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We can have our own Marc

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1 year ago

Did you saw the new top tipped article "No, I will not stop telling people "BCH is Bitcoin."

How did you feel?



Or nothing at all? was created to spread bitcoin cash awareness. By writing an creative content, you can earn free bitcoin cash. It will just always depends if you can get the interest of the @TheRandomRewarder or other users on this platform.

I just visited the top tipped article, and found out that mostly of the articles that got tipped is about Bitcoin cash. (Well, this platform is invested and powered by BCH, so there is no argument on that).

So do we need to write all about bitcoin cash?

This is not to criticize those users who are writing about Bitcoin Cash (I know who are true and the ones who are just riding the trend).

The simple answer is "No". was created in a same way like Bitcoin cash.

No one is control of you - you can write any topic that you want. No one will dictate what will you write. But remember, just refrain from attacking anyone or using explicit content on your article.

It is for everyone - no language barrier means you can use your own dialect to write you own article. Everyone is welcome to use

We all have our own Marc

On the top tipped articles, I also noticed that there are some articles that got lots of tip from @TheRandomRewarder alone. A glitch? I doubt. Those articles have so lots of views. Maybe the more view you can get, the more the tips you can get from the bot.

This just proves that we can get this too.

We can have our own Marc, big or small, lets appreciate what portion of BCH we can have. This for sure will go to the moon once people realize that true world use case is way more important than store of value.

Just write creatively and if lucky, maybe we can get the attention of the tipping bot and other big investors here on

Share your experience about from other platforms. Invite other people to join. Let our stay here on leave a mark!

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Written by   19
1 year ago
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The fact that we can write any topic as long as we abide by the rules, for me, is a form of generosity as well. :)

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1 year ago

Hahaha, and the real Marc encouraged it. Just too kind

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1 year ago