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Hello food lovers!

Is there anyone here who would say that they don't love good food? One I always have at the back of my mind when I am hungry is to think of a nice dish that would be satisfying and would have lots of health benefits for my body.

On Wednesday last week,

I prepare Spaghetti and egg sauce for dinner, it tasted nice and made me want more.

I woke up this morning, made a list of all I needed to get to prepare the food, this time it wasn't egg sauce and spaghetti, it was rice and egg sauce.

The ingredients I used in preparing the rice and egg sauce were;

Fresh tomato and pepper


On the left side, the images shown are the onions, raw rice, fresh tomato & pepper, and eggs.

On the right side, the first image you see is the picture of the whisked eggs, followed by manually blended tomatoes&pepper, palm oil, and the last image showed is the washed rice in the pot.

Preparing the rice is simple,

all I had to do was to pour some quantity of water that would be enough for the rice into the pot and heat it till it was hot enough, then I washed the rice clean and poured it into the pot. I left it for some minute till the rice became soft enough and the water dried.

Preparing the sauce,

I used this manual blender to blend the fresh tomatoes and pepper.

I placed another neat pot on the cooker for about 5secs before pouring in the oil and the blended tomatoes and pepper. I let it stay in the cooker till the water from the fresh tomatoes git dried.

The pictures above show before and after the water got dried.


After the water got dried,

I added salt and Maggie and stirred it well so that the tomatoes would have a taste. After doing that, I poured the whisked eggs into the pot and left it a while to cook. By the time I checked back, the egg was already caking itself in the pot, so I scattered it and mixed everything

This was what it looked like.

Tip: There is a popular saying which is, in all we do, moderately is key. It's very easy to use these ingredients wrongly like oil, salt, and Maggie. These mentioned ingredients needs to be accurately added, they shouldn't be too much, if it is excess, you may just end up hating the food, so be sure to be careful when adding these ingredients so you don't put in too much.


The white rice and egg sauce are ready to be eaten.

This is a very nutritious meal,

...rice is a carbohydrate, eggs are rich in protein while the oil and fresh tomatoes are rich in vitamins.

I'm sure many of us here have our style if preparing a particular food, please feel free to share your thoughts on this one.

Thanks for reading.

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1 year ago
Topics: Food, Foodie


What a beautiful dish

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1 year ago

I love cooking and learning new recipes Surab this recipe is very soon

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1 year ago

This looks yummy. And what an analytical manner to explain the processess involved in the cooking. Brilliant piece 👍 👍. Where's mine...?

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1 year ago