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You're Winning In Life, If You Have These

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1 month ago

Often times we would ask ourselves, "Is this still worth the sacrifice?". When everything seemed so heavy and you reached the point that being in pain is already part of your routine. That makes life not worth living for, as you would say.

However, even if there are many challenges you've been through, you carried yourself and stood up to win in life. I supposed you must be so proud of yourself looking back to those tough situations and you can proudly say "I did it!".

Sometimes we feel lost and we fail to look on the brighter side. There are so many things to be grateful for and if you managed to have these life hacks checked through your evaluation, then you must be winning in life.

You have a healthy relationship with your family, friends, and loved ones.

What more could you ask for if your relationships with your inner and outer circle are less dramatic? Having a strong support system with your family is the best weapon for you to succeed in life.

On the other hand, you might have been into an abusive relationship and you were able to go beyond that, that's winning in life! You just freed yourself from the cage.

Sometimes, you already have the key to get out of that cage. You already know how to free yourself but you choose to stay for some reason. That reason may be preventing you from your freedom but you deserve genuine happiness. Don't deprive yourself of the things you wanna do.

Asking for help is no longer a big issue for you.

Are you also that type of person who refuses to ask for help when a situation arises? As much as you want to keep everything yourself, you are already in desperation but asking for help seems to be a big issue for you.

Asking for help does not mean you are weak. As the famous saying goes, "No man is an island". It means to say that you will not survive alone. You will need a companion to get through life.

In fact, asking for help means to say that you are open to teamwork and fellowship. It improves your personality to be more open-minded with differences like suggestions and criticism. So take it easy!

You surround yourself with the right people.

When you have learned to let go of the people that took advantage of you, who wronged you for some reason, who took away your freedom, that is when you start winning in life. You have already raised your standards and you have learned to set boundaries to bad behaviors.

Self-love is a success. This is not about narcissism. It's more than just focusing on your personal benefit, it's more of letting go of those things that don't make you happy. Free yourself from toxicity.

You consider setbacks as wonderful journeys.

Life is not always about lying on a bed of roses. Sometimes you are sleeping on a bed of nails. It just means to say that obstacles are there to test our character and grit. It measures our abilities in how we handle situations.

With setbacks, you don't consider those as tragedies. Instead, you define them as wonderful journeys because you learned from them. Learning is a lifelong process. It knows no age.

You don't get hurt by other people's successes anymore.

You are definitely winning in life if you stopped comparing your success to others. You are no longer jealous of watching people's success because you have established something in your mind that keeps you healthy. Not just comparing but even celebrating it with them. Just because they succeed more than you, doesn't make you a failure.

Success is subjective. You define your own success. You can be successful without having a stable job as long as your relationship with your family is healthy. You can be successful as single as you have given yourself the love you need all along.

You accept that everything is not under your control.

There are certain things that we can't control. We can't control the weather, we can't control time, we can't control how other people think about us. And so, you learned to not get stressed by these circumstances because it's beyond your control.

People will always have something to say, whether you did good or bad. For as long as you know the truth, you know where you stand, what your principles are, don't be bothered by what they think. Let your silence slap them with curiosity.

And lastly,

You have things to look forward to.

It is such a nice feeling when you have something to look forward to. It gives you a sense of purpose and meaning to motivate you to wake up every day to work for it.

Whatever it is that you are looking forward to, go for it and do everything to reach that goal. We are going to celebrate that success!

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Thanks for reading.

Keep safe everyone! ❤

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Written by   404
1 month ago
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I really am not the type of person who opens up problem with someone, but mostly I do share it with some stranger or my internet friends. I guess I could tell that I am so lucky for having a friend who is willing to listen to my nonsense rants and life dramas lol

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1 month ago

Consider yourself as blessed to have someone who's always there for you ❤

$ 0.00
1 month ago

I am smiling while reading this and feel blessed padin Kasi I am better now madam hahaha.

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User's avatar Yen
1 month ago

Nice one my yen. Even if life is hard, there's so much to be grateful for talaga. And I'm sure you have grown better and you matured. 😁

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1 month ago

I think the one that I am having difficulty with is asking for help. Probably because there are only few that can really help me well or understand me. But I find that the online community is generous enough to share their time for help.

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1 month ago

I agree. Sometimes, virtual friends are all you need. They can give you advice and even financial needs sometimes. ❤

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1 month ago

Sometimes I felt jealous kapag nakakita ako na very successful na ng ibang kaklase ko. Pero iniisip ko na lang na baka hindi pa ito ang time para sa'kin.

$ 0.03
1 month ago

I also feel jealous before but I realized eventually na it will serve me no good and it will just plant negativities on my mind. We all have our own paths to take, maybe yours is still under construction and that doesn't mean you are a failure. Remember that. ❤

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Yes I will. Thank you ma'am.:-)

$ 0.00
1 month ago