤗🤗

I hope you keep bringing more here.

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1 year ago

The last one is created by me and Charles together my Nigerian friend themes was mine, starting lines written by him and last last lines by me, iam so happy to see you sissy, I hope to see you more often 🥺 love you I don't have elder sister would love to be your sister

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1 year ago

I love to your poems that are worth-reading. You are not alone 😢, we all have good Community here. It was best write up, you need to keep your efforts up to the mark.

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1 year ago

Thank you, you know the last one will I make it ? Used your and my name there check it ,😂 I thought Katie and flipper will be best names to use.

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1 year ago

Oh my goodness!!! How come you haven't been writing poems even before now? Wow. I love the way you play with words and you slotted in your words with accuracy and ease. Every single line made sense and just wow... Just wow. It's hard to pick a favourite for these poetic words. I need to read more poems from you often Katie. Well done. I am super proud of you for this. Fantastic.

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1 year ago

Thank you so much dear, never thought you would be coming really happy to see you, I write few poems before this but I already published them somewhere that's why haven't shared those, and iam kinda interested in poetry and literature read poems and poetry of Wordsworth, Shakespeare, Coleridge, and other poets, after reading your poems I thought should also give it a try, took me almost week to completely them.

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1 year ago

You did justice to them and I have to commend your efforts too. They are beautiful. More of that.

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1 year ago

All poems are great, but i would like to say "you are only you" touch the soul

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1 year ago

Thank you Bella, are you on noise app too?

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1 year ago

I created account on noise app but didn't use it ever

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1 year ago

Wow! You did well. I really don't know how to write poems and I always admire the brains behind poems 🥰

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1 year ago

Thank you so much my dear friend, I tried hard to write them it almost took me a week to write them, really happy to see you.

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1 year ago

Well done my dear! I love the variation of topics. My favourite is the one about leaves 💚

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1 year ago

Thank you so much sissy, always love to see your presence, it always brings smile in my face.

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1 year ago

Well I am very happy to hear that.

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1 year ago

Hey, hey, hey! your doin great! I love writing poems too and probably would posts some too soon .

as your words are from your heart it glows true passion is there , i could see it flows continue your work, even if it seem slow coz you my dear , deserve to be follow!

Have a great day dear! Keep it up!

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1 year ago

Thank you so much dear, will try my best to keep writing poems

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1 year ago