What you should know about spamming, plagiarism, and copyright violation

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What you should know about spamming, plagiarism, and copyright violation

Spammers, Plagiarists, and Copyright Infringers (Violators) are Still In Noise Cash. Yes, they are, and almost in any online platforms, especially the revenue-sharing ones.

Hello, spammers…Oops!  I mean readers. In this post, I will explain what spamming,  plagiarism, and copyright infringement or violation are; How to avoid committing them; and what to do when you spot one.

As a bonus, I will make a quick guide on how to spot stolen content.

What is Spamming

According to dictionary com

"Spam definition, a canned food product consisting especially of pork formed into a solid block."

But that's not the Spam that we will discuss here. We will eat that later. (Now, I'm hungry)

Ok, setting that poor attempt to insert humor here…

Spam definition is - unsolicited usually commercial messages (such as emails, text messages, or Internet postings) sent to a large number of recipients or posted in a large number of places.

Image Source: @geralt via Pixabay

We got this a lot in our emails, and even our SMS or text messages ---UNSOLICITED messages. 

Some of these spam messages are merely part of a company's marketing strategy. Many, however, are associated with scams and other malicious intent.

Types of spamming in noise

In Noise.Cash, different forms of spamming were used by members who want to earn more than their fair share quickly. Some of the common forms of spamming are:

  • Asking for tips in the post or comments

  • Subscribe-to-subscribe back messages

  • Begging for sub and/tips

Fortunately, the Noise Cash admins and developers are at thinking 7 moves ahead of the game. Sorry, Chess talk. What I mean is they already know how the spammer works before the spammers try their tricks. Therefore these types of spamming no longer work.

However, spammers would always try anything more subtle just to gain attention and hoping to gain new subscribers.

Creative Comment Spam

This is quite uncommon and difficult to catch. What I mean by 'Creative Comment' is, the comment seemed to have been well thought of and constructed.

But when the comment speaks about how lovely the colors are when the image is almost in black and white,  it could mean that he/she has prepared different comments and simply paste one on the comment.

Or could it be he/she just sarcastic?

The Heart Spam

When Noise Cash removed the Free tip and replaced it with the heart tips, I thought this would be exploited again. 

Guess what… Noise knows that too. To prevent the exploit, it seems the heart tends to lose its value if given too much and perhaps to the same users again and again. So no more 'group support'

Comment/ Like/Renoise Giveaway Spam

Surprised? Yes, this is considered spam.  This doesn't add any value to the platform at all. Plus encouraging users to comment something like ' I love noise.cash' is merely coercing others to spam on your comment section.

Sadly, I still saw this in at least one Channel. And the poster said it's the 12th Round already. Meaning the channel owner and moderators allowed him to do that.

Why Spamming is bad.

Running and maintaining a server for more than fifteen thousand users requires a lot of physical resources and Internet Bandwidth.

And those resources are EXPENSIVE! 

(I know this because I used to manage a local area network with more than 300 users. And the company spent almost a million pesos on the server and the firewall alone. Scale that amount at least 10X and that's what Noise and Read are spending. )

Spammers who simply want to earn more consume those resources. And those resources have limits and the server(s) and the bandwidth may get overloaded. 

I wonder if you have encountered the error page from Noise Cash before. But when you do, it means the servers are overloaded.

And when the servers crash so often, the company will be spending more money on maintenance. Money that could have been shared with the users. 😁

I'm going to say this bluntly, 


Plagiarism and Copyright Infringement

Image source: @mohamed_hasen via pixabay.com

These two are somewhat related so I'm going to discuss them together. Let's first define Copyright and Copyright infringement.

What is Copyright

Copyright refers to the legal right of the owner of intellectual property. In simpler terms, copyright is the right to copy. This means that the original creators of products and anyone they give authorization to are the only ones with the exclusive right to reproduce the work.

If you read further on that site, these 'products' or unique creations include:

  • computer software

  • art

  • poetry

  • graphic designs

  •  musical lyrics and compositions 

  • novels 

  • film

  • original architectural designs, website content

  • etc… ( I don't know what this is 🤔)

This includes photos and clip arts sold through platforms such as iStock, Dreamstime, and others. See the watermarks?

Screenshot of iStockphoto.com

What Is Copyright Infringement?

Copyright infringement is the use or production of copyright-protected material without the permission of the copyright holder. Copyright infringement means that the rights afforded to the copyright holder, such as the exclusive use of a work for a set period, are being breached by a third party.

So using copyrighted photos, articles and other materials are AGAINST THE LAW! And you can be sued for using those materials without written permission from the owner.

What is Plagiarism

Plagiarism is an act or instance of using or closely imitating the language and thoughts of another author without authorization and the representation of that author's work as one's own, as by not crediting the original author.


Sadly, this is more rampant in Noise than anything else. A lot of users copy and paste content from different websites including Wikipedia without crediting the source.

Some are posting quotes without crediting the original authors. I even spotted one who combined two quotes in one post and did not credit the authors.

And worse, they don't add anything to that post I think this is what @noise.cash (https://noise.cash/u/noise.cash) referred to as 'brainless post'.

Take a look at this example 

An example of a plagiarized content posted in a channel

Why plagiarism is bad. 

A Victim of plagiarism.

In my early blogging days, another blogger copied the entire content of one of my posts. It hurt the ranking of that post and reduced the number of hits, which in turn lose potential income.

Like copyright infringement, plagiarizing is stealing the idea or works of others thus stealing potential income from the original creator.

Another thing, Noise is an earning platform. Nobody deserves to earn anything by simply posting plagiarized content.

What could happen to your account if you are caught doing these?

There are several possibilities and one or all can be done.

  • Other users may unsubscribe, ignore or block you.

  • You may be muted or banned from the channels

  • You may be rated as Spam

  • You may be banned from Noise

What should you do?

Simple. Stop spamming. Stop copying content from the Internet.

 If you want to share a quote or Bible verse, always credit the original author or the source. If you want to share some information from the Internet, don't copy the content, share the link and add say why you are sharing that information.


I am always fascinated by sharks. They are often misunderstood and feared because of how they were portrayed in the movies. But they are truly amazing. Among the shark species, I find the tiger shark to be one of the most interesting species. Check out some facts about the tiger shark on Wikipedia 

(A photo is optional)

Using Photos

Be creative. Use your cell phone's camera to take some photos of things around you. A lot of people are posting photos of their meal three times a day, to start with. (I think I am going to regret mentioning that).

If you want to use photos, either use your own or use free-to-use photos from sites like Pixabay.com. But if you are using photos from other sites, free-to-use or paid, don't post them as your main content, but use them to compliment your text content. And always give credit to the source.

BUT! NEVER, ever use photos bearing a watermark of other persons or organizations. This simply means you used that photo without permission.

How to check if the content is plagiarized.

To check if the content is plagiarized quickly is quite simple.

Highlights a sentence or two. Hit the three dots and do a web search.

Or copy a sentence or two, and use that paste that on the text box of Google or another search engine. 

If the search engine returns an exact match, then that text is surely plagiarized or stolen.

And if you love Noise Cash and want it to stay for a long time, you will report that user or at least report him/her as Spam. And never give a heart to spam or plagiarized content. This just might lessen the value of your tip/heart.

Let's keep making Noise but let's help keep the platform clean and free from spam and stolen content.

Thank for reading

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