A Great New Opportunity to Earn From My Illustration Skills

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1 year ago

I have been doing illustrations for so many years now. But I have only offered my gigs in Fiverr for a short time.

That's why I got excited when @CryptoMax announced a new BCH marketplace is being developed. (https://read.cash/@CryptoMax/a-new-bch-marketplace-sneak-peek-to-a-new-platform-deddf0f6)

Hi. I am John. Drawing has been my hobby since I was a child. I would fill the back pages of my notebooks with drawings of my favorite superheroes.

When I learned how to use Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw, I shifted to these programs for my illustrations. But I could never do away with sketching on paper.

I would sketch on paper, scan and trace it and color it using Corel Draw and/or Photoshop.

Later on, I focused more on Photoshop

Two of my early works using Photoshop. In the first one, I used Corel Draw to outline the curved katana. I did not know how to use the pen tool at the time.

Other Apps.

Then I learned Inkscape, which I used to create vector images. And from photoshop, I shifted to Medibang Paint, which is a cross-platform app.

If you have followed me in Noise Cash, you have seen some of my works.

One of my favorite works using Medibang Paint. Master Yoda in action.

My tribute to the late Chadwick Boseman as the Avenger, Black Panther.

Short Stint on Fiverr.

I used to offer my illustration services on Fiverr. I had a couple of jobs. But since our Internet connection was really slow, (plus some other excuses) I stopped.

Creating vector images from photos is my main gig in Fiverr.

Commissioned Works.

I had some commissioned works on creating logos, but that too was limited.

My Original Plans To Earn From My Illustrations.

At the moment, I am earning BCH tips by simply posting my works in Noise Cash.

In my post, How To Start Earning Online With Your Smartphone, I mentioned that I plan to revive my Fiverr gigs. 

Another potential way of earning is by uploading designs to Redbubble and sell print-on-demand merchandise through that platform.

Another way that I have in mind is to create graphic stories or comic strips and upload them here. 

6However, I was looking for a way to earn BCH from my illustration services.

Then an answer was announced by @CryptoMax

A New BCH Marketplace Sneak Peek To A New Platform

I can barely contain my excitement. I already thought of some possible services that I can offer.

One of those is to create caricatures or vector images  from photos of a person 

However, my limitation is, I only have my smartphone. And the last time I did one was on a 10 inch tablet 

To prepare me for the Beta opening of this new marketplace, I started practicing using my son's photo.

But instead of recreating the clothes he is wearing in the photo, I gave him a Spiderman suit.

Using a tablet with a larger screen would give convenience and speed. But I guess using the smartphone will do for now.

I hope I will be fully ready when the platform is launched.

And of course, this new marketplace is not just for graphic artists. Anyone one can offer any services that they can as long as they are legal.

And once agan, thank you @CryptoMax for this opportunity.

Thanks for reading

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1 year ago


Galing talaga. 👏 Sana ako din may talent sa drawing. Hehe. Yung Redbubble ba yung parang magpplace lang ng text sa mga shirts? Nagregister ako sa publish0x kaso di ako nakakapagpost doon.

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1 year ago

yay,, great work! do you blog on other crypto sites too like steemit, blurt or hive? you might get good upvotes from your artworks... you cal also create video timelapse and upload in 3speak or dtube... God bless!

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1 year ago

I used to post on steamit. Right now I'm focusing here. I might share these works on publish0x and Hive. Thanks for the suggestions

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1 year ago

great! see you there!

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1 year ago

I love the way you merged the works together. You really gave a real picture to it. Nice one!!!

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1 year ago

Wow buddy you have very good skill of illustration. Your works are damn good. I had started leaning video editing. I learned also but due to proper device it's been stopped from long since. Btw best of luck for you. Hope you become successful

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1 year ago

Thanks. Video editing requires proper hardware. Maybe when I got a good laptop I will go into that as well.

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1 year ago