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2 years ago

 July 8, 2021

CG – Cover Girl?


CG means Compassion and Generosity.  It goes hand in hand.

You cannot have compassion without being generous. But can you be generous without feeling compassion?

If you had read @JonicaBradley’s article on her writing prompt: Compassion, you would know about her dear friend who lost her partner to death and that Jonica stayed with her friend for company.

You can read her article here …


Not only Jonica showed compassion to her friend but she is also generous towards her. She gave her friend her time when she most needed it. Jonica could have used that time differently but she didn’t.  Even in her exhaustion, she still provides her friend companionship and in time it will heal her friend.

How about @Olasquare’s Life is Fleeting. Have you read that?

Here’s the link if you haven’t yet.

He has shown compassion towards the driver of his wife’s company who without any indication of illness has suddenly stopped breathing. He acted fast. He was generous of his time, having to bring the driver to the hospital even with the lateness of the hour when he could have used this hour for a beauty sleep.

He was generous of his effort in contacting the driver’s family. He was generous of his money having to pay huge sums just to secure a death certificate.

How lucky the driver’s family are for having him there and I hope it eases a bit of their pain.

And then there’s @fantagira. She showed me compassion and generosity when she tipped me at noise using QR code for she knows that I haven’t been receiving any.

When I thanked her, this is what she replied :

“It’s my pleasure Judith. It’s hard to be happy with your own success, seeing other quality users get none. Sending you lots of love 💙”

Isn’t that showing compassion and generosity at the same time?

 I was not planning to write about Compassion but after reading both their stories, I am inspired to write one.

I have been teaching my kids compassion and generosity thru example. You cannot just demand to feel compassion to others. It’s either by instinct or it has been taught and engraved to you since you were little.

If you happen to be in our place, you will see street children selling anything on the streets. When the stoplight turns red, they go from car to car selling items and I always bought from them even if it is not necessary.

One time a kid was selling broomsticks. He was bringing three of them. He said that it is what is left from what he was selling that day. I don’t need those broomsticks as I still have them at home. But it was late at night already so I bought all three.

Sometimes when I pass by a drive thru and I see those kids again, I included them in my order and call them to get their share.

All of these are witnessed by my children. I kept on telling them that the best person you can help with are those who cannot return the favor to you.

But again the question is…

Can you be generous without being compassionate? Is that possible?

I think so.

Our country has seen many disasters… typhoon… fire… earthquake. And every time this happens, there are groups of good people who asked for donation to help the victims, it maybe cash, goods or used clothing.

I have seen once in FB a picture of fire victims wearing gowns, kids wearing office uniforms… Why is this? Because the used clothing they received are … yeah… gowns, office uniforms, super hero costumes.

It is funny but it isn’t proper.

Were the persons donating these clothes felt compassion to the victims? Yes they are generous because they gave but are they showing compassion? I don’t think so. I think they are just cleaning their closets to make room for more clothes.

The Secret Millionaire

This YouTube documentary shows a good example of being compassionate and generous.

Each episode has a different multi-millionaire involved in it. I tried to do a Google search if they are indeed true millionaires and yes they are.

Each of these millionaires were to dress up like locals and will be living among the poor for eight days. They are there to look for people whom to help by sharing their experiences and trying to work with them. On the 8th day, he will choose who will be his/her beneficiary for thousands of dollars.

I really cried buckets watching the reactions of the beneficiaries when they saw the amount of their checks.

Really worth watching.


The world would be a better place to live in when people are compassionate towards each other.


This is my entry to @JonicaBradley's Writing Prompt #1 : Compassion.

The rules are simple:

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>  And Have Fun

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2 years ago


Thank you so much my friend, for this mention. You are right and you are setting a perfect example for your kids. Giving is truly not giving until we give to those who might never be able to repay us.

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2 years ago

Maybe there are some people who become generous for the sake of publicity.But at the end of the day, the real motive will be reveal.

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2 years ago

If we are compassionate towards each other, the world will indeed be a better place to be be.

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2 years ago

Yes, yes, indeed. Stay safe.

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2 years ago