How to show love to his children : A father's love

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2 years ago

Loving in different ways

Every father has a different ways of showing his love towards his children. It can be in words or actions.

Let us see and discover some of these ways.

Saying I love you

Some fathers were vocal and comfortable in saying or telling i love you to their children. These words commonly heard or said at night when going to sleep accompanied with good night.

Example: Good night my (son, my daughter, my prince, my princess, my baby, and etc.), I love you.

Also it can be said when leaving home accompanied with good bye.

Love shows through actions

Some father prefer to show his love through actions or deeds. Some are not into words but in actions.

1. Provide their basic needs

Providing their basic needs like food, shelter and clothing is one act of love. Love can be felt at home when these needs were met.

Giving them enough and healthy food is one of the best way of showing love. Bringing some simple"pasalubong" like candies, biscuits, fruits or their favorite food will make them happy and thanks you for it.

Giving them comfortable place to live and beautiful clothing will make them happy too.

2. Sending them to school

Every child has the right to attain education and every father should give this opportunity to his children.

It was said that wealth is a best gift but when you give your child an adequate education is more than enough. Education is the wealth than no one could steal it, so your children must have this one.

3. Discipline

Disciplining a child is a love that will last a lifetime. When a child is being disciplined at the early stage of life they will grow as a good and responsible person in the future.

4. Hugs and kisses

In a simple hugs and kisses, a father's love can be shown. Giving them hugs and kisses before leaving the house and when got home from work is a moment they will remember and waiting for each day. This can be done also before going to sleep and upon waking up.

Child will love this actions of love but i know that fathers also benefits from these. For most of the father, their children's hug is like a pain and stress reliever for them. Am i right?

I can hear some father saying: " Even I'm so tired, it seems that it was gone when i see my child smiling at me and hugging me and kissing me." That's the power of childrens hug.

5. Quality time

Quality time is almost forgotten by many but we must remember that a single hour spent or given to our children is so precious and priceless. Most children are waiting, looking and wanting for this.

Quality time is a precious time spent for someone especially to our children.

Here are some activities you may do to have some simple yet meaningful time with your children.

  • Pray together. Aside from the bonding you have, you are teaching him that prayer is essential in one's life.

  • Eat together

  • Play together. You may go with them in the children's playground or in the park.

  • Walk, jog and run together

  • Study with your children

  • Read bedtime stories for your children

  • Go to church together

  • Have some picnic

  • Go to the beach

  • And many more to be added in the list

6. Love their mother

Yes, you read it right. Loving and caring their mother is another way of showing your love to your children. The best thing a father could do to his children is to love their mother. Show your love to your spouse and your children will know that you love them too.

7. Introduce them to God

Last thing in my list is to introduce your children to God, our Savior and our Creator. Tell them how good our God is and He is a friend of everyone that they can talk to Him through prayer.

This list is just some among the many ways how a father could show his love towards his children. You may add and share some in the comments below.

Thank you for reading and i hope you learn something 😊

Article #5 How to show love to his children: A father's love

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2 years ago


You title caught me an attention to read since I'm also a father. Your article proves us father that we're not perfect really. The quality time is my problem due to hectic schedule in my work. During weekend, I almost spent my time with God. But during Sunday, we worship God together with the whole family.

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2 years ago

Yes sir hanhan we are not perfect and even my husband is not perfect too but im sure that you are doing your best to be the best father for your children. Just find time to be with them. Usually we are using holidays to have some quality time.

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2 years ago

We planned to go outside to have picnic. But due to weather problem, we could not be able to since we don't have car yet.

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2 years ago

Sana magawa yan lahat ni Hubby sa anak namin especially yung last part na introduce to God

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2 years ago

If he cant do that sis, you can...

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2 years ago

yes of course I can sis..

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2 years ago

Very well said JenThoughts Love is first felt and learned at home from father and mother. Children best learned it by the examples set be parents in words more so in actions.

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2 years ago

Yes we should be a good example too

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2 years ago